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You mentioned in a post that fiction ≠ reality, but to kids it's not, fiction shapes how they see the world. Fiction is supposed to show them what's right and what's wrong. Adults who support adult/minor relationships make it had for children to distinguish that line if they haven't dealt with discourse (in the actual sense of the word) on serious subjects before. I can't make you stop shipping adult/minor ships, but I hope you consider what you're posting and the consequences that they have.

Is it fiction that shapes their perception or context?

I will agree that what we see in the media can influence us to some extent; a tragic movie can bring us to tears, just like a drama can educate us on matters across the globe, and propaganda has been used - even in modern day - to try and change the opinions of the masses to suit a greater power.

That being said, those things all rely on context: our tears spring from empathy, the education relies on a desire to be educated, and propaganda usually is on the back of a society willing to believe or being fed specific information from other sources. It’s like in children’s shows. We see Bart Simpson being strangled by his father, or Keith name-calling Lance, but children usually know these things are completely wrong.

They know not to imitate ‘Tom and Jerry’, because they have parents and teachers there to say: “it is wrong to hurt someone else”. They get time-outs on the naughty step, or a spanking in certain cultures, or just a long lecture … they usually have some trusted figure there to discipline and/or explain, so that everything they watch is through that same filter of understanding.

It’s why we need to supervise the media our children consume.

I think you are right: if this is the only discourse a child sees, it can have detrimental affects, but - massive ‘but’ here - where are the parents/guardians? Why are strangers on the Internet meant to parent the children of other people, whom they have not agreed to legally raise?

See, when we grew up, this was a constant discussion. We were taught basics of reproduction as soon as we asked questions. We were taught about ‘naughty places’ and ‘private places’. We were taught never to let an adult touch there. These discussions evolved over time, so - as a young teenager - we were taught about statutory rape, that even if we ‘want’ it that it’s still wrong, and so forth and so forth … 

We need to put the responsibility for raising a child on the parents.

Tumblr is 18+ on the app, 13+ on the website, I believe? While AO3 allows all content and explicitly states this, while having a tagging and rating system for you to make an informed choice about what you see. This means we have to lay responsibility upon the parents for not supervising or limiting the Internet activity of the child, instead of trying to infringe upon the rights of adults and remove their safe spaces to produce/consume art as they wish.

It’s basically a case of there being safe spaces for children, too, where they can discuss/consume art freely without coming across such materials, but that falls upon the parent to make sure that they are on the right websites … example, if I do not like porn then I avoid porn sites. If I don’t want to see shipping, I don’t go onto Tumblr or AO3.

What I’m advocating is personal responsibility. 

We need parents/guardians to stop the children from seeing these things, or for them (and schools) to provide a context to what they see … if a child knows that it’s fiction, just like child abuse in ‘The Simpsons’ or glorified violence in ‘Tom and Jerry’ is just fiction, they won’t normalise it and seek to emulate it. The answer isn’t to ban or censor such cartoons; no one would ever say ‘ban cartoons’, because they’re a part of life, but I think providing context to cartoons is absolutely key to these things.

One last example … 

I was around eight when “South Park” first came out; we watched it religiously as children, even with videos cassettes of it, because parents assumed that it was safe as all cartoons were for kids (that was their mistake and their fault as parents, because - like with shipping - the content isn’t the problem, but that it’s made accessible by parents unwilling to supervise their own children). 

In our case, we had massive context for what we saw (luckily, our parents were good on that score, which is part of why I always advocate teaching children, especially if you aren’t willing to supervise them). We never copied the bad language (some people I know today never swear; even I say ‘shoot’ or ‘darn’ as a general rule). No one I know copied the violence (I don’t have a single friend from that group who ever tried to kick a baby, for example). 

It was just entertainment. We laughed and enjoyed it, but we never copied it or held it up to a standard of normality … it was just a cartoon; we knew that, because our parents taught us that, as well as teaching us the behaviour in such cartoons was inappropriate in real life. This is why education is key.

If a child has parents that accidentally let them see Keith/Shiro, they should at least have the education and context to know that behaviour is inappropriate and should not be copied … it’s not up to shippers to stop creating such works, because the places we’re in are designed for adults or for all age-groups with explicit rules allowing such art. Now, if I went onto a children’s forum and posted such things -? Bad. On Tumblr -? Not so bad.

Sorry for the long essay back. 

We just need to realise that art/fanfiction isn’t the problem; the problem comes from parents/guardians not contextualising what children see, or preventing them from seeing it in the first place. We also need more safe spaces just for children, both moderated and supervised by responsible adults, so they have places to go that - well - aren’t Tumblr or AO3.  

Fidget spinners literally have me so stressed out.

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right, but what about whiskey/tango coming out to dex b/c they think he's queer and will support them and dex having his internal sexuality panic right then and there

Dex dropped his backpack beside the couch with a thud. He was normally more careful with it, but he’d been awake for the past 27 hours with no sleep, he’d only barely met the deadline for his Gender Studies essay, and Professor Rezendes had decided to hold back his class. For an extra 20 minutes. 

The only thing that Dex wanted to do was fall into a short coma, but sometime around 3 a.m. Tango had texted him asking if they could talk. And his 3 a.m. self thought that it would be an excellent idea. 2 p.m. Dex, however, was at the level of sleep deprivation that put him dangerously close to either homicide or insanity.

Still, he did love the tadpoles.

“What did you guys want to talk with me about again?” He asked, grabbing a stray snickerdoodle from the plate on the coffee table, actually looking towards the Tadpoles for the first time and-

Okay. So he had at least half of an idea about why Tango wanted to talk. 

They were sprawled out on the couch, Tango tucked into Whiskey’s side. Dex can’t say that he’d never suspected anything (Tango was about as close as you could get to being an open book), but he’d always thought it was one-sided. Given the lovestruck way that Whiskey was watching Tango right now, apparently not. 

Tango squinted expectantly at him. “Is it not super obvi-” 

“We’re dating.” Whiskey interrupted, side-eyeing Tango, who looked back at his boyfriend with a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ expression.

He’d totally called it, but Dex still stared blankly at them for a moment, processing the fact that the two freshman he and Nursey had practically adopted had somehow fallen in love, that he was watching his children grow up (damn he felt like Bitty), before his face split into a smile. 

“Congrats, dudes,” He said, flopping down across from them in an empty arm chair, before taking a slightly more serious tone. “Also, like, thanks for trusting me with this moment.” 

Whiskey snorted. “Bitty said the exact same thing.”

“Shitty taught us well,” Dex shrugged. “Speaking of, um, I should probably know who you’re out to, so I don’t accidentally say something to someone that you guys aren’t comfortable with.” 

“Just you and Bitty,” Tango answered cheerfully. “We don’t know when we’ll be ready to tell the others, but we felt like we could tell you two.” 

Ha, he thought, so the Tadpoles trusted me more than Nursey. Nursey can suck my ass they think I’m more- wait what?

“That’s totally cool and I respect that,” Dex asked, “But like, why not Nursey?” 

Tango fidgeted a little with the sleeve of Whiskey’s shirt. “Well, we weren’t sure if he’d be totally, um, chill, with us dating. And like, also, you know…” 

He did not know, and it must have shown on his face. 

Whiskey rolled his eyes. “Also, you know, Nursey’s not queer. We figured it would just be easier to come out to you and Bitty for now.”

Dex’s entire world seemed to shift on its axis.

“I’m not gay,” he snorted incredulously. “Like, I’m glad that you guys felt comfortable enough to come out to me, but why would you even think that?”

Tango looked quizzically at him. Whiskey raised a single, well-manicured, judgmental eyebrow. None of them spoke.

“Are you sure?” Tango asked at length, still obviously doubtful. “Are you sure you’re not at least a little gay?”

“Um, yeah?” Dex said. “I’m pretty sure I would’ve noticed if I was into dudes by now.” 

“But what about your crush on Chris Pine?” Tango asked.

“And your sexuality rants in the dining hall?” Whiskey added.

“And how you always get onto the Lax-douches for saying no homo?” 

Dex’s brain almost short-circuited from a combination of exhaustion and shock. It almost felt like he was being fucking interrogated or something. He took a slow deep inhale before he started explaining. 

“First off, I wouldn’t say I’m gay for Chris Pine. He’s cute, but, like, even if I were gay I don’t think I’d be into him. He’s twice my age. And I rant about gender and sexuality stuff because Shitty made me promise to ‘keep the tradition alive’ when he left for Harvard and said that he trusted me, as, and I quote, ‘the angriest, most passionate motherfucker on the team’ to carry on his legacy. It’s the same reason I get onto the Lax Bros. Fuck those dudes.” 

The silence was somewhere between awkward and understanding. Dex could practically see the way the gears were turning in Tango’s head. His thoughts must’ve settled after a second or two though, because Tango’s 1000-volt smile returned. 

“Sorry for assuming, Dex,” He said. “We should’ve known better. It was nice of you to take it in stride, though. I knew we could count on you.” 

Dex smiled back, exhausted and relieved, but still glad that Tango and Whiskey felt comfortable around him. “No problem dude, we all jump to conclusions sometimes. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff Nursey used to think about me.” 

Tango’s eyes widened comically, “No! Really? What did he-” 

A buzzer went off in the kitchen, piercing and annoying. Tango’s nose wrinkled and Dex almost flinched at its sound. 

“Give me a second, I told Bitty I wouldn’t let his pie burn.” Tango said, disentangling himself from his boyfriend. Whiskey watched him leave, his eyes following his boyfriend all the way to the kitchen, but as soon as the door shut his eyes were on Dex. 

“Are you fucking with me? With the gay thing?” 

Dex was halfway between laughing and pounding his head on the table. 

“I already told you guys that I’m not gay. Jesus, calm down.” 

Whiskey leaned forward. “Then why are you always looking at Nursey like you want to fuck him senseless, move into the suburbs, and then adopt ten kids with him?” 

He scoffed, “I don’t-” 

It was like several things clicked at once. 

“I’m not into Nursey,” Dex rebutted with no actual force at all.

Whiskey raised both well-manicured, judgmental eyebrows at him this time.

“I’m not. I’m not into Nursey. I would’ve noticed or, like…” Dex trailed off as shock set in. 

Whiskey leaned back, nodding slightly. 

“Oh,” Dex said quietly. “Fuck.” 

Whiskey only hummed in solidarity. Distantly, Dex could hear Tango knock something over in the kitchen. Or maybe several somethings. 

Whiskey sighed. “I’m going to go help him, but you-” he said with a pointed look- “should probably go get some sleep. You look like you’re about to pass out or something.” 

Dex shook himself into being awake and functional enough to process that. “Yeah, sounds good.” 

He grabbed his bag off of the floor, but Whiskey grabbed his shoulder before he could leave. 

He almost looked like he had no idea what to say. “Dude, honestly just chill. You can figure everything out when you don’t look like death. I probably- shit, we probably shouldn’t have gone all Spanish Inquisition on you when you look like death. No offense or anything. Also Bitty’s gone for the weekend, so you might as well crash in his room.” 

Dex sighed, practically sobbing at the thought of getting some sleep and just not thinking about how in love he was with his best friend anything. “Yeah, I get you. I’ll just.. go crash there now.”

Whiskey let go of him gently, as if he was afraid he would tip over. 

“Cool.” He said, then looked over his shoulder towards the kitchen. “I gotta go help with whatever that was.” 

Dex nodded, already halfway in the hallway. He wanted to sleep so bad, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Nursey

God, he was so fucked.

Remember that time a white gay boy told a black queer woman in my class that their experiences were the same?

And he didn’t get how wrong it was. Even as we all sucked in our breath and she tried to make him understand.

She’s a goddamn hero.

He, I still couldn’t make eye contact with at graduation.


Twerk It | Theo Raeken Imagine

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: twerking.

a/n: don’t even ask how I came up with this idea.

“Why are the three of you smiling so weirdly?” You asked.

“Nothing.” Lydia smirked at Malia and Kira who were both grinning wildly.

“There’s something you hiding from me and I want to know what.” You huffed.

“You’ll find out later.” Kira said.

“Can you at least tell me what it’s about?” You groaned.

Lydia exchanged some looks with the two of them before looking back at you. “Your birthday.”

“I told you guys I didn’t want anything.”

“Don’t worry we didn’t buy you anything, yet. But it’s a surprise and you’ll find it out later.”

“I’m starting to doubt my trust in you three.”

“Oh don’t worry you’ll love it.” Lydia smiled at Malia and Kira causing you to roll your eyes before making your way to your next class.

The rest of your day went by quite smoothly that is until you got a text from Lydia.

From: Lyds

meet me at my house at 4 and bring booty shorts and a sports bra

From: Y/N

what y?

From: Lyds

none of your business just come over ok?

From: Y/N


A couple minutes later and you phone binged again.

From: Lyds

oh and bring also water, sport shoes and a hair tie.

From: Y/N


After putting all the stuff Lydia said in a bag you changed your clothes and relaxed for a little while until you needed to make your way over to Lydias.

When you got there you saw your three friends smiling cheekily at the front door.

“So? Why am I here?”

“Well we’d like to tell you but we can’t” Kira said.

“And we also kind of need you to wear this.” Malia said holding up a blindfold.

“Can I trust you?” You asked.

“No but you will anyway.” Lydia smirked before putting the blindfold on you.

“Wait I’ll lead you to the car.” Lydia said grabbing your arm in hers and leading you slowly to her car, Malia and Kia on her heels.

“Can you please go slower I can’t see.” You pleaded.

“Y/N calm down we’re at the car.” Lydia said opening the car door.

“Ow!” You said as you accidentally banged your head on the roof of her car.

“sorry.” Lydia giggled as she helped you into the passenger seat before closing the door and walking over to the drivers seat and turning on the ignition to start driving.

“Can any of you tell me where we’re going?” You pleaded after a while.

“Nope.” Lydia said causing you to groan.

The four of your kept driving for about 15 minutes, occasionally listening to some music to pass the time.

“We’re here.” Lydia chimed gladly.

“Thank god.” You sighed.

“Can I take this off now?” You asked.

“Yes.” Kira said.

Taking the blindfold off you see a dance studio in front of you.

“Where are we?” You turned to them.

“At your first birthday present.” Lydia smirked.

“Which is?”

“A twerking class.” Malia smirked.

“You can’t be serious..” You chuckled.

The three of them kept their glares and smirks at you.

“Okay so you are serious.”

“Yep, and we’re gonna go in and have fun. Come on!” Lydia smiled as you chuckled before the four of you went inside. After getting dressed you all stepped into the studio where the instructor waited for you.

“You must be Sarah.” Lydia smiled at the instructor as they both shook hands.

“Yes.” She chuckled. “So who’s the birthday girl?”

“That’d be me.” You smiled.

“Y/N right?” She shook your hand.


“Okay so should we start the class?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah!” Malia, Lydia and Kira said excitedly causing you to chuckle.

“So let’s spread out, Y/N you can come next to me.” Sarah said as you stood beside her, Lydia, Malia and Kira standing behind you two; All of you facing the mirror.

“So we are gonna start with the basics, We are going to spread your legs into a second position and lean a little forward with out hands resting on our knees.” Sarah instructed as we followed her instructions.

“Next we are going to pop our hip out and arch our back. Then you’re going to push your hip back in. That’s the basic twerking move.”

Malia quickly got the hang of it but Kira was struggling a bit causing all of you to laugh a bit at her attempts.

Over the course of the class Sarah taught you all different moves and eventually a short choreography.

While you and Malia were going over the choreography with Sarah Lydia and Kira went over to get a drink and check their phones.

While Lydia was checking her snapchat a bright idea came to mind when she saw you and Malia going over the routine to the music Sarah put on. As you were dancing she videotaped you captioning it: “Celebrating this little twerkers birthday 😘🎉”.

“Look.” Lydia said showing Kira the video.

“Wow she looks good here.” Kira said taking Lydias phone in her hands to get a better look.

“I’ll put it on my story.” She smirked.

“Actually..” She started.

“What?” Kira groaned knowing very well Lydia was planning something.

“I’ll send it to Theo too.” She said hitting the send button.

“She’s gonna be pissed.”

“Y/N? I’m waiting to see how Theo’ll react.” She smirked.

“What are you guys doing?” You said approaching them as you took your water bottle from your bag.

“Oh nothing, but look how good you look here.” Lydia said showing you the video she took of you.

“Huh I actually don’t look that bad.” You smiled.

“Did you send it to someone?” you asked giving her phone back.

“Well I sent it to my story and Theo.” She said putting her phone back in her bag.

“You what?!” You said choking on your water.

“Lydia he’s gonna freak.” You groaned.

“No he’s not, come on let’s go back in.” She said pushing you towards the door as you shook your head slightly.

After finishing your class Sarah wished you a happy birthday and gave you a free class as a gift, once you were al dressed up Lydia dropped you all off at your houses; of course they all wished you a good night before you went back into your house.

Since it was still quite early and your parents were out for dinner you decided to call Theo to come over, of course after you showered and dressed in comfier clothes.

Your phone lit up with a positive response from Theo and just 20 minutes late he was there in front or your front door.

“Hey.” You smiled giving him a small kiss as he walked in.

“So how was your birthday bash little twerker.” He teased as he laid on your bed.

“Ugh you saw that.” You  groaned as you flopped on the bed next to him.

“Yup, didn’t know my girl could move like that.” He smirked as he dragged his hand across your waist.

“Come on I’m not that good.”

“Babe are you kidding me, I would kill to see you dance like that for me.”

You bit your lip in attempt to hide your smile as you looked at him.

“What?” He chuckled noticing something was on your mind.

“It’s stupid.”

“No it’s not come on.”

“What would you think about a private show?” You asked softly before biting your lip again. Just at your statement your saw his eyes widen and the smirk on his lips grow even bigger.

“You’d be willing to do that for me?”

“Well yeah you know just showing you the dance she taught us and stuff.”

“Well if you really want to I’m not complaining.”

“Okay.” You giggled as you got up and started walking towards your phone to put on the music.

“But I think it would look much better in the outfit you wore in what Lydia sent me.” He said sitting up on your bed and resting backwards on his hands.

Seriously? What you people have with booty shorts and sports bras today?” You groaned as you walked over to your bag to take out your clothes before walking to the bathroom to change.

“Damn.” Theo said biting his lip when you walked out.

“Stop it.” You giggled as your cheeks started to turn pink.

“Okay.” You started after turning the music on and stepping in front of him.

“She taught us a couple basic moves but that’s boring so I’ll just get to the fun part.” You smirked.

Even through out the little show you put on for him you kept giggling at his reactions. And just as you stood up from the basic position you felt Theo wrapping his ams around your waist pulling you closer to him causing another set of giggles to fall from your lips.

“I love it when you dance like that for me.” He whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“But it’s the first time I’ve ever done that.” You said turning to face him.

“Yeah but it’s definatly not the last.” He said giving you another passionate kiss.

“Don’t sound so smug.”

“You love me though.” He smirked pulling you against his chest.


patchoulism said: I wonder how their meeting would go after Anduin went full GAR after Broken Shore

Valeera: “Woah, hey, Anduin, you look… More testosterone-y than before.

Anduin: “Oh, uh, things happened.”

Valeera: “And did you, like, smash that big thing you got there against anyone?” *pointing at Fearbreaker*”

Anduin: “y-yeah”

Valeera: “Holy shit, that’s cool





「後輩」 ● 「こ・う・は・い」 「ko ・ u ・ha ・ i」

Junior, at any kind of…social structure. So, if you’re new in a club or job, you’re kouhai from someone who’s there for longer time. That person, that has more experience, is called (you’re) senpai (先輩). (but I guess anime taught us well hahaha)

Mais jovem, em qualquer tipo de… estrutura social. Então, se você recém entrou num clube (qualquer grupo) ou emprego, você é um kouhai de alguém que está lá a mais tempo. Essa pessoas, que tem mais experiência, é chamada de (seu) senpai (先輩). (mas eu acredito que anime nos ensinou certinho hahaha)

「裏」 ● 「う・ら」 「u ・ ra」

behind, on the back;

por trás das costas; 

「名」 ● 「な」 「na」

name; you can also write “namae” (名前).

Nome; você também pode escrever “namae” (名前).

キング:king/ rei


「〈P〉The juniors from Junkun’s high school time had a name for him」

● 「〈P〉Os mais jovens na época do colegial do Junkun tinham um nome para ele」


The Natural Superiority of Women (Article by Mistress Peggy Sue)

One lesson modern philosophers have taught us is that human consciousness is an essentially historical that is to say changeable phenomenon.

Although the term patriarchal correctly describes the predominant form of consciousness and society in the past, there is a vast body of evidence to indicate that the situation is rapidly changing. If our ancestors could never have imagined the freedom and power, which the women of today enjoy, only the boldest visionaries among us can envision the brave new world of female supremacy that will dawn tomorrow.

In this article I’d like to discuss some of the most essential aspects of the thinking and life that will characterize the society of the future.
In the society of the future, masculinity itself will be redefined along the lines of gynosupremacy. There men will come to understand and accept that their deepest psychosexual fulfillment can only come through service to womankind.

In this manner obeisance before a woman will be seen as a masculine right of self-fulfillment. It should be obvious that the concept of masculinity has always been defined with reference to femininity. Thus even today a man is ‘macho’ to the extent of his sexual prowess.
But what is this except to say that a man is constituted on the basis of his ability to please a woman?

It is also significant to note how an understanding of the feminine basis of masculinity is becoming more explicit with time. The 'macho man’ of yesterday 'conquered’ women. Today this is no longer fashionable.

Today a man is more fully a man on the basis of his knowledge, skills, ability and willingness to please a woman. But this is to say that a man is more fully a man to the extent that his 'strong,’ 'masculine,’ 'macho’ side is surrendered.
Apart from feminine influence, the raw inchoate male libido is merely animalistic.

To emerge strong and whole, male elements must be disciplined and purified in the fires of the feminine. Even today these insights are universally recognized. Employers are hesitant to give positions of responsibility or power to single males. (And who is a single male, except one not under the controlling influence of a woman?)
Research demonstrates that regardless of education or training, a man’s income rises remarkably once he is married. Insurance rates are drastically lower for married males. What do these facts indicate but that males without the controlling influence of a woman are reckless, immature, incompetent, and dangerous? Certainly single males are often involved with a woman.

But this is not sufficient. In order for a male to fully be a man, he must come under the full influence and control of a woman. As Freud recognized, a male who is single is able to achieve partial gratification of his animalistic desires and still retain his 'freedom.’ A married man achieves full gratification, but at the price of freedom.
The contract of marriage guarantees what the male animal most deeply longs for to empty his testes on a regular basis. In exchange for this simple favor, he must surrender all that he thinks and knows as freedom. No longer can he do as he please she must now work hard and be productive.

Neither may he enjoy a variety of sexual experiences any longer. He must now be faithful, honest, and loyal. Once again, it was Freud who pointed out that fidelity; loyalty and industry are not masculine qualities at all. Man by his nature is promiscuous, treacherous, and lazy.

Few men would choose marriage if they could have a variety of sexual partners on a regular, and guaranteed basis. Men only become loyal, faithful and productive when they come under the control of a woman. It is only the contract of marriage which insists that a man work and surrender the fruits of his labor.

Likewise it is a woman who insists that a man be faithful. It is clear then that man loses what he knows as freedom through marriage. But notice what the loss of a man’s 'freedom’ really means. Properly speaking, a man who has come under the controlling influence of women has not lost true freedom at all.

In orthodox philosophical language, what he has really lost is his 'freedom of nature.’ 'Freedom of nature’ describes the chaos of the natural instincts not tempered by reason and moral judgment. In primitive society, freedom knew no restraints at all. There every individual was absolutely free, but chaos reigned.

The birth of civilization demanded the curtailment of absolute freedom to insure the cohesion of society as a whole. In an individual, 'freedom of nature’ corresponds to infantilism. Like the savage in primitive society, the infant is absolutely free, but yet uncivilized. The child matures and becomes an adult only by renouncing infantile demands for instant gratification.

For a male, marriage is simply the last stage of the process of maturity. Thus in coming under the controlling influence of a woman, a man has lost his infantile freedom in exchange for being an adult. It is only in a mature adult state that he can realize his innermost potential.

Contra wise, apart from the controlling influence of a woman, a man remains a mere child. The disapproving attitude which society holds towards single males is then not without justification. The single male the male undisciplined by the control and influence of woman is not and cannot be fully a member of civilized society. Even where he ostensibly lives according to the rules of society, his deepest motivations are guided by infantile desires.

Likewise, in our present society as a whole, the infantile character of male sexuality is only partially, inadequately controlled; hence the character of this society is patriarchal. As feminist social philosophers have taught us so well, all of the essential problems of our society derive from its patriarchal structure.
The demise of patriarchal society would then mean both an ending of violence and aggression, and the full realization of human potential.
It is important to notice that these most essential insights of Freudian psychology the infantile nature of male sexuality, the sublimating influence of a woman’s control are already recognized and implicit in the workings of our society today.

Yet at the same time, they are covert and hidden. In the society of the future, these essential scientific insights will become fully explicit. The society of the future will fully recognize the infantile nature of male sexuality, and the crucial functioning of female control and domination in the construction of civilization.

Hence the society of the future will be fully, openly, and explicitly matriarchal. In their deepest sexual fantasies males envision a world ruled by women, in which men are their mere slaves the truth which the future holds will be more exciting than any fiction.
The new eon of gynosupremacy will not be the fulfillment of male fantasy, but its realization. In the society of the future, women will not simply be the dominatrix of simplistic male fantasy, but will rule with true power and authority over every aspect of male life.

They will be our economic controllers, commanders, rulers, judges and queens. Under female rule men will perform constructive, creative, as well as menial, tasks. They will be teachers, lawyers, artists, and scientists.

How then will the role of the male be different than in society today? In the world of tomorrow, these constructive and creative tasks will be carried out under the explicit direction and authority of female superiors. Thus the highest levels of administration and management will be reserved for women.

Likewise, in the home, women will reign as head of the household and as unquestioned ruler of her man.

Because this society will recognize the absolutely critical function of female control and influence to the health of society as a whole; female rule in the home will be supported with the fullest backing of the law. For this reason, violation of man’s vow of obedience to his wife will be punishable with the severest penalties.
Although males in matriarchal society will perform complex and creative tasks, they will also endure menial ones. Indeed, the performance of menial tasks in service to womankind will be a rite-of-passage, which every adolescent male will suffer.
In preparation for the adult world of work, each adolescent male will be required to contribute at least three years of selfless, unpaid service to a senior female state manager or administrator.
In performance of the most menial tasks, the future adult male will mature and learn the most crucial lessons of his life obedience to female authority. Males who endure this rite-of-passage successfully will be rewarded with greater responsibilities.
They will receive the personal recommendations of the superiors they have pleased. Those who fail this test will remain in menial service for the remainder of their lives.

It is a great paradox that only the most rigorous control of male sexuality can bring about the fullest realization of the potential of man himself.

Yet based upon the previous analysis, this should not be surprising at all. As every Freudian knows, it is the sublimation of male sexuality that provides the energy upon which civilization is built. Yet today, this sublimation is only partial.

If human culture and civilization is built upon only partial control and influence of female authority, dare we envision what potential the full subjugation of male sexuality will unleash? Dare we imagine what feats of endurance, loyalty, strength, and bravery, which the soldiers of tomorrow will display under the explicit control and direction of female commanders?

Today the problem of broken homes, abandoned and abuse wives and neglected children is great enough to shatter the cohesion of society itself. Likewise, one can only imagine the health, strength, and cohesion of the society of the future, in which the only acceptable expression of male sexuality is marriage a society in which males must take explicit vows of obedience to their wives?

It’s been rightfully said before that the deepest desire of every man is for submission before a powerful woman. The new eon of gynosupremacy will be not only the fulfillment of this fantasy, but its realization.

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Cherry Blossoms- Part 3

You saw Brett sitting in his parked car, tapping away on his phone, as you slid into the car, your phone lit up with a text from him.

“You’re about two minutes late with that text,” you said closing the door.

“Oh well, let’s get going,” he said starting the car and driving off.

You both sat in comfortable silence as music from his radio played softly. You were examining your nails when you heard Omen by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith come on.

“Oh my God! I love this song!” you said reaching over to turn up the radio when Brett gripped your wrist.

“Yea, don’t touch my stereo.”

“Oh, you’re one of those guys.”

“Okay, I’ll bite, what kind of guy?”

“You know, the type of guy that’s so obsessed with his hair and his car that he’ll have an aneurysm if someone so much as breathes anywhere near them.”

“First of all, I am not obsessed with my hair. This car is brand new and you couldn’t reach my hair, even if you tipped.”

“Well,” you scoffed crossing your arms.

“You’re kinda cute when you’re mad.”

“You even use really lame pick-up lines.”

Sweetheart, I don’t need a line to pick you up,” he said increasing the volume of the radio. “Turns out I love this song too,” he said causing you to smirk.

“You’re an asshole,” you said before singing and dancing along to the song.

“And you’re giving my leather seat a boner.”

“Sorry, am I distracting you?” you asked batting your lashes.

“Yes actually, your screeching and my heightened hearing are a bad combination.”

“Whatever,” you scoffed singing louder and even more off-key.

You didn’t realise it, but the sight really warmed Brett’s heart and mad him smile.

“What’s got you so happy?” you asked after detecting his chemosignal.

“We’re here,” he replied with a shrug.

“Oh,” you said hopping out of the car and following the music. “Do you guys always party in the woods?”

“Yea, we’d do it in the woods because the excessive drinking would give the school a bad name.“

“You’re a pretty loyal set,”

“We love the school,”

“I hate all schools, especially prep schools,” you said weaving through the crowd.

“That’s a bummer, you look hot in a uniform,” Brett smirked handing you one of the cups he got from some guy walking by.

“Are you flirting with me?”

“Blame it on the Goose,” Brett smirked sipping the vodka.

“But we can’t get drunk, can we?”

“We could pretend,” he smirked.

“Are your lips permanently set in a smirk or are you doing it on purpose?”

“Is it bothering you?”

“Would I have brought it up if it wasn’t?”

“That means it’s working.”

You scoffed and took a sip of your drink as your cheeks heated up.

“Okay, keeping drinking and I’ll be right back.”

“You’re leaving me alone with prep school freaks?”

“They aren’t freaks,”

“Brett, you gave me a detailed orientation and you spent half of the time talking about how you’re surrounded by freaks daily. Then there’s this thing where I have eyes I saw proof,”

“Relax, you’ll be fine. If anything serious happens, come find me. It shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Because I can track your scent?”

“I was gonna say because I’m so tall but that works too.”

You rolled your eyes and leant against a tree waiting for Brett to come back. When he finally did, his pupils were dilated and he was as high as a kite.

“Hey Y/N,” he slurred.

“How the hell are you high?”

“Just these,” he said holding up a bag of purple pills.

“Wolfsbane,” you asked.


“Well, can I have one?” you asked growing irritated.

“Sure,” he smirked before taking one of them and placing it on his tongue.“Take it,” he said bracing you against the tree.

“I am not drunk enough for this,” you scoffed.

“You could be,”

“Fine,” you said tipping and placing a kiss on his lips.

You slid your tongue into his mouth and began deepening the kiss. The pill had already began to dissolve and you could already feel it tingling along with the butterflies in your stomach. You felt your eyes changing and when Brett broke away you were met with his amber eyes.

“Whoa,” he chuckled.

“Is it always like that?”

“I don’t usually take it like that,” he said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh,” you said awkwardly.

“Maybe we should take another then go dance?”

“Sounds good,”

“Great,” he said pulling you into the crowd.

“Open up,” he said holding the pill in front of you.

You opened your mouth and allowed it to dissolve on your tongue like he did.

“It’s gonna take a while to-” He was cut off by your giggling.

“Dance with me,” you slurred running your hands over his body as you moved seductively.

“With pleasure,” he said gripping your hips and moving with you.

His movements were pretty clean until the Wolfsbane kicked in, then he pulled you closer and gripped your ass while he ground his crotch into yours. You found yourself being pushed against a tree as Brett continued grinding on you; his lips found your neck and he began to suck against your sweet spot causing you to moan and wrap a leg around his waist. He began caressing your leg before moving his lips from your neck and to your lips.

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There were a ton of wolf whistles coming from around you and you both broke away.

“Well that escalated quickly,” Brett chuckled nervously.

“Yea,” you said as an awkward silence descended on you both.

“Do you wanna get outta here? I’m starving,”

“Yea, I’m starving too,” you said taking his hand as he weaved through the crowd.

Several team members cheered obscene things at Brett as they saw the two of you leaving together. These of course made you blush even more but Brett just had a smug look on his face.

“Is it just me or is this longer than before?”

“It is,” he shrugged.


“Because I like walking this way,”

“Do you also like freezing to death?” you asked rubbing your shoulders.

“I actually don’t get cold for some reason. But here,” he said taking his jacket off.

“Thanks,” you said as he helped you into it. “How’s it look?”

“Pretty good actually, I mean the leather jacket and combat boots is a good look on you.”

“You should me in clothes that actually fit,”

“Can’t wait,” he smiled.

“So, you’re a born wolf?”

“Yep, how’d you get turned?”

“My dad took my older brothers and hunting once and it just came at me.”

“What were you hunting?”

“This wild animal that was terrorizing the town.”

“Was it the werewolf?”

“No, it was a mountain lion.”

“Oh, and uhm, your eyes are blue not gold.”

“You wanna know who I killed?”

“If it’s not too much,”

It was an accident,” you shrugged.

“I can actually see how that happened. Do you still have those accidents?”

“Well I haven’t killed anyone recently,” you said omitting the part about where you bring the people to be killed by your father.

“How do you control it?”

“There’s this mantra, my alpha taught it to us.”

“Well, what is it?”

“The sun, the moon, the truth,”

“Are you Buddhist?”

“You could say that,” he smirked. “Are you?”

“Not particularly, but my father has certain beliefs that come from Buddhism I guess.”

“Nice,” he smirked as you walked out of the woods and towards his car.

“So, where exactly are we going to get food this late?”

“There’s this diner not too far away. They have the best milkshakes,”

“Well I do like milkshakes,” you smiled.

“If you don’t like milkshakes you have no soul.”

“What about lactose intolerant people?”

“My guess is that they sold their souls at birth. I mean dairy is the greatest thing on this Earth, well besides-”

“Let me guess, besides you?” you asked with a scoff.

I was gonna say sex, but that works too. Because come on, I am sex,”

“You’re a dork and a horrible Buddhist,”

“How am I a horrible Buddhist?” he chuckled after parking the car.

“You have sex, drink, get high, I’m guessing you fight too.”

“I fight in self-defense and I found a loophole,”


“Yea, basically you’re supposed to avoid a harmful lifestyle. I’m a werewolf, nothing is harmful to me,”

“That’s actually pretty good,” you said smiling as he opened your door for you.

“Thank you,” he smiled taking your hand as you walked into the diner.

“Hey Brett,” a middle aged waitress said as he entered.

“Hey Annie,”

“Your usual booth’s free,”

“Thanks,” he smiled dragging you to a booth.

“You come here often I presume?”

“Yep, after every game, every party, when I’m leaving the club, so basically every night.”

“You party a lot,”

“What can I say, I’m a people person,” he smirked.

And what, I’m not?”

Well-” luckily, he was cut off by the waitress, Annie coming over.

“So, what can I get you kids?”

“Two chocolate milkshakes and my usual,”

“Is that it?” she asked knowingly.

“And a large serving of fries,”

“Topped with bacon and cheese?”

“Is there any other way,” he scoffed.

“Alright, sit tight, I’ll be right back with that,” she smirked walking off.

“Do you always order for the girl on a date?” you asked with a smirk.

“Oh, so we’re on a date now?”

“You know what I mean,”

“No, but I know that my usual is the best and there’s no way you’re gonna finish it so more for me.”

“You really don’t know me do you?”

“No girl can eat more than me,”

“Challenge accepted,” you smirked as Annie came over with your milkshakes and fries.

“Thanks Annie,”

“No problem sweetheart by the way, nice job.”

“What do you mean?” Brett asked scooting over to you to allow space for Annie to sit.

“Your girlfriend is gorgeous,”

“I’m not his girlfriend,” you blushed.

“Please, your lips are swollen and I can see the hickey from here.”

“Hickey,” you asked.

“Relax, I was young too so I’m not judging. Besides, Brett’s a great catch,” she smirked walking off.

“Hickey,” you gasped nervously.

“Let me see,” he said brushing your hair to the side before smirking.

“What is it?”

“You look sexy with my mark on your neck.”

I shouldn’t have any marks!”

“It’s the pills, the high fades quickly but it slows your healing.”

“Great,” you groaned. “My parents are gonna see and I’m gonna die from my mom’s embarrassing questions and then my dad’s gonna kill me, and you and-”

Brett cut you off with a kiss before breaking away and saying,

“Relax, it’ll heal soon.”

“Okay,” you sighed shoving a few fries into your mouth.

“Good, because I’d hate to have to kiss you again.”

“Then don’t,”

“Then stop pouting.”

“Why,” you asked pouting more.

“Because, if you don’t stop I’m gonna kiss it right off your mouth,”

You let out a scoff before seductively sipping your milkshake.

You ate the fries but ensured that a bit of cheese got onto your lips so you could lick it off but Brett beat you it. He used his thumb to wipe it away and brought it to his lips so he had the advantage.

“Don’t look so disappointed, I’ll let you lick cheese off of me if you want.”

I’ll pass,” you chuckled.

“Okay, but just know, the offer still stands and it goes for more than just cheese. You can lick anything off of me.”

“Got it,” you chuckled.

“You have a cute laugh,”

“Gee Talbot, keep up this behaviour and even I’m gonna believe I’m your girlfriend.”

“I see no problem with that,” he smiled.

“Yea- well- These fries are incredible,” you said shoving a few more into your mouth.

“Yea, I know,” he smirked, proud of the effect he had on you.

“So, what exactly is your usual?“ “It’s a double cheeseburger topped with bacon, pulled pork, sauteed onions, pickles and bell peppers with a side of hash browns stuffed with mozzarella bacon and chicken.”


“What’s the matter, ready to back down?”

“Hardly, in fact, I can’t wait,” you said eating the last of the fries.

“It’s a good thing Annie’s on her way then.”

“You know Brett, all this is bad for your health. You’re not gonna be a teenager forever,” Annie said putting the food before you.

“I think I’m good,” Brett chuckled before standing and lifting his shirt causing you to choke on your milkshake.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” Annie asked.

“I’m fine,” you sputtered.

“Well you kids enjoy, if you need anything you know what to do.”

“Yep,” he said as Annie walked off.

Brett moved both of your plates closer to the middle of the table before scooting over and grabbing your hands before pulling you closer to him.

“This is why I hate round booths,” you groaned.

“I like it, our legs are touching.”

“Are you always this forward with girls you’ve just met?”

“Only the interesting ones,” he smirked popping a hash brown into his mouth.

“So I’m interesting?”

“Oh definitely,”

“How so?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow,” he said taking a bite of his burger.

“At school?”

“Didn’t you read the email?”


“Yea, the school sends them to parents and students to tell them that school is out of session for those attending the party.”

“Wow, that’s weird.”

“What can I say, they’re weird people,”

“Does this mean you’re asking me out?”

“If you win, I’ll answer that,”

“So you’re betting that I won’t be able to finish this?”

“That’s exactly what I’m betting,”

You rolled your eyes before scoffing and saying,

“I guess you’ll be admitting that you’re taking me on a date then,”

“Oh I doubt- how’d you knock off those hash browns so quickly?”

“A few of them are inside my burger, the rest are going down my alimentary canal.”

“I’m impressed,” he scoffed.

“Yea well maybe you shouldn’t have-” you were cut off by your burger being shoved into your mouth and you let out a moan of approval.

“It’s good isn’t it?”

“It’s amazing,” you mumbled, taking another bite. “Please remind me to never doubt anything you say ever again, you are a god.”

“Glad you’re seeing things my way,” he said wiping barbeque sauce from your face.

“Don’t get it twisted, I still think you’re a narcissistic douchebag.”

“And I think you’re a stuck-up bitch,”

“Gee, the stuck-up bitch and the narcissistic douchebag,” you scoffed.

“Has the makings of an epic love story don’t you think. Just like Romeo and Juliet,”

“Let’s not talk about Romeo and Juliet,” you smirked.

“Let’s not talk at all,” Brett said running his hand up your bare thigh as he leant in to kiss you.

“You’re right, let’s not talk. Let’s eat,” you smirked evilly.

“You’re a bitch,” he scoffed before going back to eating. 

“I know,” you pouted before doing the same.

Like you expected, you finished before him and you were now trying to steal some of his food, but he wouldn’t have it.

“Come on Brett, please?”

“Gee, you think saying please will help?”

“I’ll be your bestfriend,” you said batting your eyelashes.

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“You’re cute, but no,”

“Fine,” you said pouting. “But just know, I’m plotting your demise and planning to tell my dad that you gave me drugs before placing me in a compromising position. You know, my dad that killed the alpha werewolf that bit me, his only daughter and youngest child.”

“Sharing is caring after all,”  Brett said allowing you to take what you wanted.

“Gee, you’re Friendliest Giant I’ve ever met,” you smiled.

“And you’re the most evil pint-sized demon I’ve ever met.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” you said dramatically.

“Oh bite me,” Brett scoffed messing your hair up before going back to eating.

#115: First Dance


You and Ashton already had two kids and decided that you wanted them to be in with the whole ‘First Dance’ thing. You weren’t sure if it was normal or in culture to have them on the floor with you but you didn’t care at all because you figured the whole idea would be lovely. You and Ashton did very well start off with a nice dance to Gravity by John Mayer, moving slowly together. Ashton kisses you on the forehead and your son and daughter enter on the dance floor, looking up at the two of you and waiting to dance.

Y/son/N tugs gently on your dress and takes you away from your groom, creating his own moves on the spot and urging you to follow along. Y/daughter/N does the same with Ashton and you look over at him, smiling with your pearly white teeth and blowing him a kiss. He catches it and continues dancing until the song is over, all four of you coming in for a small and tight group hug.


You two slow danced to the song of your choice, My Love by Sia. The song was inevitably beautiful and too hard for Calum to miss a step in dancing to it. You two hold mischievous smirks or what looks like ‘stares of love’ to your crowd. The second verse flows in but is cut off by the Macarena. You and Calum part and clap your hands together, laughing and giggling as you perform the simple Macarena dance, sync game on point.

You bump your bum with his and keep dancing, some of your crowd already dancing to it in their spots. They all join you and Calum on the dance floor, taking it as a welcoming and their chance to dance. You have never been so proud of Calum’s one well decision to put that song into your actual ‘serious’ ballroom first dance. He views the crowd and looks down at you, a small and teasing smile on his lips as he mouths the words,

“I love you.”


“I’m nervous,” Luke sighs as he looks at your crowd of guests. You grab his hand gently and roll your eyes.

“You’re always nervous,” you mumble and he steps a tad bit closer to you. “We’ll do great, the coach taught us well.”

“I hope so,” when he says that, a small but very, very bright spotlight shines on the two of you; the song that plays is an original written by you and Luke just for the special occasion. You perform your waltz routine and pray that Luke won’t screw it up, everyone truly amazed that you even got him out of his comfort zone to dance. The song that plays is soft, slow and melodic, most of your nerves falling in whether they’ll like it or not. Luke dips you for the finale and the light goes off, everyone clapping and smiling in awe. He stands you straight and takes a deep breath, “I didn’t fall and that’s all that matters.”

“You are still the same loser I met years ago,” you put your hand on his cheek and the photographer snaps a photo, everyone still on the outskirts of the floor. “Everyone can dance now!” You encourage and the DJ plays the unreleased Teenage Queen that only you and the guests get to here.


Let’s get this straight: Michael worked his ass off just to learn how to slow dance with you for your guys Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. He was nervous and sweaty palmed to even have the first dance, but for you, he did anything. He watched as you conversed with your mother and smiled; your whole aura brighter than the shining ring on your finger. He walked up to the two of you and your mother stepped off since she knew what was coming. He took your hand in his and whispered in your ear, “Ready?”

“Ready,” you looked up at your DJ who announces the fact that you two, the lovely wedded couple would be having your first dance. The song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran plays and you two begin to slow dance, closely and in great sync. You gaze up into his pretty irises and smile hugely, all of your guests watching in awe as you two dance to the beautiful melody.

“You look so great Y/N Clifford,” he speaks as if it’s only you two there on the large marbled floor, pulling you along with grace and you spin around.

“Thanks,” the music brings goose bumps to your skin and the scene feels as if you’re in a movie, the whole 4 minutes and 52 seconds just the two of you in that room.

“We found love right where we are.” The song closes and you two pull apart, all of your guests clapping for you and beginning to dance for themselves.