What I’ll say is what I love about polyamory and the poly world, is that it allows us to question what we’ve been taught about relationships, because some people have been handed a very dysfunctional model for relating. For me, what’s important about polyamory is not how many lovers you have but having the ability to have conscious choice as to relationship structure and style. That’s something that I feel passionately – I’d like everybody to have that conscious choice.

Sarah Taub


  • mike: messing around with levi on MY sofa. you're a full throttle head case
  • erwin: actually i was doing you a solid with the sofa. levi wanted to do it in your bed. you've got the memory foam top
  • mike: ... let's make this really simple: if i own it, i don't want you doing it on it
  • erwin: ...
  • erwin: you might want to get rid of your kitchen table