tatums art


Gambit! My FAVORITE X-MAN! I remember back when there was an X-Men Street Fighter game on the old PlayStation, I would play the HECK out of Gambit/Remy LeBeau and Phoenix/Jean Grey! That was a LONG TIME AGO!! AH!
I don’t remember if I have ever drawn him before, but if I did it was forever ago, so I am starting over! I really like his newer hair rather than the hair he had in the 90s lol, That gloriously long rat-tail he had! I really wonder how he hid it when he pulled up his head piece thing. He was my FIRST favorite super hero! He is such a complicated fellow with the BEST ACCENT I HAVE EVER HEARD EVER! The thief with good intentions and a heart of gold, that is the Remy I love!

Tatum better take REALLY GOOD CARE OF HIM!


Bebop Café - The Greatest Stars of Bebop & Swing Tracklist :
00:00 - Coleman Hawkins - Body and Soul
03:00 - Charlie Parker - Scrapple from the Apple
05:58 - Bud Powell - I Can’t Get Started
11:36 - Milt Jackson - How High the Moon
17:49 - Miles Davis - Bags Groove
24:49 - Art Tatum - Crazy Rhythm
27:45 - Benny Golson - Jubilation
34:07 - Jimmy Raney - Love for Sale
37:07 - Art Pepper - Moanin’
42:07 - Charlie Parker - Ornithology
45:07 - Max Roach - The Caves
47:35 - Al Cohn & Zoot Sims - Chasing the Blues
53:42 - Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan - Tea For Two
01:01:40 - John Lewis - The Golden Striker
01:05:16 - Thelonious Monk - Caravan
01:11:11 - Clifford Brown - I Cover the Waterfront