tatum and i

channing tatum is like that guy in college who’s 1000% bro and loves his frat and is a world champion beer pong player and owns 324353 snap-backs and you’re just like UGH GROSS until you find him roaming the feminist lit section of the local indie book shop and he sees you eyeing him and smiles and is like “have you ever read any doris lessing?” just as his phone buzzes with a text from his grandma asking if he’ll be coming over for bingo this weekend and you also realize his text tone is “bad blood” and suddenly everything is you knew is  a lie 

ships the x-men movies pulled out of their asses:

  • rogue and iceman
  • kitty and iceman

better ships they had right in front of them:

  • rogue and gambit
  • kitty and colossus

and jokes on you 20th century fox, iceman is gay.



The signs as basic white girl things

Aries: Zac Efron

Taurus: Starbucks

Gemini: “I can’t even.” 

Cancer: Channing Tatum

Leo: Selfies

Virgo: Northface

Libra: Iphones

Scorpio: Pretty Little Liars

Sagittarius: Chipotle

Capricorn: Mean Girls

Aquarius: Frozen Yogurt

Pisces: One Direction