Logan Lucky

Starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, and Katie Holmes
Rating: ★
Recently laid off from his job, West Virginia natives Jimmy (Tatum) and his one armed brother, Clyde (Driver), attempt to pull off a heist on the North Carolina Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600.

This mind numbing experience will put the viewer in a coma as they watch this brain dead heist unfold, along with rock bottom performances by each actor.

While watching Steven Soderbergh’s lackluster return to the big screen, I was smushed into a sitting position like none before: my head leaning in alignment with the armrest and body slouched over into the adjacent seat. One cause that put me into this coma was the incredibly stupid plot consisting of a complicated heist plan that Robert De Niro’s character in Heat could not pull off, let alone a handful of folks who take part in a game of horseshoe with toilet seats. The mastermind plan brilliantly crafted by the man who could not keep his manual labor day job consists of getting a convict (Craig) out of prison before the warden realizes, explosives made out of gummy bears, and blowing up a trailer which operates the entire credit card system for the North Carolina Speedway. Many of the obstacles at the Speedway consist of virtually no security, but when there is some authority on the grounds, it consists of policemen who make Barney Fife look like the New York City Police Commissioner. Considering the stupidity of this plan and the ease of pulling it off, by the time we reach the conclusion, one could care less if the characters get away with it or not.

Another factor that lead to my coma and the lack of interest in the heist plan were the characters who could also give two trucks about the plot. Frankly, who knows what character contributed what to the plan. The definitive object of the convict was to blow up something, but everyone else feels like they are just meandering around. Regardless into the questioning of each character’s role in the heist, it is hard to care for these people anyway because of their lack of development. Why should one root for these characters when we have no idea about their motives? Sure, Tatum’s character lost his job, but there is no huge debt hovering over him, or someone after him for money. The same could be said about Driver’s character, who literally has no motive for the heist. Driver’s character is a bartender who does not seem to be in a tough spot financially, so why would he want to rob the Motor Speedway? Maybe Craig’s character wants to pull off the heist because he gets a rush from it, but overall, there is no meaning for the people to rob NASCAR.

What makes the characters even less likable are the actors playing them. Each actor gives the worst performance of their career. Channing Tatum looks like he is in a fog, as he expresses hardly any emotion even in critical moments. When Tatum gets fired, or something wrong happens, Tatum stares off into space and imagines the dollar bills pilling into his checking account. The same could be said about Adam Driver, who also appears to be in the same coma I was in while watching this garbage. Driver might exceed Tatum’s lack of enthusiasm by mumbling most of his lines and yelling about his arm. Even when there is enthusiasm in a character, like Seth MacFarlane’s oddly sounding British race car owner, it is annoying. Craig, on the other hand, tries to have some fun in his role, but his Southern accent feels like a reach. There is not a single good performance.

This is one of the most highly overrated films of the year right next to The Lovers. There is not a single moment of enjoyment from start to finish. Its plot is bottom of the barrel dumb and hard to believe. The characters are shallow and the actors fail to bring any life to them. However, just like the characters, the actors are trying to cash in. Unfortunately, watching them do so will induce the viewer into a coma as they waste their money and time.