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I love your omegaverse! I want to know everything about it 😍 how do ruts work in this world? Can omegas of all genders become pregnant? I know you said bonding marks aren't permanent, but is there any way to permanently bond to a mate? Once yuuri's out of his heat haze, will he still be desperate for viktor? Or more calm? Sorry for so many questions, I just love this world you've built! Much love ❤️

I’m glad you’re enjoying my little a/b/o world! ❤️💕 I’ll see if I can answer these questions well enough for you:

1. Yes, there are ruts. But they’re not very regular. I know there was some interest in seeing Victor go into rut, which I might do at some point (any real interest in a side-story for this or something?). But it wouldn’t be until he’d been off suppressants for a while. They’re so irregular, you really can’t plan for them. 😂

2. Any Omega can become pregnant, as can anyone with a uterus. It makes for a large portion of the population that are able to reproduce (which is probably why natural selection allowed secondary genders). But I won’t be dealing with mpreg in YCPfE.

3. To my knowledge there is no way to make bonds permanent. It has to do with stimulation of the scent gland, so it’s impossible for a single bite to continually do that. HOWEVER, you can become habituated to it, so each bond bite lasts longer. Even to a point that between a long-term couple, a bond might last a week. But it would still need to be refreshed, and most couples enjoy the bonding enough it’s a more regular occurrence than that. 

4. Oh goodness, yes. While Yuuri is in heat, he’ll be desperate for Victor. The heat haze (the feverish blur) doesn’t last the whole thing (sometimes days, sometimes hours, depending). But the need for dick? That lasts the whole week. You’ll just have to see how calm/not-calm he gets once the haze is gone. 😜

If you have any other questions, or want clarification, just let me know. 

O Senhor guardará você, ele está sempre ao seu lado para protegê-lo. O sol não lhe fará mal de dia, nem a lua de noite. O Senhor guardá a sua vida. Ele o guardará quando você for e quando você volta, agora e sempre.

Salmos 121: 5 a 8.

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So... I'm still no to this "Omegaverse" thingy... Do you mind explaining a bit? I'm curious to understand the classes and the ways that they irk and such...

Sure thing, love!

Ok so, many years ago in the deep dark recesses of fanfiction.net (or maybe it was AO3? It could have been Wattpad tbh) someone wrote a fanfic (I think it was Supernatural or Teen Wolf or something) where one character was an alpha, who went through ruts and had scent glands and the other was an omega, who was dependent on the alpha, and went through heats and was submissive


There are three dynamics that are generally accepted (I say this because some people add in gammas and deltas and zetas, and these can adhere to any headcanons you want, because they’re unusual and vary greatly)


Alphas are generally accepted as the dominant, strong fighters, much like the hyper masculine image that is forced on men. They can be tall and lean, or short and muscular. Both male and female alphas possess a penis and a knot. Female alphas have the ability to retract their penis, and although they possess a vagina, they aren’t able to get pregnant or menstruate. Alphas will go into ‘rut’ (which can be triggered, or a monthly thing, depending on your headcanons). My personal headcanons are that alphas go into heat when the omega they’re bonded to goes into heat, and most alphas will experience heat-like symptoms during puberty


Betas are the closest to actual human in omegaverse. Male betas are able to impregnate betas and omegas, and female betas are able to be impregnated by alphas and betas. They sometimes get the short end of the stick, and are there just as mediators because some say they have bad senses of smell, and are there for more level-headed and aren’t affected by scent the way alphas and omegas are. I disagree with this COMPLETELY because it’s very unfair. I think betas have a far better sense of smell, and just aren’t evolutionarily programmed to respond to scents the same way omegas and alphas do. Betas tend to be the least aggressive/emotional of all the dynamics, and are a calming presence on both alphas and omegas


Depending on your headcanons, omegas are generally put into two different categories: submissive and weak, or powerful and revered. Both male and female omegas go into ‘heat’ every month, which is a period of 3-6 days where their scent becomes sweeter, they become more physically appealing, and they become incredibly fertile. Some headcanons state that the scent of an in-heat omega drives an alpha crazy and leaves them almost unable to stop themselves from mounting and knotting the alpha right there and then. I disagree with this. I think instead that an alpha can tell the difference between an in-heat omega and an out of heat omega, recognise that the scent is pleasant, and move on. Both male and female omegas have a uterus (the males’ uterus lies flush against his stomach, and is accessible through his anus). Male omegas are unable to impregnate other omegas, or female betas. 

Some useful terminology

Knotting it what alphas will do during sex with an omega. At the base of an alpha’s penis is a ‘knot’ (like a dog penis). This knot locks into the omega when the alpha orgasms, and keeps them locked together for a duration of time (anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour; it changes depending on your headcanons)


All dynamics possess scent glands on the trapezius muscle (the junction between your shoulder and neck) the inside of their wrists, and their inner thighs. Scenting something is done by rubbing your scent glands over it to spread your scent over it. Dynamics will do it to clothes, blankets, their mates, and basically anything that they want other people to know is theirs


Bonding is done during sex by biting the scent gland at the trapezius muscle. The bite has to be hard enough to break the skin, and it’ll basically bond the two people together (so it’s a bit like marriage but on a biological scale). The bite mark will scar over and will always be visible to the naked eye


Omegas build nests. Depending on your headcanons, they can build nests just when they’re in heat, or when they’re pregnant, or just whenever the hell they want to. A nest is a small area (like a bed, or a closet) filled with blankets, clothes, pillows and stuffed animals that is just a nice, soft place for the omega to lie and sleep. Omegas get very protective of their nests, and usually only close friends, mates and close family members will be allowed in. The items used in a nest will sometimes be scented by the individual’s mate, if they have one


When two people get into a relationship, they will be considered ‘mates’. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an alpha and an alpha, or a beta and an omega, or an omega and an alpha, they’re called mates. If they’ve bonded to each other, they’re known as ‘bonded mates’

Think I missed anything? Let me know, and I’ll add it!

honestly inclusionists need to stop throwing the words “abuse” and “gaslighting” around. people who are mean to you on the internet because you disagree about an issue like ace discourse are not your abusers, and they are not gaslighting you.

as someone who has experienced these things i think it’s so fucking disrespectful and it trivializes the experiences of people who have had to deal with actual abuse in our lives.

and if you’re an abuse survivor that still doesn’t give you the right to turn around and call us literal abusers because someone on our side called you stupid once.