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Inked (tattoo artist Michael au): Chapter 7

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3 years prior

“Sam?” I saw the figure of the person I love, with their lips on another. Kissing them with the passion I thought was reserved just for me. It couldn’t be. This is just a bad dream, a mistake. I must be seeing things.

“y/n, what are you doing here” faced pulled away, the others face full of shocked eyes, scurrying off after telling my love they’d call them. I stood frozen in my tracks.

“Sam, who was that? Why” I felt my bottom lip quiver as tears fell from my eyes. “I thought you loved me”

C’mon you and I both know this, us, is just high school puppy love. It’s not real.


“I love you. Please. We can try again and forget this please.

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So I heard @aroacehogwarts Gryffindor mod likes dragons. Have I got some headcannons for you…

-Ace students who learn to cast Patronuses laugh when they see their’s is a species of dragon.

-Ace wixen being the best at working with dragons, and none are better than Charlie Weasley.

-Charlie figures out how to miniaturize and tame dragons. He partners up with the animal shops in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade to sell them. Also successfully petitions Headmistress McGonagall to allow them at Hogwarts as pets.

-Said dragon pets are fiercely loyal. Pretty good messengers, although they do sometimes get distracted if they have to fly long distances. 

-The little dragons are so adorable and they come in so many colors, like you want an ace flag colored dragon? Got it. Want one with your house colors? That shelf over there. Want one with your romantic orientations flag colors? Next to the feeding supplies. (Color combinations tend to get weird if crossbreeding happens)

-One ace wizard (cough Dean Thomas cough) is a tattoo specialist who figures out how make moving tattoos. His body is subsequently home to many moving dragon tatttoos.

-Ace wixen artist who spends a lifetime travelling and painting dragons.

(PS I’m in Ravenclaw)