Primal Tattoos

I did a thing. I wanted some more leg tattoos and then decided to toss in two side ones. 


  • Base game compatible
  • 3 locations; left leg, right leg & left side
  • 13 tattoo designs *
  • 2 colors each (Black & Dark Gray)
  • 28 Tattoos Total
  • Enabled for men and women
  • Custom thumbnails
  • In the zip you will find the separate tattoos and then one merged file.


Download & Side Tattoo Preview Below The Cut (:

*all not pictured because apparently I’m special and skipped some when making the preview.

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I was a dumb artist,

took a catalogue of hits to the edge of the cliff and I slipped
but it felt good
I put on red and I lose
I regret all my tattoos

I just want to be a fence sitter
fence sitter with you

your words, in blue

In sprawling tattoos
I have written your poems
in blue India ink
up the insides of my wrists:

one brush stroke for the syllables
rolling off your tongue
like shattered glass:

two brush strokes for the smack of your thighs
like kisses
as you walk toward me:

three brush strokes
for the wavering dip in your voice
when you reach God’s name:

and a flourish for the silence
as I forget to breathe,
as you forget to bow,
as I whisper to the angels,
you are mine, you are mine, you are mine.