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The dads with a dadsona who has lots of tattoos and piercings

✨DADS REACT TO…dadsona with lots of tattoos and piercings✨

[thank you for the prompt anon :D enjoy and feel free to send in asks!]

🎣Brian, 🐶Damien

- finds it pretty cool

- likes to trace the tattoos when you’re cuddling/snuggling/having time together

- once your piercing got stuck in a fishing line/dog fur and they were laughing too hard to help you

🏋Craig, 📚Hugo

- kind of weirded out but v v v supportive!!1!1!1!

- always asks you about the back stories/what made you get the tattoo

- asks if the piercings hurt especially in different areas ex.nose, navel etc


- thought you were some gangster at first (don’t blame the church guy)

- after he gets to know you better he shows you his ship anchor tatt

- sometimes you find him unconsciously pulling at your piercings and you have to tell him to stop

☕Mat, 🔪Robert

- pretty interested, asks you where/when/why you got them

- maybe you two could get matching tattoos someday???

- buys you cool jewellery for your piercings whenever they see someone selling them

“All this hate you gave me that turned me deranged
Now I’m burning in the flames
All the things you said, they’ve been stuck in my head
And now I’m at it again, an addict
Welcome to hell bitch
You can’t do nothing about it ” Deuce- nobody likes me Sad and angry mood hm 

The Pale Vixen

Name:  Trastinari Autumnblade
Alias ( nicknames ): Fox , Kit , Pale
Gender:  Female
Age:  Adult
Date of Birth: July 13th
Spoken Languages:  Thalassian, Orcish, Common
Romantic Preference:  Males / Females
Sexual Preference: Males / Females
Occupation: Private blade of Mariana Cross ( @mariana-cross) , Member of The Veiled Shadow 
Criminal Record: None
Disorders: None
Eye Color:  Fel green 
Hair Color: Snowy white
Height:  5′7″
Scars: Scar on hips and wrist from self harm
Overweight: No
Underweight:  No
Color: Red and Black
Food: Snow plums
Drink:  Tea
Candy: Prefers candied apples
Had sex: Yes
Had sex in public: Yes
Kissed a Boy: Yes
Kissed a Girl: Yes
Gotten Tattoos: Yes
Gotten Piercings: Yes
Smoked / Drank / Done Drugs : No, Yes , No
A Cuddler: Yes
A Kisser: Yes
Scared Easily: No
Jealous Easily:  No
Trustworthy:  Yes
Considered Mean:  No
Harmed Themselves:  Yes 
Thought of Suicide: Yes
Attempted Suicide: Yes
Wanted to Kill Someone: Yes
Have / Had a Job:  Yes
Siblings: Teliyna Autumnblade (Stitch) @stitch-and-blood
Fears: Cages, small spaces.
Parents: Mother: Velyna Rosespear-Autumnblade (Deceased) , Father: Aerimin Autumnblade (Killed by Stitch)

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