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“I tatuaggi non vanno spiegati. Chiunque può trarne una propria interpretazione.
L'unica persona che puó conoscerne il vero significato è colui che lo porta addosso. Perché un tatuaggio è un sentimento, è un dolore, è un ricordo, è un'emozione che si può solo vivere, non spiegare e ne capire.”

A Royal Commission (2)

This is already eating me. Help! @fleetstreetfatality

By Friday they’ve exchanged enough emails that Prompto feels reasonably comfortable about the things he’s come up with. He’s sitting at his desk, light switched on underneath the papers he’s carefully copying. Parts of the piece still need worked over again and he’s very aware of that, but in case he hates what he adds he wants a clean copy.

The pen in his hand shakes for a moment and he blinks, setting it down carefully and pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose with a sigh. A hand appears and plops down a can of Red Bull.

“You’re welcome.”

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