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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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more tangled au cecilos doodles because I’m weak.
you can blame/thank tumblr user insert-sexual-pun-here

OK, so here it is. My Attack on Titan tattoo at the upper center of my back.

In February 2015 I discovered Attack on Titan after a very hard time in my life. I was close to death more than once and this wonderful universe gave me so much power, energie and above all: inspiration and passion. I’ve always been a passionate person but certain circumstances in my life took this away from me. 

I fell in love with the story as whole and with certain characters. Above all: Erwin & Levi. I admired Erwin’s determination and Levi’s history gave me hope. Those two inspired me so much and still inspire me every single day of my life. I can’t imagine a day without thinking about them, writing about them, reading about them, enjoying the wonderful fanart and being a part of this awesome fandom.

February 2016 - one year after I discovered Attack on Titan and one year after I survived by more than luck - I was more in love than ever with the universe and these two characters in particular and the idea of a tattoo started to grow in my head. 

I already have three tattoos and all of them are very meaningful to me. A band tattoo (Manowar), a J.R.R. Tolkien tattoo (both on my shoulders) and a Game of Thrones tattoo (on my wrists). So I thought Attack on Titan would fit right in there among all the wonderful things that somehow had and still have an influence on my life.

After a certain chapter, which I will not name here, I was devastated and deeply shocked but also inspired to get the Attack on Titan tatoo done while honouring Erwin. This man gave and is giving me so much, it’s hard to describe, but above all he tought me again to “Offer up my heart”. 

This quote stands for everything I do in my life; either I do something with all I have to give or I don’t get started. 

So now, March 2017, two years after I fell in love, it is done. And I’m so happy and proud. It took 3 hours and at the end it got really painful, but it was worth it.

TL;DR: I really like Attack on Titan (regardless of the development of the manga) because it gave me back my will to live. I love and admire Erwin so I wanted to honour him. [The background below the Wings of Freedom will get lighter after it’s healed]

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3rd job LP without his upper clothes while posing cool-y as if nothing is missing in his attire? 😎


he still has his upper clothes tho

Techienician!AU comic book artist/ Tattoo artist 

Matt just got a new job working on the star wars comic and to celebrate he goes to get a Tattoo. He doesn’t expect his artist to be so cute.

  • Me: *has no money*
  • Me: what about a new tattoo though

My freehanded charcoal drawings of Harry because whipped

They act like everybody has sleeves and really big tattoos and that you shouldn’t get them because it would make you look bad. But in reality, if a tattoo is done right, they’re actually really beautiful and elegant, if you want them to be. And you should never let anybody control the way you want your body to look like.
—  When I saw this ad about ‘standing out’ and never getting tattoos to ‘make a statement’.