Pocket Watch in Black&Grey
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tattooeyes replied to your post “I was getting sick of my Buffy Awesome Con post and was hoping it…”

that sounds super sucky :( idk what the post says really but reading that very first bit on the pic it sounds like you had a valid point

Yeah, the time when it was popular was not the best, lol.  Though fortunately it’s only gotten 20 notes since that screencap so maybe it was a false alarm and it can stay a past thing.

And regarding the original post, thanks.  If you want to read the whole thing (it’s not much longer than that) the OP’s here.  If I made the post again I probably would’ve discussed more of the issues surrounding that phenomenon, but all of the people yelling at me were ridiculous and it had nothing to do with how I’d change it now.  I mean honestly the post’s creation was basically my own personal venting that got circulated everywhere, so that was never going to end well lol.

tattooeyes replied to your post: well, it finally happened.after watchi…

is this your first time on the CM train? spoilers the show goes from AMAZING to upsettlingly-stop-watching-the-show-even-tho-there’s-new-seasons bad. have fun tho! sorry about ur dream

it is! my sister and parents have been watching it for years, I needed a new tv show and Netflix has it, soooooo yeah :P 

I’ve just entered “JJ is pregnant” and while I’m thrilled they didn’t fire an actress for choosing to have a kid, I am beyond less than pleased at the guy they chose to pick up that end of the storyline. WHY THE GUY WITH THE WORST FAKE ACCENT WHO CAN’T ACT HIS WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG. GROSS GROSS GROSSGROSSGROSS. 

ahem. I assume I’m skirting close to this line of terrible seasons?