Times: “Do you have any tattoos?”

Peter Tork: “Nope. And no pierced ears either. I don’t know why.”

Times: “What about the other Monkees?”

Tork: “After Micky’s mother died three or four years ago, he got a great big old-fashioned tattoo that says "Mom” on his bicep. (laughs) Micky is a wonder in some ways. He has a totally conventional, completely trailer trash, biker quality of sophistication and it’s completely heartfelt. It’s ironic and heartfelt, both. It’s Micky’s special gift.
—  Peter Tork on Micky Dolenz. St. Petersburg Times, June 2000.

I have zero tolerance for those who give me shit for doing things to my own body

“Wtf you dyed/ cut your hair. You should get in trouble bc you didn’t ask.”

FYI my grandma promotes my tattooing. She thinks it’s great and a fun thing to practice. My whole family actually WANTS me to become a tattoo artist. My mom helps me design future tattoos for myself. Anon or not, you tell me to stop again and I’m blocking you. I don’t want to hear it.