My mom always said that someone will have to fall in love with the liars, the cheaters, the alcoholics.. But what she said to me was “it doesn’t have to be you.” Now here I am. In love with a cheater, in love with a liar, in love with an alcoholic, in love with you.
—  Sarah el
The signs as tattoos they'd get

Aries- tribal tattoos
Taurus: mom heart tattoos
Gemini- tattoos of anything you’d find in a meadow
Cancer- song lyric tattoos
Leo- whatever they find pretty
Virgo- ankle tattoos
Libra- infinity sign tattoos or just something “deep”
Scorpio- mantra tattoos
Sagittarius- testament tattoos to loved childhood fiction characters
Capricorn- capricorns wouldn’t get tattoos
Aquarius- philosophy quote tattoos
Pisces- astronomy tattoos

emmy-award asked:

Do any of your other followers have advice about getting a tattoo? My mom's letting me, but she thinks I won't be able to tolerate the pain, or sit still because I'm so jumpy.

JUST DO IT. Think twice about the design. You could take something for the pain. Or use something local for numbing your skin? Ice? Idk if that interferes with the inking. Also, there are some areas that are less sensitive than others. Aaand warn your tattoo artist for any spasm. Thats all i can think about right now as i’m falling asleep. Let me know if you do it!