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it depends on your pain tolerance and if you get both nipples done in one go or not. i had both done at the same time and the adrenaline wore off after the first one. it was a solid 9/10 on that second nipple but the first was maybe a 5 or 6. Even with two tattoos on my ribs my nips are my bar for pain. that being said it was super duper worth it because now I'm in love with my boobs.

🙄 i am pressed omg

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Is it true getting a rib tattoo hurts like hell? I plan on getting one, but I'm not sure I can deal with the pain

Yes it’s very true. I would say if your pain tolerance is like a 1-5/6 on a ten scale it would be best to avoid your ribs, feet, finger/ hands, as those tend to be the places i see bother people most. If it’s your first then for sure avoid it! 

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Can you do a prompt where Yoongi has a sleeve and one in the rib tattoo so Tae decides to get a tattoo, so he ends up getting a wrist one that says " Min Yoongi" Thanks ♡

Light peaks through white curtains, sunshine teases pale skin filled with ink, and Taehyung lets a hum fall from his lips. It’s still early and the windows are open to welcome the cheerful singing of  birds as they signal the start of a new day but the boy with lavender hair can’t bear to wake the sleeping man next to him. 

In the eyes of Kim Taehyung, Min Yoongi was a masterpiece. The two had met back in Daegu when Taehyung was fourteen and Yoongi seventeen, the oldest of the two had bright mint hair and half his right arm covered in dark reds and blues painting pictures of suns and seas that told stories of a boy with too many dreams, Taehyung had a home made out of his heart waiting for Yoongi to fill. The two had bonded over their mutual love for art and six years later they were boarding a plane headed for New York ready to start a new future.

“Hm that tickles.” 

Yoongi’s voice is raspy with sleep and his eyes remain shut but still he smiles as he feels his lover’s fingers trace the black and pink lines that draw out the dahlias filling his ribs. 

“I think i want you to tattoo me today.” 

A dark brown eye is open as an eyebrow raises in wonder and Taehyung giggles at how cute his boyfriend looks when he’s confused. Taehyung shifts so he’s laying half on Yoongi with their chest pressing together and he let’s one hand lead Yoongi’s fingers to his wrist.

“Min Yoongi, right here, in cursive with ruby colored ink. What do you think?” 

There’s a chuckle and Taehyung swears his stomach erupts with butterflies at the sound, Yoongi really was cute in the morning. Fingers trace the unmarked skin almost as if they are already drawing out the design and Taehyung shivers pleasantly at the warm sensation. 

“Okay but don’t think you’ll get a discount just because you’re dating the artist.” 

(I hope you like it i love tattooed taegi request and i wanted to make this fluffy)

&& character stats !!

bit of a mix of several ready-established stats frameworks, but mostly this one.


  • full name: freya willow hart.
  • nicknames: frey.
  • age / dob: twenty six / 20th april 1990.
  • hometown: cardiff, wales.
  • current location: brighton, england.
  • ethnicity: white.
  • nationality: welsh.
  • gender: female.
  • pronouns: she/her.
  • orientation: homosexual homoromantic. 
  • religion: raised christian, doesn’t practice. 
  • occupation: waitress.
  • living situation: shared flat.
  • voice: welsh accent, so therefore she speaks somewhat slowly and put emphasis on certain syllables, but her voice is soft, usually calm sounding. 

physical appearance;;

  • faceclaim: dianna agron.
  • hair colour: blonde.
  • eye colour: green.
  • height: 5′6′’
  • weight: about nine and a half stone.
  • build: slim.
  • tattoos: ankle, ribs, wants maybe a couple more.
  • piercings: earlobes twice one each ear.
  • distinguishing features: smile, eyes.

health ;;

  • allergies: penicillin.
  • sleeping habits: gets a recent amount of sleep regularly, at least six hours. sometimes ten on a good day. 
  • eating habits: she has a massive sweet tooth so her habits aren’t great, but they aren’t terrible. could be better, could be worse.
  • exercise habits: not a massive fan, but she does like to swim and ride her bike, but that’s mostly out of enjoyment more than anything. 
  • addictions: n/a.
  • alcohol use: she has a healthy relationship with alcohol, nothing to worry about it.
  • drug use: nope, not really.

personality ;;

  • positive traits: maternal, kind, understand, open-minded. 
  • negative traits: worrier, unmotivated, sensitive, over-emotional.
  • habits: fiddling, laughing with shoulders, gesturing. 


  • father: aled hart.
  • mother: gweneth hart ( nee williams )
  • siblings: two, olivia and wilson.
  • children: n/a.
  • pets: n/a.


  • zodiac: taurus. 
  • mbti: enfj-t
  • hogwarts house: hufflepuff. through and through. 

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Oh I have a question! I'm getting two tattoos one on my rib and one on my inner bicep area. I know pain tolerance varies from person to person, but how painful was it from a scale 1-10?

Hmmmmm – well to be completely honest, I was sleeping majority of the time I got my inner bicep done; so I’d say the pain for me in that area was like a 4 – but I haven’t finished that spot all the way yet so some areas are a little more tender of course. Also I don’t have my side done yet so I’m not sure about that! It’s all about your own personal pain tolerance really.

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Wait! 24 and 51 seem important too. ^_^

24: is there a certain quote you live by?
“Bear patiently my heart, for you have suffered heavier things” from the Iliad. I have it tattooed on my ribs

51: do you know anyone who hates shopping?
Its me. I hate shopping

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I have a tattoo on my my ribs on side/back and it says "I'll keep you wild" and my cousin who I've always been super close with growing up has "I'll keep you safe" to finish the quote and I just love it because to me it shows we'll always be there to have fun and to help each other


I want you to hurt like I do

Whatever happened to “I’m going to do everything in my power to make this work and to make you happy”? Whatever happened to “when we get married, we’ll…”? How do you claim to love someone so much, and know they’re madly in love with you, yet deceive them for so long, pretending to have intentions and feelings that you don’t have? Where is the love in that? How could you do something so cruel, so heartless, so inconsiderate, to someone you claim to love? How can you live with yourself, talking about children and rings and matching rib tattoos and a house in the Carolinas when you know you’re about to end it? I’ll never understand the selfishness, the immaturity, the sheer stupidity it takes to give up a beautiful, special, unique person who loves you more than you can even fathom, to all of a sudden tell them you don’t want a life with them anymore. I don’t understand what makes me such a burden, such a colossal waste of time. I don’t understand how giving up your closest, most special friend and confidant makes your life better or easier, regardless of what you’re dealing with outside that relationship. Or maybe I was never that special to you in the first place. Sometimes it seemed like I was, and others I played second fiddle to a whole seemingly endless host of other people. I hope you don’t sleep for weeks. I hope you hurt fifteen times as much as I do, and I hope you never forgive yourself for acting so despicably to someone who has loved you, only and always you, for over a year, who has borne your burdens when you couldn’t alone, who has put more time and effort into that relationship than anything else this year, who has loved you and loved you and loved you, when you were distant, when you were tired, when you were an outright asshole. I will never understand why I let myself waste a year of my life on you, why I believed you could grow up and change, why I let myself love you again. But this I understand all too well: I deserve ten times the man you have proven to be. I deserve someone who recognizes that I am not a burden, who truly believes that their life is better with me than without me, who respects me and values me for the intelligent, affectionate, independent, empathetic, powerful woman I am.