tattooed ribs

F(x) reaction to finding your secret tattoos

Another f(x) reaction requested by the same sweet anonie! Here’s this one to all of you! For now I’d looove to get some reaction requests, I have a 2NE1 one going on & then I have some scenarios (but I need inspiration to write those and i’m really not feeling it right now hahah)!

Victoria: “What are those?” you’d hear a sweet, curious voice say behind you as you changed your top. “I’ve never noticed them” she said coming closer. “Well it’s only been three months, Vic, I get it” you said smiling. You lift up your shirt to show her your side. She looked down to see the three small Chinese signs tattooed under your ribs. “They’re in chinese. I knew you were meant for me” she smiled at you.

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Amber: “BABE” she’d yell out as you pulled your hair up “Are those tattoos?” Amber would run to you like a excited child and push your hair out of the way, to reveal your small flying birds tattooed on your neck. “I want ones like these!” You’d turn to face her and smile at her excited reaction. “You’re too cute” you’d smile at her.

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Luna: “OMO what’s that black on your leg, Y/N?” she’d almost yell as you walked out in a skirt. “It’s these small tattoos I took like ages ago. You like them?” you’d ask turning your back to her and showing off your ankle. Luna would stare at you, almost shocked. As you turned to face her, you saw her shocked expression. “No, no, they’re nice jagi. I just didn’t think you were one to like tattoos.” You’d laugh and kiss her, just to calm her mind.

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Krystal: She woke up beside you and opened her eyes, just to see your back. “Jagi.” she’d shake you awake. “What” you’d mumble. “Is that a actual tattoo on your back? When did you get that?” You’d turn to face her and smile a bit embarrassed. “Last week, when you were on tour. I haven’t told anyone yet.” She’d kiss your forehead and smile a bit cheekily. “Don’t worry, your secrets safe with me. And it looks good, trust me”

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