tattooed wrists


Poly Hamilsquad x Reader






You counted the number of soulmate tattoos that adorned your wrist. Small ones, they werent very showy and elaborate.

Polyamorus soulmates were rare, but they did come up. However, you hadn’t heard of anyone having 4 soulmates since the revolutionary war era.

Yet here you were. Four soulmate tattoos settled on the skin of your right wrist. They each had a special meaning from your soulmate.

One was a quill, another a sword. The third was a spool of thread and the fourth was a pistol.

Whoever these people were, they seemed like quite the bunch. You were very eager to meet them. You wondered what your tattoo was on their wrists.

Maybe some headphones or a music note. That was what a lot of people suggested. It made sense, you had been into music and theater since you were a child.

Speaking of which, you needed to get off to play practice. You would have to worry about it later.

Today was the first day of rehearsal for the new play that you would be staring in.



“Hey there Herc,” the stage manager called as the tailor entered the building.

“What’s up?” Hercules replied as he set down his bag at his sewing station. He was the costume designer for the new production at the theater in his local town.

“The actress playing Heather McNamara got here today. You can take her measurements whenever.”

Hercules nodded and grabbed his notebook.

“Do you know where I can find her?”

“Out in the lobby, warming up. She’s a little standoffish, but I think she’ll be nice. Good luck.”

The stage manager walked away and Hercules grabbed his notebook and measuring tape. He wandered out into the lobby trying to look for this new chick.

Suddenly, a burning sensation was felt on his right wrist. When he looked down he noticed that one of his soulmate tattoos was glowing. The treble clef tattoo.

He shot his head up, scouring the lobby to see if anyone else was experiencing the same situation as he was. They had to be around here somewhere!

Then he noticed a girl sitting on the ground near the drinking fountains, staring at her wrist in shock. Her head shot up and their eyes met with Herc’s.

“Wow,” Hercules breathed.

“Wow to you too,” she breathed back.

Hercules extended a hand helped his soulmate up. Well, one of his soulmates.

The two of them stood their staring at eachother before Herc shot his hand out.

“Hi, I’m Hercules Mulligan. But you can call me Herc.”

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

Neither of them knew what to say otherwise.

“Well,” Y/N laughed nervously. “One down and three to go I guess.”


“John!” Lafayette called as he ran into the bedroom that he shared with one of his soulmates. The only one that he actually knew about though. They still had three more to find.

“What’s up?” John asked as he looked up from his book.

“I got us tickets to go see Heather’s when it opens at the nearby theater!”


Lafayette jumped up onto the bed and curled into John’s side.

“It’ll be the perfect night out.”

“It definitely will be,” John replied, giving Laf a small kiss on the lips.

“In two months.”


“Will I always be alone? My family gone, my soulmates nowhere to be found? Am I destined for a life of loneliness?” a sleep deprived writer sobbed softly at his desk.

“Don’t worry son. You’ll find them eventually,” an older gentleman told his young prodigy.

The man sniffled and lifted his head.

“Don’t call me son.”


“Are you ready cupcake?” Hercules asked Y/N as he made last minute fixes to her costume.

“I guess,” she replied, tugging the skirt down a little bit. She bit her lip, betraying her nervousness.

“You’re going to do great. I believe in you,” Hercules said, pressing a kiss to his soulmate’s cheek.

“Thank you Herc. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


“LET’S GO!” Lafayette yelled as he ran down the street towards the theater.

John chuckled. He watched his soulmate run away in excitement. Today was the first date that they had been on in a while.

And while they enjoyed each other’s presence while on these dates, there was always the hole where three other people were supposed to be. They couldn’t wait until they found their other significant others.

“I love you Lafayette.”

“I love you too John.”


“Have fun tonight!” Martha called to Alex as he walked out the front door.

He gave his mother figure a wave as he left to go to the theater. He was told to write an article about the opening of Heathers.

He sighed and made his way down the street. He glanced at the tattoos that adorned his wrists.

What he wouldn’t give to be able to go with someone else at this time. He didn’t think he’d ever been so lonely.


“That’s my girl!” Herc cheered from backstage as he watched Y/N take a bow.

As the curtains closed she ran over to him and jumped into his arms.

“You were amazing!” Hercules told her as he spun around. “Alright, now we gotta go to the lobby and greet everyone who came.”  

Y/N nodded and they walked out hand in hand.

As they were meeting everyone that came to the production, the rest of Y/N and Hercule’s tattoos began to glow.

They were all in the same room.

Both Y/N and Hercules rushed into the crowd looking for their soulmates.

They had to be here somewhere.

Y/N turned towards a young man behind her and noticed him staring at his wrist. Two more young men came rushing towards the already gathered trio, their wrists were glowing as well.

“Holy shit,” the freckled one said, looking at the group. The glowing of the tattoos started to go down.

“I found you guys. Oh my god, you guys… I’ve found you.”

Y/N, looked at the group, the love on everyone’s faces as they took everything in.

A smile crossed her face.

“I love you guys.”

They all looked back at her.

“We love you too.”

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