tattooed tinker

Tink: “Because I’ve been over it a million times and that spell worked. You never went in. It’s the only explanation. Why couldn’t you just go through that door and meet your soulmate? Was being happy such a terrible fate?”

Regina: “Yes. Yes, it was. You’re right. I never went in. I was afraid.”

Tinker Bell: “Did you ever go back and find him? The man with the lion tattoo?

Regina: “No.”

Tinker Bell: “Unreal. Do you know how selfish that is?”

This dialogue is from ‘Quite a Common Fairy’ in Neverland when Tink and Regina meet again for the first time since the pixie dust incident. It’s clear that Tink definitely didn’t know that Regina didn’t go into the tavern in this episode.

But then ‘Page 23′ airs and shows Tink meet up with Regina in the past many years before the Neverland scene, and Tink somehow knows Regina didn’t go into the tavern!?

It’s almost as if these writers don’t read over their past scripts…or care anymore.