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ok listen so I absolutely love your sketch of the wolf with the "your anxiety thinks it's protecting you" and I was wondering how you felt about ppl getting tattoos of your work? like totally chill if that's a no!!

Hey thanks so much! I have no problem whatsoever with people getting tattoos of my work–it’s super flattering, haha. If you do end up getting it tatted, send me a photo sometime so I can check it out! Here’s a copy of my original black-and-white lines, if it’s helpful to see them more clearly: 


i can’t believe dan smith thought it was weird and embarrassing for him to love his own album cover,,,dude u r allowed to be proud of ur work man ur allowed to like ur stuff stop worrying me w ur self loathing modesty

some Ave Rat kid just said “what is that, your grandmas house or something?” about my arm house tattoo in a nasty tone (chill bro you have a hatchet man tattoo on your NECK you have no room to speak about other ppls tattoos) and I said “NO BUT THIS ONE IS MY GRANDMAS HOUSE!!!!” and pointed to my thigh piece and his “insult” (y would that be something to make fun of me for idk) backfired and it was very funny

friendly reminder that islam is toxic

its so hard to not become a misandrist when your dad is a muslim. i hate my father’s convictions so much. i just want to scream in his face, sit the fuck down youre not my fucking king. you will not marry me off to a man like you, to a muslim monster. nor do you have the right to do that. men get no say in who their adult daughters marry. men are not superior to women. men in a family are no more important than their wives. men are not the fucking supreme authority of their family. useless segregation of the sexes is fucking stupid. us girls and women have the right to go wherever we damn please without the permission of male relatives. who gets to see our beauty is up for us to decide, not you. YOU muslim men are stupid and backwards minded, not the western world. ppl wearing bikinis at the beach is not fucking “macabre” you idiot prude. god muslim culture is a crock of shit, someone pls make it disappear before it infests western societies any further. i cant wait to leave this family, go wherever i want whenever i want, dress how i want, talk with whoever i want however i want, play whatever instruments i want, cut my hair however i want, get a ton of tattoos, date ppl, be my “kafir whore” self in peace, and not see my idiot fathers ugly misogynistic face for as long as i live. fuck islam, seriously fuck it.

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wait ur school expels students with visible tattoos?? at our school we had a page for ppl's tattoos and the stories behind them in the yearbook so like. that's weird

our school tells us to cover them, if we can’t or if we don’t, ISS, if we still don’t, we’re suspended, if they see them for a third time? well, expulsion.

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can u explain? do ppl with tattoos get in trouble with the army or how? will it be a problem for jonghyun? will ppl criticizing him? pls explain im very worried

no. tattoos, as a whole, aren’t accepted completely into culture in south korea but it’s like that in a lot of places. they’ve become more accepted and common over the last decade or so. he won’t get in trouble for having them; like i said to another anon last night: there’s been multiple male celebrities who’ve gotten a variety of tattoos who enlisted into the military without any problems. if people are using that as a reason to criticize jonghyun’s tattoos they’re either doing so because they’re uninformed on the topic or they want a reason to complain. 

there’s no problem with him having tattoos and, frankly, people are making it out to be an issue when it isn’t one at all. jonghyun is obviously happy to have gotten them and they each mean something to him and i’m ecstatic for him. hell, even if he’d gotten a tattoo of a pokeball or something i’d be thrilled for him because it’s his body and he can choose to do whatever he wants to with it. if people don’t like tattoos …, that’s fine but there’s really no need to go on a rant about him having them or go out of the way to saying something like: “i don’t like tattoos but i’ll have to try and accept him having them” or “i don’t like tattoos but i’ll learn to deal with it” for obvious reasoning.

anyway. i hope he continues getting them if that’s what he wants.