tattooed person


So this happened today! It turned out so beautifully. It’s only the first part, I’m coming in next month again for the other flower.and leaves. It was so intense, took about three hours. Hurt like a bugger towards the end but I pulled through! I can’t wait to get this finished 🌻 💛

And turns out, my artist likes Lord of the Rings too!

He already has four tattoos on his left arm, two of which he needed permission from his parents to have done because he was too young to give consent. The first is on his wrist and reads ‘SCP 63’, a tribute to his grandfather, Stephen Clifford Patrick, who wore No. 63 in his 13 years with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and won four Grey Cups before becoming a member of the provincial legislature in Manitoba. Moving up the arm, there is a simple 'C’ on Patrick’s forearm because his grandfather called him Charlie. Then there’s a replica of a schooner that is in a picture in his home in Winnipeg, and the fourth on the inside of his bicep is three flowers, one each for his mother, Carrie, and his hockey-playing sisters Madison and Aimee"
—  The Hockey News, Ken Campbell on Nolan’s tattoos