tattooed frog

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Bestfriend/Room mate! Michael Imagine

this is for hectichoods and okbutluke ‘s BestFriend!5SOS blurb night. once agin, sorry it isn’t very good xx

It was your day off and you’d had plans with Michael, your roommate, and best friend, to just hang out and watch movies all day, probably order a ton of pizza and just eat a whole load of junk food, but he’d been called into work early that morning, and you didn’t know what to do. You didn’t want to waste the day and you’d just been paid so you thought you’d go and half a walk around the shops and stuff and maybe buy yourself a new book.

You prefer to carry cash because you’re less likely to spend more if you have cash, so the first thing you did was get money out. After walking around for about an hour, having a coffee, looking at books and movies but not buying anything, because none of them really caught your eye, you were about ready to go home and just sleep for the rest of the day, until you walked passed a tattoo shop. One you were very familiar with. You only had about four tattoos but you’d go into the shop all the time with Mikey, he was friends with Calum, one of the artists, who had done all of you tattoos so far.

“Hey, Cal! Got anything I might like drawn up?” you’d made the split second decision to get a new tattoo.  

“Y/N! It’s been a while, I thought you’d probably forgotten about me and started going somewhere else!” Calum joked, but you could tell he was being somewhat serious, it’d been months since your last tattoo and at least a couple of weeks since you’d been in the shop.

“No, of course not! Just haven’t really had much time, which sucks, I would get tattooed everyday if I could, you know that,” you laughed, and sat down and talked to Calum for the next hour about everything from how the weathers been, to, difficult customers he’s had who wanted to change his design every time he drew something up for them until you brought up the topic of another tattoo for you.

“So, do you have anything drawn up, like, anything, cute animals or anything?” you asked, eagerly, now wanting nothing more than to get a new tattoo.

“yeah, I think I’ve got something you might like, have a flip through the book and tell me which one you want so I get set up for you,” he said handing me his folder of designs. You saw the one you wanted as soon as you opened the book.

“That one,” you pointed at the page enthusiastically. He laughed and started getting the colours out that he needed before starting the tattoo.


It had only taken just over an hour for Calum to finish your tattoo, but when you got home you saw that Michael was already there. He must have finished early. You had wanted to get home and take to cover off and wash your new tattoo before Michael got home, but it looked like that wasn’t how it was going to work out.

“Honey, I’m home!” you called out as you walked through door before giggling at how dorky you were being, dropping your keys by the door and walking through to the lounge room where you could hear Michael playing some video game.

“Y/N! Where were you? I got home ready for our movie day and you weren’t even here,” he pouted as you dropped onto the couch next to him, you laughed at how ridiculous he looked with his over exaggerated sad look.

“I decided to get out of the house for a bit because you ditched me this morning,” you said, with an even more over exaggerated pout than the one Michael did. He paused his game and pulled you into a tight hug, laughing, and apologising at the same time, making his voice sound breathy and light.

“So, what did you do in town? Did you buy anything?” Michael was still hugging you, and you hoped he would never let go, you love his hugs, always tight, and always comforting.

“Nah, I went and saw Cal though. He said he’d thought I’d replaced him,” you laughed, before remembering you should probably get you tattoo uncovered and cleaned, you tried to pry yourself out of Michaels grip, but he just hug you tighter, you didn’t want to say you had to sort out your tattoo because he hadn’t even seen that you got one yet and you wanted to see how long it would take to figure it out. It would be a bit obvious if you still had the cover on it.

“Mikey let go, I have to pee,” you whined, trying again to pry yourself out of his grip. However, this time he reluctantly let you go and you got up and raced to the bathroom before he could see the blue paper and masking tape on your arm.

It was about five minutes before you’d gone back down stairs, once you got the water warm and cleaned it with a bit of soap and dried it, and found the cream to put on it in about an hour or so, once it was dried out a bit.

“I thought you might have fallen in,” Michael laughed once you’d got down the stairs, you glared at him jokingly before walking into to kitchen. You hadn’t eaten anything all day, and by now you were starving.

“Mikey, did you want something for lunch?” you called out, but didn’t get a response, so you went to call out again when he spoke from directly behind you,

“Don’t make anything Y/N, I already ordered pizza,” you spun around a smacked him on the arm for giving you such a fright. He knows you get scared easily.

“I hate you. Did you get pepperoni?” He laughed at your response, and hugged you tight, as a way of saying sorry.

“Of course I got pepperoni. Who do you think I am? some weirdo who doesn’t know what pizza their best friend eats?” he picked you up, you protested, and he carried you back into the lounge room and dropped you on the couch before turning around and fiddling with the DVD player.

“What are we watching?” you asked, sitting up so there would be room for him to sit when he was done putting the movie on.

“The nightmare before Christmas,” he mumbled while trying to find the remote so he could turn on the surround sound.

“Yay!” you jumped up and ran upstairs to change into some more comfy clothes and grab your Jack Skellington.  Running back downstairs you ran into him as he went the door to get the pizza, and you nearly fell, when he caught you by the arms you winced, and he looked worried.

“Sorry, did I hurt you?” he rushed before examining both of your arms. When he saw the new tattoo, he stopped.

“Did you get this today?” he asked, looking kind of hurt. Maybe you should have just told him.

“Yeah,” you mumbled, looking at the floor, you felt bad for not telling him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I wanted to see how long it would take for you to notice. It wasn’t very long,” you said, giggling a bit at the end. He smiled then, like hearing you giggle made him smile. It was cute, and kind of heart-warming. The doorbell rang.

“Shit, the pizza!” Michael exclaimed while running to the door. You could faintly hear him talking to the delivery guy while you walked back into the lounge room and flopped onto the couch, cuddling your jack toy while humming the tune on the start screen of the movie. Michael walked back in with the pizza and shifted your legs with one arm and sat on the couch next to you. He grabbed your arm and examined the new tattoo. It was a frog chasing a butterfly.

“It’s so cute. Do you think Cal will let me get it too? Then we can be matching!” Michael looked at you with a gleam in his eyes before pulling you up so you were sitting against him. It would be kind of cute to have best friend tattoos.