tattooed comic guy


Montreal-born Harley Morenstein hosts of one of those online cooking shows watched by guys who think ‘liking bacon’ is a character trait. Apparently he liked this drawing by local artist Dan Buller SO much, he removed the signaure before posting it on both Instagram and Facebook. SO much! He had to make it HIS! Now that’s dedication. (Dan Buller)

ETA Put the original up there, too, so it’s clear that this wasn’t just (’just’) a crop job, an innocent mistake (twice over). It was erased intentionally. For love. And let’s say he didn’t do it, someone else did. It takes about two seconds to search by image. It’s 2015. We have the technology. It is almost literally the least you can do, if you claim to like something (so much you might want to, huh, know who created it) and are using it to prop up your brand.

ETA2 You can now buy merch featuring this great, original drawing on Society6. See? See how easy it is to spread the love? When you care a single ounce about supporting creators? (Society6)


Birthday tattoo party! Mom got a “karma” tattoo. I opted to start a back piece based on the Ming Doyle Jason Todd commission I recently got. (Can’t wait to finish it up!) And I even got a little bday gift from my friend and artist, Charlotta Brunson (Tattoo Charlie’s Lexington). Great to spend my day in good company!