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Hi! I'm not so good in English but.... I choose this tattoo because klaine is an important part of me and Chris and Darren too. I needed to tattoo it in me some way. They're part of my life and I'll always support them. I've chosen not to be a "standard" fan, I've chosen to be a fan who do research before talk about something. I'm with them, even when I'm not ok about some of their choices, but is their life. My tattoo reflect the fact that I'm with them (and about klaine, obviously)

Thank you @najincolfer-criss for the first submission to add some sunshine and light to our fandom.  There are no words to express how much I love your tattoo. And truly my favorite 4+ minutes of TV was the Klaine Proposal:

I think that my soul knew something that my body and my mind didn’t know yet. It knew that our hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever. Which is why it’s never really felt like I’ve been getting to know you. It’s always felt like I was remembering you from something.

This proposal truly was a gift to the Klaine fandom. 

But I think we here in CC land can take the phrase “Fearlessly and Forever” and apply it to Darren and Chris. I know it is so easy to get caught up in the minutia, the day to day. We get mad and frustrated and angry. We aren’t afraid to let it be known when we don’t agree with an action or stunt.  

And I think its easy to forget something that is so vital and important.

Darren and Chris have chosen to be with each other, despite their adversaries, which are many. Despite what they have been advised. Despite the games that have been played with their lives. Despite the people who surround them. 

And I think that is brave.  I think that is fearless. Maybe not in a traditional sense. Of course there is fear in the every day. There is fear of what may happen.  There is fear of reactions.  there is fear of rejection.

But they are absolutely sure of their love. They are standing together fearlessly and forever. And no one, no matter how hard they try, is going to tear them down.  And I think that is extraordinary.

And that is why we are here, supporting them, standing by them, and seeing them through this until the end.

Darren & Chris. Fearlessly & Forever.

Fic: On My Heart

My own personal tattoo!Klaine headcanon leapt out at me and demanded to be written. What could I do? 

~1100 words of feelsy fluff.

Kurt looked up from his pint of ice cream when the door to the loft rattled open, smiling when his fiance was on the other side. “Hey, B! You’re just in time for a marathon of Dance Moms with me!” he said, waving his spoon in greeting.

“Oh, awesome!” Blaine chirped, carefully setting his messenger bag on the ground before walking over to Kurt. He plopped down and snuggled into Kurt’s side, opening his mouth to accept the spoonful of cookie dough goodness Kurt offered him. “Mind if I show you the surprise I have for you first?”

“Ooooh, a surprise? Do tell,” Kurt said, straightening up as his interest piqued.

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Let’s see if I can remember how this went.

My son went up first. This is monumental because he has autism and two years ago when we saw Chris, he wasn’t really able to talk to him himself.

Seth gave Chris a dog that we had put together for him (it’s a build a bear golden retriever dressed like Peter Pan in honor of Cooper and “Old Dog, New Tricks”). Chris said, I’ll snuggle with him tonight. Seth was wearing a Grumpy Cat “This is my poker face” souvenir t-shirt we got for him in Vegas two weeks ago and Chris commented on that too. And Seth was also able to tell Chris his name (which Seth reminded me didn’t happen last time so this is good).

Then it was my turn and we were all Hi, how are you, fine, and that jazz. Alla spots my tattoo and asks, is that real? (My tattoo is of the Klaine “Courage” locker pic thing and it is so well done that even the other tattoo artists at the place where I got it done asked if it was painted on). I said yes, and Chris said that he’s actually seen a lot of the same one lately. I said, Here I thought I was being original, and then here’s where my dumbass word vomit kicks in - I held out my other arm and showed him my new tattoo and said, I bet you haven’t seen anyone else with this one (FFS *smh* I’m an idiot). He’s like no, that’s so cool, etc. Alla actually TOOK A PIC of my (Courage) tattoo, so there is that.Then there were mutual thanks given and I was done!

I was unable to get my own pics of me with Chris, but I have been informed by chillarrens that she got some of me and she is now my new best friend (THANK YOU *MWAH*). I did, however, manage to sneak a pic of my son with him (and it is BAD but it is something) - the security guy wasn’t looking at me or he would’ve flipped, but the girl at the front of the line I KNOW saw but didn’t say anything, which is great because really, that’s my son up there. I needed to have a moment of him a) with one of my favorite celebrities and b) interacting with him BY HIMSELF without guidance from me (which is SO amazing - those of you with autistic kids/family members can totally understand), so I’m grateful of that.

What a great night!

based off of the manips of tattooed Klaine going around. and because i couldn’t resist writing a drabble even though i know its complete shit. also i’m sorry if i come off as not knowing anything about tattoos, but my information is all coming from LA ink, Miami ink, New York ink etc,

“What do you want to get?”

It’s a question he’s been asked more than once and a question he’s asked various times as well. What can he say it comes with the job. A job Kurt loves, despite never really picturing himself doing it back when he was a child. He’s always been artistic, but he never imagined his talent would turn with him becoming a tattoo artist. A highly sought after tattoo artist. 

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OMG the coments on that article from bitter Klaine stans are hilarious.

“It’s funny because when people get tattoos of quotes from his book/movie he loves it (or so he apparently tells them) so why the big issues with Klaine tattoos? Is he implying that in 50 years people will still care about his books? Talk about loving yourself. “

“50 years from now and he’s still going to be bitter that people care about Klaine and not just Kurt. Get over yourself dude. “

“Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! I’m sorry this guys a jerk! He better be happy he was part of a popular power couple at all because with that face and that holier than thou attitude, it ain’t happening again! “

Little they know Kurt was ALREADY a GROUNDBREAKING role model prior to Blaine. In fact, most of the material from which Chris is best remembered are non-related Klaine scenes.