The dagger symbolizes justice, war and death. A popular location for this tattoo is on the forearms of military personnel. In ancient times the dagger was the last line of defense, after guns, swords and heavy weapons this tool was the last resort before the final surrender. The dagger symbolizes a warrior ready for anything, ready to fight to the last breath.

The rose tattoo is quite simply a classic design with a simple meaning, love true.

Do you think Louis bought that shirt one day and when he put it on one morning Harry walked into the room and gasped jokingly and pointed at his rose tattoo and was like oh my god Louis pointing back and forth giggling and Louis just rolled his eyes but laughing too and Harry told him it was cute and Louis just told him he was cuter

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can you believe louis is always seeing posted of the 31daysoflarry and he just told us his favourite matching tattoo is the rose and dagger. my mind was blowed away.

i’m cryin

someone: hey louis people are saying that the rose on your shirt was in reference to harry and that you’re a larrie

louis: haha idk 😉where they’d get 😉😉😉 that silly idea i mean it’s just a rose 🌹🌹🌹 just because harry 😍😍😉😉 my mortal enemy 😍😉😉 has a rose tattoo doesn’t mean anything 😉😉 really [flexes left arm to show off dagger tattoo] it’s not like any of my tattoos 😉😉😉 go with his 😉😉😉 the dagger for instance 🗡🗡🗡 no idea why people would pair those two together 🌹🌹🌹🗡🗡🗡the rose and dagger or me and harry 😍😍😍it was just a selfie 😉😉😉 haha