on another note I was in the comic book shop 2day looking for motor crush and I overheard the guy at the till talking to the woman who owns the store about mother panic and young animal and he was like “yeah that gerard way guy is really something, he like curates the whole imprint, he was in a band I really like too” and I was suddenly Very Aware of my black parade shirt and feeling like a very fake comic fan who was only there because I was up Gerard’s ass even though 1) I was literally there for motor crush and 2) it was kinda true anyway, I am up Gerard’s ass
also this guy had a heavy metal t-shirt and tattoos on the side of his face


Women of color love to edge up our hair styles, I’ve been doing it for 40 years when all we had was Dippity-Do and Dax wax. That struggle was real, especially when your hair edges didn’t stand up to the basement, house dance. Memories.

Anywho, I created edges for some of my favorite hairstyles in the game to compliment them and make my sims even cuter, in my eyes. Hopefully they can be useful to your game too. :)

The Amira Edges are for all ages and genders, although I had females in mind for them. It has a full scalp and works for hairs with high hairlines, clay and alpha. 11 swatches, EA colors. Found in skin details for all, tattoos for adults and face paint for children and toddlers.

The Curl Up Edges are for all ages and genders and have a light scalp, found in the same places as the above details. 8 swatches, EA colors. Had the toddlers in mind when I did it but works well with other hairstyles, especially cornrows and braids. Both styles have a generic, custom thumbnail.

Enjoy! If you have problems, let me know. Thank you so much for the support I’ve received from the community, I really appreciate it. *HUGS*

All credits go to the multiple CC creators that inspire me to work on the edges, love you all to pieces. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.

Download: Sim File Share


3 months post op and loving my body more and more every day. Looking back at the stills from my first time shirtless at the beach I can feel the happiness radiating off of me.