Experts Warned This Burn Victim Not To Tattoo Her Face. The Result Changes Everything.
More and more people are getting tattooed nowadays, all for different reasons. But this girl was a burn victim who wanted to hide her scars with creative tattoo ideas but experts warned her against it… source This girl is the victim of a serious bullying attack. She was constantly bullied in school and one day...

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I had no idea you had tattoos! How do you feel about tattoos in healthcare professions? Do you feel that you get judged by them in professional settings? (by patients, attendings, peers etc) Unfortunately there's a lot of stigma surrounding tattoos and sometimes they are considered "unprofessional". I do want to get tattoos but I am afraid of what it will mean for my career, since I'm planning on going into a profession within healthcare...

All of my tattoos are in places that they are hidden by work clothes so I haven’t faced any stigma from it.

I know a lot of people with visible tattoos have faced trouble in the healthcare profession because of it. I hope that changes. My tattoos do not make me less able to be a doctor. They’re just a choice I made about my own body – no different from the socks I pick or my earrings.

If you want tattoos, I suggest, for the time being, to put them in places you would always have covered with scrubs or professional clothes so it’s a non-issue.

I think as tattooed doctors become more common in the next decade or so and people with out dated ideas leave the field this attitude will change.

So I’m going to put this here, because this is my cosplay blog.

This fella’s name is Thomas Blackcrest. He’s the only original character of mine that I have ever cosplayed.
Some facts about this weird, wacky little bundle of nuts: he’s perpetually childish, he’s half demon, he is unaware of his heritage, his personality flips back and forth between happy and small, and weird creepy, obviously-not-right-in-the-head homicidal. He has a lot of characteristics of a typical yandere character, except he doesn’t really get easily attached. He is a demon hunter because, like most all-human demon hunters in his world, he can see the monsters he hunts. This is attributed to demon-hunter lineage by his peers. He was left at a church when he was born and taken in by the pastor. He doesn’t age. The marks on his face are like tattoos, they don’t come off. Somehow, his colleagues don’t draw the connection between the white markings on demons and his black ones, even though they look slightly similar.

Aight, yeee, that’s it, I’ll just leave this here.

I just sent the most empowering text message of my young life im gonna frame that bad boy and hang it on my wall, im gonna write it out in lipstick on my mirror, im gonna tattoo it on my goddamn face