Mass Effect’s regression

Mass Effect 1, out of all the Mass Effect titles, has the most varying models for NPC’s. With each game, you see less and less (this goes for all Alien species in the games). By the time you get to Mass Effect 3, only one or two models exist and only vary through colour palette. Hanar, Elcor, Quarian, Vorcha and Volus dip out the most in terms of a unique model. But in Mass Effect 1, there were several very unique models for Aliens, especially the Salarians. Dr Saleon (last row, 3 across) to me was incredibly unique considering he has next to no screen time. Several models for Turians existed too (male only). Some had slight mandible and fringe changes (short, long, bent) as well as a more expansive colour variety and face tattoos. 

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, every Salarian is Kallo Jath’s model with a different colour or face paint slapped on top. Turians are all the same and all Asari have Dr Lexi’s face. Many features of the Salarian’s have been left out such as their upward blinking and large pupils and now they tower over Krogan.

Andromeda has less variation than Mass Effect 3, cruder animations and is just as glitchy as the first release of the first game. 

Connor’s Tattoos:

Black smiley face stick and poke on his lower back (basically a “tramp stamp”) -
Acquired on a Very Good Night with his friends in first year, he may have been drunk (he was very drunk)

Black stars behind his ear -
Second year, matches Zoe’s stars that are only black outlined

Greyscale mountain range on his shoulders -
Gotten his third year of college after being sober from drinking and smoking for one year

Greyscale anatomical heart on his chest-
Third year as well, done by a friend at a severely discounted price because they were trying to amp up their portfolio

Black pine tree on his forearm-
Gotten in fourth year to celebrate an anniversary
A certain someone may have gotten a tattoo of le petit prince to match…

anonymous asked:

WHERE ARE MY NARRIES @?????? we have truly falled and dispersed :*( the tattoo thing and that narry hug and smug harry face and all the beauty and jesus christ it is CLEARLY THE SUPERIOR ONE

BUT…………….HARRY’S THIGHS (AND THE JIGGLE) not to mention anaconda clunk

A while back I was agonizing over Dogma’s allergy situation, because I want it to be severe but also not disqualify him for JROTC. But literally just now it occurred to me that I’ve been giving Jesse his face/head tattoo when he’s on active duty, and that’s a no-no in the US military. So. Bets are off on the Earth of this AU, apparently. >v>;


Seventh tattoo! Took me three years since my last one to get it but it was worth the wait. The Raven Cycle became my favorite series last year. The story, the characters, the endless resources for memes… it makes me happy. @maggie-stiefvater and all the articles she writes, how she tells stories, really inspires me and meeting her at Hal-Con last year definitely helped my own writing and got me motivated again. Thank you for this quote and for putting Henry Cheng in book 4. I might be afraid of many things, but that isn’t going to stop me from being happy. (Tattoo done by Becky M)