Friends tell each other everything- be more chill (kinda michael/jeremy)

Micheal had an evil look on his face. “there is no. fucking way-“

“Look, shuddup, okay?”

“How can I?! I just found out that my best friend, of twelve years, i-“

Jeremy covered Michael’s grin with one hand, glaring as his face burned. He quickly pulled it back as it became wet with spit, yelping.

“What the hell, dude? Did you seriously just lick me? Are you ten?!”

“Don’t change the subject,” Micheal said, waving a hand.

“I wasn’t-“

“Seriously, bro, I’m hurt! I thought we told each other everything! We took a tattoo pact, remember?” He pulled his hoodie sleeve up to shove his Pac-Man tattoo in his friend’s face.

“Yeah, but you never even asked! Why would you want to know if I was t-ti- you know!”

Micheal snorted, a smirk on his face. “Oh my god, dude, you can’t even say it.”

“Shut up!”

Instead of answering, Michael seemed to lose patience in this banter. He crawled forward to where Jeremy perched on the edge of the beanbag.

“M- bro- what are you even- aaAAgh!”

Jeremy yelled as Michael suddenly pounced, pinning his legs against the floor with his weight and grabbing one of his wrists. The other flailed wildly as jeremy struggled, clamping his mouth shut so as to not let any more embarrassing noises escape. Micheal put on hand on Jeremy’s stomach, making him tense up.

“Michael, you’re acting like a kid, come oOn-“

“‘Come on’ ? dude, you really think I can let this go? This is payback! You lied to me!”

“I didn’t lie, you-“

Jeremy was cut off as Michael crawled one hand over his stomach, sending electric sensations down his spine. Oh, fuck. Jeremy squirmed.

Michael pulled the hand he was holding above Jeremy’s head, quickly using his free one to scribble into Jeremy’s prone underarm. And Jeremy shrieked.

“Holy shit, I knew you were ticklish-“

“Don’t- sahay it!”

“-but this is overkill!”

Jeremy didn’t answer, instead dissolving into giggles. He tried to worm away from his captor’s touch, but found himself weak from the tickles and just collapsed, squirming and losing his composure. It got even worse when Michael, seeing his weakened state, took away the hand holding Jeremy’s arm and used both to dig into his sides, pinching in a way that Jeremy found unbearable.


Michael chuckled, delighted at the chaos he was wreaking to his friend’s nervous system. “You’re practically asking for it! You’re not even trying to get away, it’s like you love being tickled like this-“

“FUCK YOHHAHA!” Jeremy shrieked, his face turning red. He twisted onto his stomach, immediately regretting it when Michael turned as well, grabbing one of his feet and crawling his evil fingers over the sole. A new wave of unbearable sensations reached Jeremy and he laughed hysterically, begging with little breath.

“You okay there, bro? Your face lookin’ a little red,” Michael said, pinning one of Jeremy’s legs to brush his fingers behind his knee. “Is is cause of all this tickling I’m doing, huh? You a little ticklish?”

“GOHAAHAD!” Saying the word made it way, way worse. Not to mention that his knee was so incredibly sensitive it made him almost buck Michael off. Almost. Luckily for the ticklee, it was enough for Michael to back off for a second- and, seeing how long this had been going on for, grin and crawl off his prone friend a little sheepishly.

“I- fucking- hate- you- so- much.” Jeremy wheezed, his body still wracked with giggles and ghost sensations.

“Hey, I was just curious! Can’t help it that you’re so goddamn ticklish,” Micheal said, putting extra emphasis on the t-word and enjoying how it made Jeremy blush scarlet and send him a death glare. “Anyway, if you’d told me sooner than twelve years, maybe I would have gone easier on you.”

“Shut up. You’re so dumb.”

But the words had no venom to them.

i said it before in a separate post,

bex taylor-klaus is not a horrible person.

i have been a fan of @bext-k since i first saw her in scream. she dressed a way i had previously in the show, and her character was bisexual with a preference towards girls. it was something so special to me, and i was delighted to see such a humble actor behind a character i related to so much.

as i watched more interviews and found her on tumblr, i learned some really rad things about her. like me, she was jewish. it’s something she doesn’t even begin to hide, and that is really cool. she came out somewhat recently, and that was cool too. ever since, i see her helping people come to terms with who they are. i don’t think bex would do anything to hurt anyone. i think she’s a ray of sunshine and snarky positivity and i have so much respect for her.

that being said,

i don’t agree with what bex said about sheith. if you don’t believe me, search “sheith” on my blog, and you’ll see my thoughts. the post i made regarding sheith/shaladin was in an ask during the school year, before any of this started. i didn’t like sheith, i didn’t support it, and i didn’t think it was a morally sound ship. i still don’t.

but bex has said she doesn’t ship sheith. even if she did, we can no longer be at-each-other’s-throats upset. by the law, sheith is not illegal. it sucks, sure, but that is the reality now. what bex said was in retaliation to a lot of shit she had gotten. you have to remember she’s a human and she’s gonna make mistakes and say things you don’t like. just because bex is a public figure does not mean she has to be the perfect image you all clearly had of her. her joke sucked. she doesn’t. because when you look at the rest of her blog, she’s helping people with their sexuality. she’s educating herself and others on racial matters. she’s interacting with her fans in a way not a lot of celebrities do- something that we turned around on her. the ask where bex makes the sheith joke was incredibly hostile; not from her, but from the anon. it wasn’t coming from a person trying to advise her; it was someone who wanted a rise from her. you all are throwing a lot of things about her around, so i just want to say: saying “power bottom” isn’t immediately fetishizing m|m- i’m an upperclassman in high school, and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard stuff like that come out of my straight friend’s mouths in regards to each other. it’s an expression, it isn’t sexuality-specific. 

i understand it wasn’t the best thing to say. i understand that voltron is a kid’s show. but can you give me another instance where bex has done something that’s so bad? because i don’t remember a single thing she’s done before this that people didn’t like. bex wasn’t serious about this. again, her joke wasn’t the most fantastic thing in the world, but it wasn’t racist. it wasn’t sexist. it wasn’t homophobic. the positives far outweigh the negative on this one, guys. you have to pick your battles. 

this one isn’t worth it.

I s w e a r if people try to say shit like “Oh now everyone’s gonna want that as a tattoo” to the people who want LO(S)VER as a tattoo to try and discourage them I’ll fucking fight. So what if a lot of people want it on their skin?? Maybe it means something to them, maybe they just want it for the hell of it, either way it’s none of your business. Also, how many people have fucking infinity tattoos?? Or Deathly Hallows tattoos?? Get the fuck out my face