tattoo transfer

So today I got my tattoo done with one of my favourite lines of the song ‘Anything’ by Thomas Sanders ( @thatsthat24 ) what makes this tattoo so much more special to me is Thomas actually wrote the words especially my tattoo transfer!! I love him so much for participating in this special project!! I hope you love this addition as much as I do Thomas! 😍💙💜

DIY tattoo transfers

so short of ordering transfer paper online, people always seem to struggle with transfering an image onto there skin when they want to do a stick and poke/diy tattoo etc… so I thought I’d share a method that I’ve used many times that works for me.


clear deodarant (not gel, the solid variety I use speed stick)

paper of some sort: the kind you use is up to you, tracing paper is ideal

ball point pen: any bic pen will work



1. Draw the image you want on the tracing paper. go over the image with the ball point pen.

2. Apply deodorant to the area you want to apply the image (shaving this area isn’t a bad idea either).

3. Apply your tracing paper with the image onto the desired spot you placed the deodorant.

4. Keep the paper in place and apply pressure. smoothing the paper out is ideal just make sure you don’t move the paper around. apply pressure for a good thirty seconds. a good way to think about it is the way you would apply a temporary tattoo. apply pressure for a good thirty seconds and then quickly peel the paper away

5. If you’ve done everything correctly you should have a nice transfer. now lightly spray the image with hairspray. this helps later with smudging. let sit for five minutes.

protip- this should give you a clear image guideline for your stick and poke. but be warned this isn’t fool proof in that you can’t continually wipe the image. Personally I try to poke the image at least once before wiping so I have a more permanent guide to go by. I ve had varying degrees of success when it comes to wiping ink away, it depends on your skin type, what kind of pen, deodorant, hairspray etc etc that you use.

happy poking.


Xingrèn–A Lea/pale MTM (thanks, John!) head on a Liv body.  Hair (and gloooooo) removed, faux fur (from the tail of that recently thrifted blue Disney Palace Pets cat) stitched onto the head, with a bit of polyfill to bulk it up.  Original face was left in place, eye details painted over in white then new eye details painted on top, painted lashes added, line of pink added under each eye, brows overpainted with gray, lips had a small extension added on one side (for a @modernwizard -repaint-style smirk), red line added to the center of the lips.  Pastel blush.  Dry rub transfer “tattoo” on leg.

I had considered painting the whole doll light green, but I really liked the way the pink of the fur looked wit the pink of her stock lipstick, so here we are.


Sometimes, I don’t know if Constantine is a deliberate troll or something.

My Mandarin Chinese isn’t the best, but the tattoos Constantine transferred over to Oliver has four Chinese characters. The top one seems to be ‘mouse/rat’; the bottom-most one seems to be ‘pig’. They all seem to be written in traditional Chinese characters.

In Hellblazer #243, Constantine simply scribbled the Chinese characters for ‘scoundrel’ within a pentacle and pretended it was an occult symbol just to trick someone.

Closed || Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The small family of four stood out even among the great crowds that were beginning to amass in the church, heads were beginning to turn, whispers beginning to follow them; Harry with his salt and pepper hair, looking older and greyer than ever, with Alexandra on his arm, young and radiant in comparison; Jamie, in jeans that were artfully torn at the knee, showing off flesh that was still mottled and swollen even now, limping along, dependent on his cane; Genevieve in a floral summer dress, a flower crown plaited into her long hair, now the colour of candyfloss, with transferable tattoos up and down her arms, glitter on her cheeks - but the biggest smile on her face.

Who were these people? the bride’s family and friends wanted to know. Who would wear jeans to the biggest society wedding of the year? Who would allow their daughter out looking like that? Was she their daughter, where those two … Married? Shock ran through the pews like a delicate shiver as questions such as these were whispered and answers were whispered back.

“That’s Lord Carlisle, Will’s uncle.”

“Yeah, that’s his wife. Everyone knows that word is used loosely. At best she’s a golddigger. At worst-”

“- A whore.”

“And her son is a drug addict, if you couldn’t tell.”

“Oh I think everyone in this room can tell…”

As she walked up the aisle, her steps slow and measured so that she could keep pace with her brother, Genny’s smile dimmed a little and her eyes dropped down to follow the cracks between the tiles, cheeks flushed pink from embarrassment. “Mummy isn’t a golddigger, I wish they’d stop saying that,” she whispered sadly. “I wish they’d all just stop.” Luckily, she missed the harsher things people were saying about her because despite outward appearances, her newfound confidence was still shaky, especially this far away from home.