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Can you write a prompt on the cliché jock and bad boy with sterek? Any half can be any side u want:)

HI NONNIE! Sorry this took a little while but I was inspired… 
Huge shout out to @runedsterek for the beta

Like James Dean, Only Sadder
Sterek Week 2016 - Day 4 Magic Stiles

The star of the Beacon Hills High School baseball team and Beacon Hills resident bad boy probably have nothing in common, right?

“I don’t understand why your sister hangs out with Stilinski,” Jackson said as he slid into the lunch table next to Lydia, his eyes on the table in the corner where Stiles Stilinski sat with Cora, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent.  “She’s hot, she could hang out with way better people.”

Derek’s voice was practically a growl when he replied, “Don’t talk about my sister Jackass.”

He looked over his shoulder and saw Cora with her head thrown back in a laugh at something Stiles had said. He hadn’t been listening to what they were saying over in the corner but when he looked over he saw Stiles was holding back a smile, something most people wouldn’t notice, but Derek did because he may have spent some time studying Stiles, not that he would ever admit that.

Stiles had changed a lot since high school started.  He had been an awkward kid who laughed too loudly and was second in their class until his dad died at the end of sophomore year.  Stiles, who now wore leather jackets and black jeans with motorcycle boots and obscure band shirts, who was covered in tattoos, who had a lip ring and a scar that went from his left temple through his eyebrow from an incident he refused to talk about. He was Beacon Hill’s resident bad boy these days, a reputation that he had gained in the two years since his dad died in the line of duty and seemed to wear with pride.

As if he could feel Derek’s gaze on him, Stiles turned around and winked at him.  Derek turned around quickly and tried to focus on the conversation at his table, but he could hear Stiles say, “See something you like Hale?”

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Now that it’s been almost exactly a year since I published my first Fic Care Pack, have another! There aren’t nearly enough Sterek fics set in Hogwarts, my favourite alternate universe, but still, I’ve found 46 fics. I know that there are a few amazing fics, that are a work in progress, and I look forward to reading them, but this list contains only the completed works.

As per usual, there are two parts to this list; A part are my favourite fics, and I like to read them over and over again, while B part contains the fics that I liked and would definitely recommend. 

And hey, if you come across Sterek Hogwarts AU fic that you love, send it my way. I love reading them (and I’m always looking for more for an updated version of this pack).

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