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Hello, could you do a blurb where Harry joins you to get your first tatoo? Thank you!

You had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time. Nobody in your family had tattoos. It’s not that they are against it, it’s just not a common thing in your family.

When your family first met Harry, they were a bit taken back by all his tattoos but one word out of the boy’s mound and they loved him.

‘Hey love, you don’t need to get one if you don’t want.’ Harry said looking a bit worried because you were quite pale in the car.

Harry decided to join you when you told him you finally made up your mind. He had been very excited since the day you told him. Immediately he started looking for the perfect tattoo for you. He also tried to reassure you by telling you all about his experience with getting tattoos.

‘No, I’m sure, just a bit nervous I guess’ you said giving him a nervous smile.

‘Okay, just know I don’t want you to feel pressured to get one. I know I have been a bit excited.’ He said.

You snickered, ‘a bit?’

‘Yes I know, I am just, I don’t know… happy I guess that I can be here with you.’ He said giving your thigh a squeeze.

‘And I am happy you are here with me. It nice to have someone with me who knows what’s going to happen.’

‘Well we’re here.’ Harry announced. You looked outside the car window and saw the ‘Tattoo shop’ sign in neon.

‘You can still go back now.’ Harry said.

‘No, I am sure about this. I am ready’ You said with a smile.

‘Okay then here we go!’ He said getting out of the car. You started to open your car door and by the time the door was open Harry stood there with his hand out to help you out the car. Something he always does. It’s what you loved about Harry, he just does these little things that just show you he cares and loves you.

Harry opened the door of the tattoo parlor. You sighed and not a second later you feel Harry giving the hand he’s holding a squeeze.

‘Hello there Harry!’ Dan said. Dan has been the person who gave Harry his first tattoo and a couple others. Harry told you Dan was the perfect person to go to for a first.

‘Hi Dan, how are you?’ Harry said while shaking Dan’s hand.

‘Good, good and you?’ Dan said.

‘Good, just done the CD promo and starting the promo tour for the movie soon.’ Harry said.

‘Ah yes, congrats man, the album is amazing.’

‘Thanks mate!’

‘But anyway, (Y/N) you ready for your tattoo?’ Dan asked now looking at you.

You nodded your head, not trusting your voice because your mounth was super dry because of the nerves.

‘Well I have this little design for you. I hope it is what you wanted.’ Dan said while walking down the counter to get his sketch book.

‘I am excited to see it too, still hasn’t told me what it is.’ Harry said.

‘Well we were talking about a tattoo in your neck so you can keep it covered when your hair is down. And you told me you wanted something meaningful.’ Dan said while going through his sketches.

‘Ah here it is, I immediately had this in mind.’ Dan said while laying the sketch in front of you.

It was beautiful.

‘I don’t know if you like it, I also have…’ Dan started but you stopped him by holding your finger up.

‘It’s perfect Dan…I really love it’ You say.

‘I am happy you like it.’ Dan said. ‘Then I will get everything ready, be back in a minute.’ Dan said and walked to the back of the shop where all the equipment stands.

‘So, what do you think?’ You ask Harry.

‘I think it’s going to be beautiful on you.’ He said while taking the sketch his hand.

‘Turn around’ He said and you did. He pulled your hair up and putted the sketch against the nape of your neck.

‘Okay, I am ready. (Y/N) I am first going to put the sketch on your neck so you can have a look of how the end result is going to look like and then we can get started. you pulled my hair in a bun and Dan got started

‘Take a look in the mirror.’ Dan said.

‘It’s so beautiful.’ You said excited.

‘So, you sure because I don’t do removals’ Dan said with a bit of humor in his voice.

I am a hundred percent sure!’ You said.

‘Okay the follow me (Y/N). Let’s get this thing inked on you’ Dan said with a wink.

You followed Dan and Harry was right behind you rubbing your shoulders.

‘Hey, you okay you have been quite.’ You asked Harry.

‘yes, I am fine love. I think I am a bit nervous myself and I don’t know why.’ He said and laughed.

‘You silly man, you do really like it don’t you?’ You asked.

‘I do, it’s beautiful, love.’ Harry said

‘Okay so you can sit down here and then I will get started.’ Dan said while putting his gloves on.

You sat down and all of a sudden heard a buzzing sound which took you by surprise and made you jump in your chair.

‘Easy love, he’s not going to start without telling you.’ Harry said trying to get your nerves down.

‘I know I am sorry, I don’t know why I got so surprised by the bussing of the gun. Must be the nerves.’ You said while laughing.

‘That’s okay (Y/N), a lot of people are nervous. But I am telling you it isn’t as bad as you think it is.’ Dan said.

‘Hey, you will be fine, just squeeze my hands when it hurts okay.’ Harry said.

I smiled at him. ‘I am happy you’re here with me.’ You said and have him a quick peck.

‘Always here love.’ He said.

‘Okay I am ready when you are (Y/N).’ Dan said.

‘I am ready.’ I said and Dan started with the tattoo. You know it did hurt but not as much as I imagined it would. Harry squeezed your hands when he saw that you were squeezing your eyes shut because of the stinging feeling. He tried to reassure you as much as he could during the process by saying things like: ‘Almost there love’ and ‘Doing great!’

After 15 minutes the buzzing stopped and Dan swiped over the tattoo a couple of times.

‘So all done.’ Dan said and stood up to get his material sterilized.

You went to the mirror and saw the tattoo. You were happy that you didn’t regret it. It really looked beautiful.

‘It looks absolutely stunning love. You happy? Harry asked.

‘yes I am.’ You said with a small genuine smile on your face.

You hugged Harry and mumbled a thank you in his neck.

‘No problem love. Love you.’ He said.

‘Love you too.’

‘So (Y/N), happy with the result?’ Dan asked.

‘Really happy, thank you so much Dan.’ You said and went over to give him a hug.

‘Well you will be feeling a bit of pain during the next few days. Harry knows what you have to do and if there is a problem. Don’t be afraid to come in.’ Dan said.

‘Thanks again Dan.’ You said.

After you paid and said your goodbyes, you went back in the car and you couldn’t help but look at Harry and smile. He smiled back and you and started to drive back home.


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Calum Soul Mate AU

Laws were put in place years ago to help preserve the innocence and freedom of youth. In the world we live in, ink that is needled into the skin shows up on your soul mate. Tattooing of anyone under the age of 18 is illegal. It didn’t use to be this way, actually it was quite the opposite. Marks were mandatory to be put on infants at birth, usually males. A corresponding mark showed up in white on their female counter part, as various sexualities were not recognized. The practice stretched back centuries, through Chinese culture. Many researchers say that the black marks placed on someones physical body showed up white on their soul mate because of yin and yang, representing how the two people are interconnected, yet still separate and opposite.

Calum grew up fascinated by the white swirls that littered his mothers body, not one etch of black on her skin. The white tattoos contrasted with her coffee colored complexion in a way that made Cal wish he had the same. He wanted to share the same patterns on his skin as the person he is destined to be with. His mother was adamant on him understanding it was important to wait though, to enjoy his time without a partner. Instead of stories from books before bed time, his mother picked a tattoo, and told Calum the meaning behind why his deceased father got it. Every night she chose a different one, never spoiling the meaning behind another, until one day she wasn’t there to tell him the stories anymore.

Calum was hardly tall enough to see inside her casket, his sister, Mali, picking him up so he could peer inside. The ink was proudly on display, but now her skin didn’t glow and the white mixed with the bloodless, pale tissue that encased her bones. It took a long time for Cal to get over her death.

Your first tattoo appeared at the ripe age of 15. There was a slight itching feeling while it was showing up, and the skin around it remained irritated for a few hours before fading, leaving a beautiful white mark behind. Of course, you knew how this whole soul mate thing went, but you didn’t have to attend the informational class until your 18th birthday. It was unusual to have a soul mate older than you, but not impossible. Everyone just assumed that was the case with you, your partner couldn’t be 15 as well, it was illegal to get a tattoo. Regardless, the numerals on your collar bone made you grin. Every day you would brush your fingers over the tattoo and be absorbed in curiosity. Random scenarios flittered around your mind about your soul mate, you couldn’t wait to meet them.

Calum didn’t care about meeting his soul mate. Before his mum died that’s all he could ever think about. She put him in various sports and activities to try and distract him from that need, but at the end of the day, the desire was still there. That died with his mum. When he got one of his sisters friends to tattoo him at 15, he didn’t care about how it would be on his soul mate at the end of it too. He didn’t care about the sacred event that was taking place way before it ever should. He didn’t care. Cal hardly thought about his soul mate at all. It only brought back memories of his mother, and unfinished stories about his father. Cal felt unfulfilled; he got tattoos to drown his skin, and an empty heart.

You had been searching for your partner for awhile. White tattoos lined your body now, and you couldn’t wait for them to finally be explained to you. So many hints were left behind in the ink on your skin. A name under a bird, initials on both of your hands, and you scoured the internet for any other leads, but it just came up with dead ends. People told you to stop trying so hard, and that it would “happen when it happens”. Patience was not at the top of your list at the moment though. Finally, on your 19th birthday, you decide to take matters into your own hands. It was an easy decision, but now standing under the illuminated Tattoo Parlor shop sign, nerves were creeping up on you. It would be your first tattoo, so the pain was definitely on your mind, but so was the thought of what your soul mate would think of the design. Obviously they weren’t opposed to the markings, but it still lingered as you pushed open the door and stepped inside.

It was cold as shit inside the shop tonight. The temperature outside had dropped drastically, and the owner of Hanky Pankys Tattoo Parlor was a cheap ass who didn’t want to pay for heat. Calum stayed bundled up in a flannel and graphic tee with black skinnies, an outfit he adorned commonly in the winter months. Working as a tattoo artist was easy for Calum, it paid good and he enjoyed it. His favorite part of the job was when soul mates came in together, and as Cal was etching the black ink into one of them, he could see the white developing at the same speed on the other. Only black marks were to be seen still on Calum. It almost made him frustrated. He wanted to pick up his tattoo gun and write ‘who the fuck are you’ in the small space left on his arm. He had been getting lonely lately. It didn’t make sense to him to date someone when you are destined to be with another. He had faith that one day, his partner would come and they would love each other in a way he couldn’t love any other person he fucked.

The man inside looked up as you shuffled over to the counter. “Hello!” he beams up at you, a mop of curly hair hanging from his head. You shyly wave back, mouthing a hi, before stuffing your hand back into the pocket of your hoodie. It had to be colder in here then it was outside.

“Do you have an appointment?” he continues, reaching for a large binder on the counter.

“Um, no.” you mumble back. He places the binder back down before looking at you. “Should I have made one?”

This was just perfect. You had finally worked up enough courage to finally get your tattoo and now it wasn’t gonna happen. Just your luck.

“Well, we do accept walk in’s, It’s just that we’re getting ready to close and I only have one artist in right now, and he’s busy with someone else so…”

You looked down at your scuffed up shoes before sighing. “Should I just make an appointment for tomorrow or something?”

He smiled before once again reaching for the binder. “Sure thing, just fill out this form here,” handing you a sheet of paper, you look over the mandatory questions like your name and address. “And what were you looking to get done?”

“Just something small around my ankle area is all” Picking up a pen that had been strewn about on the counter you almost started the questionnaire before another voice stopped you.

“Wait!” You turned your head to the right to see another guy running down the hallway towards you. His flannel was pushed open to where you could see the Green Day shirt underneath and his hands were out stretched towards you, covered in black rubber gloves. He stops in front of you, your hand still poised over the paper. “I’m just patching up my other customer, I can get you in tonight-”

“Calum” The other guy snapped, “The shop closes in 10 minutes, I lock up tonight.”

“Thats OK Ashton, just let the other dude out, lock up, and then I’ll let her out and lock up again. It’s no big deal.”

“You know Michael won’t like tha-“

“Ashton!” Calum slammed his palms down onto the counter, leaning in close to Ash before whispering out “My rent is due next week, and as of right now, I’m fucked. I have to get the extra money.”

“Whatever bro,” Ashton replies, holding his hands up in surrender. “If Mikey gets on my case about this I’m telling him she’s your soulmate.” He points at you. “He’s such a sucker when it comes to that shit.”

Calum just shakes his head before turning to face you again. “Ash will handle all the legal stuff with you, come on back when you’re done. Last door on the left.” You barely have time to nod a yes before he’s stalking back down the hallway.

“Welp, looks like you won’t be needing this one…” Ashton plucks the first paper out of your hand before replacing it with a different one.

Nearly 15 minutes later and you were finally done with all the paper work, Ashton rushing out and locking the door, waving a goodbye, while you strolled down the hallway. Much less enthusiastic. You almost felt as though you were imposing on your soulmate, tattoos always seemed to be more of their thing. That didn’t stop you from opening the last door on the left though and walking into the small space. The room almost looked like that of a teenage boys bedroom. It was brightly lit by various miss matched lamps placed here and there, Green Day wafting around from a set of speakers on a shelf, and a ebony haired boy with his back to you, slumped in a chair.

“Is this your favorite band?” You call out from the doorway.

He sits up fast, turning to face you, obviously startled. Calum quickly stands to turn the dial down on the music.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Is this your favorite band?” You repeat, “Green Day?”

“Gee,” He smirks at you before slouching back down in his chair “How could you ever guess?” he mumbles sarcastically, motioning toward his shirt.

You roll your eyes, “Just because you’re wearing their shirt doesn’t have to mean they’re your favorite band.”

“That’s very true….” He trails off, eyebrows scrunching together quizzically.

You laugh lightly, trailing farther into the room towards him. “My names Y/N.” You stick your hand out from your pocket for him to shake.

He reaches out with a glove covered hand, eyes never leaving yours, shaking your hand and replying with a short “Calum.”

“Nice to meet you, Calum.” You pull back into the warm confines of your hoodie.

“Well,” Cal awkwardly starts, clearing his throat. Why is he so nervous all of a sudden? “You can go ahead and lay down right there.”

And so you do, shifting around to get comfortable on the hard plastic. How can some people sit in these things for hours at a time?

Calum rolls over to the other side of the room, fumbling around in some cabinets before calling out “Do you trust me to do this free hand?”

Your eyes go wide as you jerk around to look at him. “What the hell?! Are you crazy?!”

Cal laughs loudly, throwing his head back, before looking at you from over his shoulder. “So is that a no?” He innocently asks, and you can’t help but laugh, trying to get comfortable once again.

“It’s not going on your body now is it?” You get out between chuckles, and he just giggles along with you, rolling back to your side with a few different supplies in hand.

“So, you want something small? On your ankle?”

You begin to shake your head yes before catching yourself. “Wait, how did you know that? Were you listening to me talk to Ashton?”

“Only a little,” He looks up at you from under the slight fringe in his line of sight. His eyes are a deep brown color, nearly the same as every puppy you had ever encountered.

You decide to let it go before telling him the small, yet significant tattoo you wanted. And then Calum got to work.

Cal traced out the black yin symbol, applying it to your ankle and then removing the paper. Soon the buzzing sound from the tattoo gun nearly overpowered the bass and guitar from the speakers. You read up on tattoos online, but nothing could have prepared you for the pain that shot through you when Calum first punctured your skin with the needle. And he was used to this, reminded people who were jumpy to stay still so they didn’t fuck up his work and give his name a bad rep. With you though he didn’t do the passive aggressive reminding, he lifted the gun away from your leg and looked up into your face. It gave him a major sense of discomfort to see your jaw clenched in pain, body tight with disease.

He let one hand gently be placed on your clothed thigh, a soft “hey” escaping his lips so you would look at him. Once Cal noticed he had your attention he continued on with comforting words. “I need you to relax for me, it hurts more if you don’t” and almost immediately your body went slack once again. Hunching back over your ankle, you hear a muffled “Thank you, princess” before the gun is placed back on you.

It didn’t take long till you noticed Calum’s left foot bouncing up and down, and halfway through your tattoo, he lifted his other foot up to try and scratch at his ankle. You could see how much it was bothering him, but he didn’t stop etching away at your skin, shading in the black symbol perfectly.

He declares himself finished with “The best fucking tattoo you’ll ever get in your life” and patches you up in wrapping. After that, he abruptly stands up, ripping off the black gloves and throwing them across the room before placing his foot on the chair he was previously sitting in.

“Why the fuck does my ankle itch so badly” He’s mutters distractedly to himself, yanking up the ends of his black skinny jeans best to his ability, but you’re already gasping before he is, because the black initials on his hands match the white ones on yours. And your black yin symbol matches the white yang one on his ankle. Both signs are fresh and slightly red from irritation, but they match nonetheless, yet are still opposite.

“Oh. Shit. Fuck. I just tattooed my soul mate? Holy fuck Y/N you’re my soul mate! Damn it, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go.“

And just like that everything clicked. There were tales of how when you finally discover who your soul mate is, you get a rush of knowledge. A rush of knowledge about that person and their life, but only they can unlock it for you, that you both have to go through together and unlock each and every door, no matter what was lurking behind it. And you felt that with Calum, and he felt the same with you. But on top of that rush, there was another one, one of pure love that knocked the air out of you both.

Even though you only met a couple hours prior, your spirits have lived every single moment together. Now it was time for your physical bodies to do the same.

“Can I… Can I see them?” Calum whispers, carefully stepping towards your frame. “The tattoos, I need to see them. Please. I went through a long period of not caring about this moment, but now that it’s here, I’ve never felt anything more incredible…”

And so you stood, stopping right in front of Calum, unzipping your hoodie to reveal the flimsy tank top underneath. You reach out and tug at the bottom of his shirt, silently asking him to do the same for you. Quickly he shrugs off the flannel onto the floor, before reaching back and pulling the graphic tee over his head, tossing it to the side. You can’t take your eyes off the black ink that stains his skin, and he couldn’t take his eyes off you if he wanted to.

Reaching down he grips your waist with both hands and pulls you to his chest. “So beautiful.” And it’s true, Calum can’t think of anything more perfect then the sight of you, covered in his memories. He reaches a shaky hand up to trace from your collar bones, down your arm, to your hand, over every white mark on your skin. Even though it’s freezing, you two feel impossibly warm.

Lightly, you place your lips to each collar bone, kissing the center of both black tattoos before looking up at him. “Thank you.”

“For what, Y/N?” And when he pulls you even closer and kisses your forehead, you know why Calum is the one for you. “For the look I got into your life, by the tattoos. You gave me something to live for.”

“Well you never really reciprocated anything back so,” he chuckles.

You gasp at him, slapping his bare chest, then shoving him away. He doesn’t give you too much time to protest before latching onto your upper arms and yanking you into him. “Ready to finally kiss your soul mate?”

All you can do is nod your head and reply back with a “hell yeah” before his lips are on yours and the rest of the world crumbles away.