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Watch me, I trust you. [ChanYeol]

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

❝ChanYeol watching his best friend masturbate turns into him fucking her ruthlessly in missionary. ❞

“What kind of dare?” You fussed and looked at ChanYeol whom wore a blank stare. “Just do it.” They’d been drinking a bit but no one had declined a bet so far so the alcohol had long worn off, “Either do it or take 10 shots of the mystery liquor I chose.” Jongdae had pourn shots of some dark liquor earlier and whoever had declined a dare had to take the remaining shots from the game earlier which left exactly ten because none of them declined any earlier and you weren’t going to now.

“Can it be done privately?” Your voice cracked slightly before looking over to ChanYeol who still held the blank stare. “We need proof it happened so.” Minseok blurted out before picking you up and and pulling ChanYeol as well before pushing you both into your bedroom and locking the door. “This isn’t awkward.” He mumbled before grabbing a chair and settled in front of the bed, “I can’t believe I’m doing this to not have a banging headache in the AM.” He chuckled before watching as you slipped the shirt off, dropping it. “When did you get a tattoo there.” His eyes scanned your stomach and on the hip was the rose ChanYeol said you smelled like, “Few months ago, ps. I’ve gained weight so don’t mind the extra body fat.” You hummed as you spoke, patting the small love handles on the sides.

“Don’t mind my thoughts, I think you’re beautiful with or without the extra body fat you say you have.” He used his fingers to quote over ‘extra body fat’ making you blush. Kicking off your pants as your crawled into bed you sat Indian Style in front of him. “How should I do this.” Mumbling to yourself you could hear ChanYeol chuckled in amusement before pushing you on your back and pressing his warm hands on your knees and spreading them. “Last time I checked most women mastubrated this way.” You weren’t even going to question how he knew that but you didn’t bother asking as you pretending he wasn’t there before pushing your panties to your knees and raking your index finger through your barely wet folds.

A few runs over you clit got you going, you were lubricated well enough to press two fingers in your now aching core, with a soft whimper you curled your fingers and started a slow teasing pace. It lasted a few seconds before you became impatient and started a quicker pace, your palm happened to brush your clit and a loud moan left your lips and you continued at the abuse to yourself. “Ah-fuck.” You could feel the tightening of your walls around the two fingers close to your release. “Didn’t realize you were so great at this.” You’d honestly forgotten he was there and he killed your loud moaning, slightly embarrassed that he was watching you pleasure yourself. “ChanYeol please.” You whimpered trying to get him to shut up but it did way more than that.

“ChanYeol What?” He was now hovered over you your arms pinned above you. He’d ripped your fingers from your core and was now staring into your dark eyes. You could feel the large bulge in his jeans pressing against your exposed core. Upon instinct, you rolled your hips up to meet the friction your body craved. “ChanYeol I-“ His lips were pressed against yours as he began to grind his aching boner against your exposed core leaving a dark stain in the front of his pants. “You’re so wet, how can I not want to be inside you.” He hummed as his lips found your nipple. His words like a foreign language to your ears, your ChanYeol, this clumsy baby was rock hard just from your two fingers lazily pumping inside yourself.

“Baby please.” He unbuttoned his pants kicking them, along with his briefs, just low enough for him to properly fuck you. His throbbing cock was blushed red and precum slowly leaked from the tip. His pretty cock was so thick, he’d fill you in a swift motion if he wanted to but he’d rather tease. Rubbing his tip against your core he watched your mouth fall open, “ChanYeol stop being a- oh my god.” Midway through your sentence he slammed into you, he dropped his head to graze his teeth over your nipples. “ChanYeol please move.” You ground your hips, the tiny amount of friction not enough. “Like that?” He began a hard slow pace, his hips slamming into yours his cock rubbing against the plump walls of your pussy.

“Faster please.” He complied with the request, he sat up thrusting into you. Your moans echoing off the walls, “Fuck Chan.” Your jaws went slack in a large O, “Hm- you’re so warm and tight.” The heavy breaths coming from the both of you were heavy, the thin coat of sweat that cover you both left no room for cool air. “I’m close Chan- cum.” He groaned cutting you off his head tossed back, he started the ruthless abuse to your pussy, “Channie, please.” His thumb rubbed over your clit at a rapid pace, your hips rocked with his pace.

“I’m coming.” You whimpered as the milky fluid began to cover his cock as he pumped through you. The extra lubricant let ChanYeol slide with more ease, He fucked into you until your breathing was so quick it wasn’t audible. Your sensitive body was close to giving out, with a grunt he pulled out and pumped his member a few times before cumming over your stomach. “Next time, I’ll be more creative, I just needed that for now.” He hummed, “They’ll be a next time?” Your eyes widened as your legs closed the sore feeling settling in. With a chuckle he opened your legs and rested his large hand between your thighs.

“Of course, who’s pussy would be better than yours to fuck.” He stayed nuzzling into your neck, leaving you speechless, “Rest up you’ll need it for later.” ChanYeol pulled the throw blanket over you two. As soon as your eyes closed, the doo swung open, “I said masturbate not fuck.” With a groan of displeasure you snuggled closer to ChanYeol, “Go Away Dae.” ChanYeol tiredly spoke, rubbing your hip.”