tattoo placements

do people not know the 5 minute rule????? if there is something “wrong” with someone’s appearance and it can’t be fixed in 5 minutes don’t tell them!!!! don’t be an ass!!! food in someones teeth? sure! let them know! wrinkled shirt? smudged makeup? messy hair? yes! talk to the person if you want! tattoos/tattoo placement? crooked nose? obnoxious laugh? shut the fuck up!!!! don’t make someone selfconscious about something they can’t fix!!!! dont be a dick!!!

My evolution of tattoo placement:
  • Me ten years ago: My tattoos will be super small and discrete!
  • Me five years ago: Alright, I'll make sure I can hide them in a professional setting.
  • Me now: idk, I probably won't get them on my face.
ask me stuff!

- tell me your placements and i’ll smash or pass
- tell me your experiences with the signs
- what colour your name/placements remind me of
- tell me about your dreams for the future (i’d love this)
- ask me for advice
- rant
- tell me assumptions you have about me
- why i like (sign/placement)
- share tattoos you want
- tell me about your favorite things
- roast me
- talk about love
- questions you have about astrology
- song recommendations
- anything really