tattoo on the hand


A little #tiger #octopus hand tattoo to start the day off:) 👉🏻@octonation ! Now extinct, the Tiger Octopus used to inhabit the badlands of “The Outside” in large packs challenging any and all visitors to deadly games of chance.
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anonymous asked:

Yenny has a tattoo on her upper back? when did this happen and why did no one tell me? lmao

haha yes, i’m not exactly sure when she got it but she first publicize it in november 2016 with this instagram post

she also has tattoos on her left hand (that she got in 2016)

tinytwinklinson  asked:

My ankle Tattoo *an exact copy of Louis'* is 2 years old and she's still as dark as the day I got her. My hand tattoo *on the side of my hand, under my pinky* *a semi-colon* is just a year and a half old and has faded some, but not much. Went from black to a very dark gray. My calf tattoo, 2 years old, hasn't changed any (black, blue, and green). My other calf, on the bone, tattoo *9 months old* hasn't faded either. Shoulder tattoo *6 months* still brand new <3

This is really good info on tattoos and fading in general lol so thank you!

I’ll add to this that my wrist and back of the neck tattoos are still as dark as when I got them three years ago.

Hand tattoos fade TONS, for anyone that’s planning on getting them.

Harry must’ve retouched his cross a couple of times already (and maybe the anchor too idk, the lower part is super close to the hand)

Otayuri week / Day 2 - Social Media

This is like a day late now, but in the mafia AU Yuri is just as IG famous. But instead it’s for being a rich little troublemaker, and whenever there’s a glimpse of Otabek in a photo things get wild in the comments


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