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just wondering but does jeremy have a tattoo in the tattoo au?

Oooh! That post was from pre-Jeremy (or at least pre-Jeremy in the main room and thus his fabulous self was not yet in my writing) so i hadn’t considered it but of course he would! Hmm. Jeremy might actually be the only one to have a set colour scheme rather than a set symbol (and i’m sure you can guess what that filthy colour combo is). 

Following a close call where Jeremy came to his rescue in the most obnoxiously improbable way Geoff gets a lurid monster-truck ramping off his shoulder blade. And with that the final unspoken barrier was breached, undeniable evidence of the truth they’d all long since embraced, that Jeremy was as permanently entrenched in the crew as anybody else.

It would be a joyous event except, well. The tattoo tradition is well and truely in place at this point so it turns out to be more of a problem than anything, considering not a single other member of the crew was even remotely prepared to ink that travesty of a vehicle onto their bodies.

Geoff cops a lot of shit for his choice, and for the longest time nothing is done, but eventually it is, as usual, Jack who comes up with a solution. She turns up one morning, after a long drunken night on the town with Jeremy, inexplicably bearing a neat little row of shots across the inside of her bicep. The glasses, holding varying levels of liquid, are two-toned; the same eyesore colours as Geoff’s truck, the unmistakable mark of Rimmy Tim.

From there all bets are off and within the next month or two the rest of the crew adds to their collection. After the pair utterly destroy a rival gang with little more than their fists Michael gets the most cartoony looking knuckle dusters printed on his ribs. When Jeremy spends a week going out of his way to keep Gavin occupied after a particularly nasty job got him down Gavin comes home with a fluffly little purple and orange tabby cat cheerfully etched into his skin.

Ryan’s takes a while, waits so long that Geoff’s gleefully insisting that the only thing left for him to do is to immortalise the godforsaken cowboy hat the whole crew thinks Jeremy wears just to spite them. In the end though, after Ryan and Jeremy get paired together for jobs more and more often the image comes easily. Crossed weapons, Jeremy’s favourite ridiculous custom coloured semi-automatic over Ryan’s sleek and sensible matte black, like crossbones over the fiery glow of an explosion.

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I’m leaving for school again soon and I just finished working at my summer job so here is a list of things that happened there at the 24/hour diner I worked at in no particular order:

•Despite my boss painting the bathroom stalls black a year ago to stop graffiti, people are scratching names into the walls

•A new coworker who was a Buff Dude™ who liked to talk about his workout routine broke the water spout on his second day

•I got mistaken for my coworker somehow despite the fact that she has bright blue hair and multiple piercings, which I have neither. She was also very confused

•I gave a couple their food and a man jokingly went “Bless you, bless you! May you have many, many babies!” and I felt uncomfortable but laughed it off

•There is a group of two old people and two college-aged kids that regularly come in on Thursday nights and play Cards Against Humanity

•I saw a band I really liked play in town and I told them they should go to the restaurant and I didn’t think they would but they did and they stayed there for 4 hours and kept ordering soup so much that the dishwasher that night got irritated at how often she had to bring them bowls of soup

•Same night as the band thing, I told my coworker that they were the band I had been talking about for awhile and she told me to show a little leg and then noticed I was wearing shorts and then told me to show a little More leg which would have required me taking off my pants

•A kid threw up on the door of the men’s room and I had to clean it, it was the first time I’ve ever had to do that

•There was some kind of skating competition going on so multiple people came in with their hair tied in tight buns and glitter and asking for drinks we didn’t have

•Coworker thought I was goth because of my Rocky Horror Picture Show make up bag

•An old man thought my choker was a neck tattoo

•Different man asked if my choker was some kind of political statement

•One man ordered his food and told me the exact amount of days until next Christmas. When I brought him his food and asked him if he needed anything else, he said, “The secrets to the universe?”

•I cleaned a table by a window and looked up and saw someone left a set of used false eyelashes on the windowsill

•We have those weird 50 cent toy machines and we keep the trinkets left behind by kids on a ledge to a counter and recently we got these mermaid figures that look like anime girls and one of them wouldn’t stay in her tail so a coworker taped her torso to another mermaid and so there is now a two-headed mermaid toy sitting there on the ledge

I’ll add more if I remember any

So there was a very old man who had numbers tattooed on his arm. I noticed them but said nothing, because there’s no real way to casually bring up being a holocaust survivor. Anyways, this dude behind him sees them and snickers “it’s a shame you weren’t sent to Auschwitz”. I refused to check this dude’s items out, and a supervisor backed my opinion. He got his items but he’s now banned from our store because he made some very insulting remarks to our black employees. I’m glad that scum won’t be seen in any Wally World in my area.

Fresh Ink - Tom Holland x Reader

Pairing: Tattoo artist!Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The reader goes in for their first tattoo and hits it off with their tattoo artist.

Warnings: Needles?? I mean it is a tattoo 

A/N: The cute little anecdote is actually a true story about yours truly.

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“36 Hours”

Happy Lowman x Reader
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***I know literally zero about childbirth so if any of the details are wrong, please don’t hang me for it***

36 hours.

That’s how long ago your water broke and your old man, just getting in from another late one, had to get up from barely 30 minutes of sleep to rush you to St. Thomas.
It was now 3pm the following day, Gemma had been in your room more than she had been anywhere else and the guys had trickled in periodically to check on you. The hospital staff knew better than to tell any of them they weren’t allowed in of course, and Happy hadn’t left your side since you got there.

“Hey darlin’, how’s the little mini-killer coming along?” Gemma had just walked in and was standing beside your bed, her painted fingers stroking some of your sweat-matted hair away from your forehead.

“Stubborn, of course, like his damn father,” you groaned, while Happy, who was in the hospital bed beside you grunted his disapproval in your statement, his eyes barely open and his face completely void of energy. He wasn’t supposed to be on the bed with you, but as it were, the hospital staff was afraid to reprimand any of SAMCRO, especially Happy.

“Hap, when’s the last time you got any sleep?” Gemma questioned, raising an eyebrow at the tattooed biker.
You could tell he was trying to do the math, but his sleep deprived brain wasn’t processing quickly enough, so you responded for him, “He got in right as my water broke night before last… I don’t think he slept while I did last night… So his last nights sleep was two days ago…” you looked at your old man, stroking his tattooed arm with your free hand as he held your other.

“Jesus Christ,” Gemma hissed towards Happy, “Go get some rest, Hap. Go home or to the clubhouse. Hell I’m sure if you asked Tara she would let you crash on the couch in her office… I’ll stay here with (Y/N). You need to sleep honey.”

Happy tensed beside you, it was obvious he took issue with something Gemma said, “I can’t miss it,” he rasped, sitting up a bit to look at the Biker Queen.

“Happy Lowman you look terrible, go get some rest. Seriously.”

“Gemma I’m not leaving (Y/N) alone while I go sleep. I’m not,” he spat back at her, the two glared at each other for a while before you broke the silence.

“Happy, go find Tara please? I want you to have at least SOME energy when Mini-killer gets ready to come,” you pleaded with him and he shook his head again.

“I’ll sleep right here beside you if I have to, but I’m not leaving.”
Happy was steadfast.

You peered up at Gemma who, although obviously irked at not getting her way, wore a proud smile on her face.
“Well if I’m not needed I’ll be going, call me if anything changes. You sure you’re alright sweetheart?” She asked once more and you nodded, smiling at the tall dark headed woman, “Hap,” she called to the man laying beside you and he looked towards the door to meet her eyes, “Take care of her,” she ordered and he smiled.
“Yes ma'am.”

He wrapped an arm around you, leaning his head against your shoulder and soon his shallow breaths turned into light snoring, keeping his promise of never leaving your side.

Request: I don’t wanna miss a thing

Request: Can you please write a happy imagine where happy is spending time with you and the baby can it be sooo fluffy

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You woke up early but feeling well rested. It was a miracle, your baby girl hadn’t cried once during the night. You should go check on her but when you turned on your back you saw why she hadn’t cried. Your husband, Happy, was by your side and your little girl was laying on his naked chest, peacefully sleeping.

“Morning”, Happy whispered and opened his eyes. He wasn’t sleeping of course. He probably had watched you and the baby sleep all night.

“Morning”, you whispered back and propped your body up to kiss him. You noticed the bedside crib by his side too and raised an eyebrow.

“I heard her fussing after you fell asleep and decided to bring her here”, he explained, “She slept like an angel and you had a good night sleep too babe”

“You are the best husband and dad Happy Lowman”, you said, earning a bashful smile from him too, “Just don’t get her used to it. I know she’s a daddy’s girl but she has to sleep on her own crib and bedroom”

“I know”, Happy sighed, making you smile as you got up and walked to the bathroom. You knew Happy thought he was missing things as he worked hard at TM and for his MC and that made him a bad father, so he tried to make it up every chance, every extra second he could get with you and your baby. He hasn’t realized yet there was nothing to make it up to you two.


Happy was talking on the phone as you finished breakfast, but his eyes never left the little girl on her swing for a second. You smiled as you put a plate in front of him and he hung up the phone, “Jax said we have the day off”

“That’s great honey!”, you pecked his lips and poured coffee on your cups.

“Yes it is”, Happy smiled at you and looked at the baby, “And I get to spend it with my girls. What you wanna do babe? I can help you clean, watch her…”

“Thank you Hap”, you caressed his arm, “But I cleaned the house just fine and I had plans to go out today”. Happy creased his brow as he listened to you, “She’s old enough to go out Hap, she needs fresh air and sun… We could go to the park”

“No”, Happy just said and began to eat.

“Hap…”, you sighed.

“No”, he looked at you again but you just stared back until he sigh and rolls his eyes, “People will try to touch her. Look at her, she’s adorable! And I don’t want her exposed to all the germs”

“Oh Happy Lowman, you’re a softy”, you laughed, “Nothing bad will happen and you will be with us all the time. I doubt someone will dare to come any closer”


Happy growled and complained but you dragged him out of the house with your baby girl and dog. Reaper, your dog, was in the backseat with your baby and looking happy to go out too. You smiled at them and at your grumpy husband driving. At the park, nobody would come closer as you had predicted. Happy had the baby in the carrier and a “Do Not Come Closer or Touch the Baby” glare.

“Smile Lowman”, you glanced at your husband, “Just a little bit”

“We should have stayed home”, he muttered, “Watch cartoons or something”

You just rolled your eyes and continued to walk. Your dog was sniffing the air and obediently walking by your side. Your baby was just looking at everything in this new place. Happy talked to her and she looked up at her dad, making your husband finally smile. You walked for a while and found a place to sit. Happy let your dog run and played with him while you and your baby watched them. He kept an eye on your two all the time and seemed to actually enjoy the morning outside. You were just putting your phone away when Happy walked back to you.

“Time to go home?”, he asked, kneeling to give water to your dog.

“Nope”, you said, “It’s time to go to grandma’s for lunch”


Your old man looked happier as you greeted his mother and she held her granddaughter. Family was everything to Happy and you knew paying his mom a visit would make his day off even better. He insisted on helping to set the table and serve lunch, making you and your mother in law glance at each other and smile. As soon as Happy sat by the table, your baby girl screeched for him.

“She’s a daddy’s girl indeed”, his mother said, making Happy smile from ear to ear. You told her about your morning and Happy just listened you two talk, protectively holding his baby. You glanced at father and daughter talking and felt happy to see your old man relax for once.

After lunch, you went back home and Happy carried your baby girl to her crib for a nap. Reaper laid on a rug by the crib and Happy petted his head, “Good boy. Watch our girl for me”. You held his hand and pulled him to the bedroom. You snuggled in bed, Happy’s head on your stomach and his arm around you.

“You should get some sleep”, you caressed his back, “You watched us all night”

“I didn’t”, Happy muttered.

“We will be right here when you wake up”, you softly traced the tattoos on his skin.

“I don’t wanna miss a thing”, your old man admitted, “I wanna be a good dad”

“You won’t miss anything”, you reassured him and felt Happy relaxing, “And you already are the best dad”

Creepypasta #1229: The Game Master

Length: Super long

Note: This story contains racial slurs. 

From under my blindfold, I could detect the flickering of lights as I was led to the basement floor. Echoes of dripping water splattered against something metallic. My nose filled with the stench of mildew and something rotten. A man pushed hard into my back to make sure I wouldn’t try escaping. Like that was an option. 

He removed my blindfold once the door to the basement was shut and led me into a small room with no windows. Once inside, I was met by four other men and one female. Each of them had a captor of their own. I had just enough time to see all of their faces before being thrown into a chair.

“What’s going on?” I asked, my voice shaken.

“I dunno,” the man in front me said. His arms were as large as my head and were covered in tattoos. He wore a white bandana that had splotches of blood on it. I’m assuming his trip to the basement hadn’t gone without protest.

“You’re here to play a game,” a man walked into the room holding a revolver on a black cloth.

The woman to my right started sobbing.

“I’m sure you are all familiar with Russian Roulette,” the man said.

Each of us seated at the table exchanged glances.

“We play the game a bit differently here,” he said, putting the gun at the center of the table. “There are five shots in this gun instead of one. I’ll spin the gun and whoever it points at will pick it up.”

A short black man to my left began struggling in his seat. “Fuck that, man!”

The man behind him pulled a pipe of some kind from behind his back and swung it to the side of the man’s head. The impact made an awful sound that rang out in the basement like sneakers on a basketball court.

“You’ll play or we’ll play for you,” the man behind him said. “And trust me, you don’t want us to play for you.”

“I have a wife and kids at home,” the man who sat between the tattooed guy and the black guy was tall with glasses. He looked like the smart scientist from the Ghostbusters movies.

“Me too,” the guy sitting next to the girl said. He had long black hair and wore a hemp necklace. I couldn’t be sure in the lighting but it looked like he may have been wearing eye liner.

“Good, I’m glad we have something at stake,” the man walked away from the table. “My name, eh, my name doesn’t matter. I’m the Game Master.”

What a stupid name, I thought to myself. I guess it didn’t matter if his name was dumb or not. He had us all hostage and we were his players whether we liked the idea or not.

“Now back to the rules,” the Game Master said. “When you pick up the gun you will choose who to shoot. That’s what makes our game so much more fun than the boring ol’ Russian Roulette. We give you the choice.”

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