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Monsta X Drabble #3

Drabble: 16. the one where anything written on your skin appears on your soulmate’s skin as well.
Pairing: Lee Jooheon/Jooheon x Reader

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“Are you just doing this to spite me, or what?”

You looked down to your new ‘tattoo’ with eyes filled with disbelief. It was a giant dick, drawn on with bright red ink, and under it scribbled on with messy lettering were the words ‘he fell asleep, sorry!’. This made you groan out in annoyance, and you hurriedly ran to a mirror to see if it was more noticeable than you thought. It was.

“Oh great!” You growled out as you threw your hands into the air. The dick had been placed on to your, well more like your soulmates, forearm. And it wasn’t just some little drawing, it literally took up your entire forearm. Was the ink permanent? Knowing his friends it probably was. This mark was definitely going to be hard to cover, I mean, you could just wear a jacket or a long-sleeves shirt. But it was going to be in 90s today, so that was out of the question.

Quickly you ran back to your bed, picking up your phone hurriedly before you glanced back down to your forearm. You dialed his number as you stood there, and with each passing moment it was as if your new ‘tattoo’ was mocking you. For a few minutes only the dull tone of static was heard, until someone finally picked up and a groggy voice spoke up.


“Your friends are assholes, Jooheon!” You said loudly, making him flinch a bit at the noise as he pulled the speaker away from his ear. “I have an interview today, but because of them it’s a possibility I might not get the job.”

“What’re you talking about?” His voice was low as he spoke, sleep still heavily lacing his words as he sat up and ran a hand through his hair.

“Your left arm, Jooheon, look.”

Slowly his eyes traveled to his left arm, and it took him a while to focus in on what you had been talking about. But as soon as he had spotted what you were stressing about, his eyes shot open with shock. A groan fell from his lips as he ran a hand over his face in annoyance, and he brought the phone back to his ear. “I’m so sorry, y/n.”

“You don’t need to apologize, it was their fault,” You mumbled, looking back down to the red ink before narrowing your eyes. You wrapped your left arm around your stomach as you looked back to the mirror, a small sigh falling from your lips as you closed your eyes. “Next time I see them, someone is going to die.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be the one to do that.”

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So many people send in asks criticizing you for this blog but honestly in the past four years I've been following this blog, I've learned a lot about sanitary practices, aftercare, how to tell if someone's a legit good artist or not, and honestly how to gauge how badly I want a certain tattoo. So like, even aside from mocking awful tattoos, this blog's come in handy more often than not for me lol. Thanks for that, for real.


Internet has been down for a week+ but at least something good came out of it!

Here’s a small glimpse in the world of the project I’m currently working on :) Magazine mock-up just for fun! I think I wanna make more of these…!  

Can we not be this kind of Fandom?

With in 12 hours I saw someone in the Fandom jump on a silly, comedic post and just start insulting religious people for no reason, and then I witnessed someone get memes created to mock their tattoo which led to anonymous hate, death threats, and being kicked out of fan groups.

Was the tattoo insulting? No.

Was it provocative? No.

Did it upset someone’s sensitive headcanon? No.

They just thought the art looked ugly and dumb. That’s it. Now their partner is receiving threats and hate.

Could we not?

take it all until there’s nothing left of me

pairing: Kazuchika Okada/Female OC
warnings: swearing, almost alcohol abuse
a/n: angst and smut, two things i write the best; more chapters incoming soon. kinda enemies to lovers trope. let me know if you want to be tagged in the rest :) 

Part 1

They hate each other; of that, she is completely sure. He hates her tattoos, mocks her every time he sees them— “unnecessary and, frankly, would suit someone else much better.” He hates her in-ring style, calls her brash and reckless, like he’s not the exact same when it’s him between those ropes. She hates his smug grin, arrogance seeping through every pore of his body, and she hates the way he thinks he owns everything he sees. She hates the fast cars, the obnoxious noise every time he rocks up to a meeting or a show. Emily hates him, mostly, because, even with all these things, even with him belittling her, she can’t stop thinking about him.

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Dauntless: I Love You

Eric x OC
Warnings: Language, feels

Stupid head.

I sat sulkily on the bench, my feet propped on the one across from me as I watched Eric talk to the new female initiates. One of them was getting on my nerves, and although Eric didn’t seem to notice, she was outright flirting with him.

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Ate do you know any sites online where I can learn Baybayin?

Hello! :) There are quite a lot however my recommended places to learn are sites by those who have been active and contributing to the Baybayin community for years. There is Nordenx, who has made the majority of the fonts you see of baybayin. Kristian Kabuay, a well known artist and lecturer in the Baybayin community and the guy who runs There is Paul Marrow’s website on the script, though not a Pilipinx himself, he is a respected and major contributor in the Baybayin community. For those interested in Kulitan, which is the Kapampangans native script, you can check out Mike Pangilinan’s book, Kulitan and his website, for everything on the script and everything on Kampampangan language, history, and culture, which he is very, and mean very, passionate and vocal about. For Suwat Bisaya, you can check out Akopito’s website which talks about not only the Bisayan version of the script but also anything on our history and culture as Bisayans.

And that is pretty much it that I can think of at the top of my head. There is also the active Baybayin group page on Facebook where everyone in the community tends to hang out and share information and artwork. First rule of thumb when joining the community however, do not, in any circumstances, ask us how to write something for you. Your name, a word, or whatever, especially if you want to tattoo yourself in baybayin. Now I don’t mean you necessarily when I say you, but I mean to anyone reading this. Don’t even ask. I have several of that in my inbox and some I have refused to answer, mainly those asking for the sake of a tattoo. If you don’t want to take the time to learn the script don’t bother those of us who have just to get a tattoo as a mock symbol of cultural pride. Sure you can wear it, but if you don’t even know the history of the writing scripts or how to write it, not even interested in doing so, that just mocks the writing system and our culture. Take the time to learn it. The people I mentioned above have provided them. Not only is it rude but it’s also disrespectful.

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"Show off,” he mumbled because he knew very well that the L inked on Harry’s ring finger was going to be visible for the whole world now" One of the lines from that tellmethisisnotlove fic. So funny how they mock Eleanor's tattoo but what it really is, is they want so desperately, such a clear marked declaration of inked representation on Harry and Louis. Something so undeniable and unquestionably for each other. That fic was ridiculous. How funny its "canon compliant" and couldn't be further.

Agree, they do so desperately wish Harry had that that tattoo, don’t they? Gabi goes on to describe Larry finally coming out in 2019, via a picture with RBB in the background. She still doesn’t explain what changed to make this possible.

Because @mad-madam-m​ ‘s tags are always an inspiration! inspired by these tags and this awesome tattoo!au

Derek remembers the day he swore he’d never love again. It was the day his house burned down, the day his family died, the day he finally understood why his tattoo was never on Kate’s body. He wants to claw at his own skin when he understands, wants to tear the mark she left on his arm when he gets it.
She never loved him. She only used him to get to his family. And now, he has to live with her mark on his skin until he dies, because this is how it works. When you fall in love, their tattoo appears on your body, and it stays forever. It never goes away.

He wakes up everyday, and it’s always there, as a reminder that he’s responsible for his family’s death, that he’ll have to live with that for the rest of his life. His own tattoo seems to mock him on his ankle, and he starts to hate it, just as much as he hates Kate’s.
He doesn’t want to love anyone anymore. He doesn’t deserve to be loved either.

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okay let’s be real their first kiss should be while alarms are blaring and Poe has to take his trusted x-wing to fend off  TIE fighters while Finn and Rey  prepare for ~the big fight~ and they know they don’t have time for a proper goodbye so in the middle of the emergency lit corridor Poe  pulls Finn close by his jacket and plants one on him while Finn is too stunned to do anything other than melt into it and it’s over way too soon and all they can do is gaze longingly at each other for just a moment before they have to go their separate ways

((more of Poe’s tattoo)) ((mock storyboard and script for the scene above))

  • *221B*
  • Baby Holmes: *entering; unwinding her scarf*, wait, that means the colleague must have killed her. The baby was his!
  • Sherlock: *nods* Exactly. Can't have his wife finding out his dirty secret. Strangled the mother, tried to make it look like a burglary. His mistake?
  • Baby Holmes: *snaps her fingers* Nothing was taken. And there was no sign of forced entry.
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Most likely had the key for their meetings.
  • Sherlock & Baby Holmes: *high five*
  • Molly: *standing in the kitchen; arms folded* And where have you two been?
  • Sherlock & Baby Holmes: *glance at each other*
  • Sherlock & Baby Holmes: Cinema.
  • Molly: *raises her eyebrow* Do you think I was born yesterday?
  • Baby Holmes: *opens her mouth*
  • Sherlock: *shaking his head, muttering* Don't don't...
  • Molly: *sighs* Sherlock, she's thirteen.
  • Sherlock: *enthusiastic* Exactly. Practically an adult, aren't you? *pats her shoulder*
  • Baby Holmes: *grins* Does that mean I can get a Pokémon tattoo?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *smug; mocking* Well, she is practically an adult, dear.
  • Sherlock: *hesitates* Wouldn't you rather have something else?
  • Baby Holmes: *thinking* How about a tongue piercing?
  • Sherlock & Molly: No!

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prompt: harry dating an artist ??

At first, it was madness. 

Paint dripped from Harry’s hairline to the spot resting just above his brow. There was a smiley face located somewhere on his body - it was too hard to tell where the acrylic had dried - and a bold stripe of red resting along his hipbone. His hands were hard on your waist, backing you against the plastic-wrapped sofa, teeth nipping at your neck which had been dosed in blue paint. The color was sopping into the top of your shirt, causing the material to plaster against the curve of your shoulder, and he was eyeing the spot while rubbing his thumbs into the divots of your waist, locating the mock tattoo he had created on you. 

“Look what you’ve done,” he rasped out, curls blocking your peripheral vision until his nose was nuzzle into your neck and his mouth was seeking out your pulse point, “You’ve gone and gotten me dirty." 

The smirk was sly when it finally rested upon your lips. A dribble of yellow paint was drying at your cupid’s bow, creating an illuminated centerpiece of your face. “I know.” 

Harry fluttered his eyelashes against your damp skin. Although his thumb was scraping the excess paint from your cheek, it felt marred by his touch. The scorching bite of his fingertips made your eyelids fall shut. 

Then, it was the calm. 

With Harry’s hands cradling either side of your face, his skin was cool to the touch; yours was pulsating beneath his palms. Your face felt aflame, reacting strongly to his strong fingers as they brushed back the hair from your face and smoothed over your bottom lip. His eyes were trained on the outline of your mouth, wanting to follow the angles and curves with his tongue, craving to follow the light bead of sweat that had appeared at your top lip. 

Before he slotted his lips over yours, you tightened your hands around his bicep and let him perch you against the armrest of the couch. When your foreheads came together, situated against one another, the color that had blended into the top of his hair mixed with the rainbow of shades at the top of your forehead. Although you couldn’t see it well enough - and the artist inside of you shouted, wailed, dreamed of taking pictures - you imagined a soft pigment of green. It was a color too light to resemble the forest beneath his eyes, but dark enough to hold the emotion beneath it as he cupped the back of your neck and pushed his mouth to capture yours.

Tongues met and heads spun. You two were getting paint everywhere - on each other and in the other’s hair (you especially when you grasped a section of locks at the base of Harry’s neck and tugged until he was gasping against your parted mouth). The couch was a flurry of mixed shades of greens and lilacs, soft reds and obliterated grays. 

"Careful… easy, love,” he murmured gently when you roughly pawed at the neckline of his shirt. “As much as you’ve already ruined this shirt with your paint, I quite like it." 

You breathed out, “Suits you,” and kissed him again. “It’s very artistic.” 

Against your pursuing, Harry shook his head and easily grasped your elbows in his soft hold. “No.” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and mouthed at the spot just below your ear. When you lost balance and your knees began to give up, he securely wrapped his arm around your middle and smeared dark blue paint against the plane of your navel. “That would be you.” 

"I’m not an artistic." 

Eyebrows furrowed low; the spot between his eyebrows grew wrinkled in surprise. “Not an artist?” 

"I drew a dick on your forehead." 

Loud, booming laughter filled the entrance of your flat. Harry kissed you without another sound, causing you to reach up onto your tiptoes to be able to curl your fingers into his hair again. 

"Lovely thing,” he murmured affectionately, without any added connotation, and neither of you were sure if he was speaking directly to you or whispering to himself. While he spoke, you were much too focused on the bitten hue of his lips and how his pupils had dilated; nothing went unnoticed by him as your breathing gave you away. “You think I didn’t know that?" 

A breath of air escaped the corner of your mouth and Harry chased it away with his tongue. 

"Not an artist,” he repeated monotonously, almost as if he couldn’t believe your words. “You’re art everyday." 

"That’s not the same thing - ”

“‘Course it is, love.” Harry pushed his mouth against yours once more. The paint against your face had begun to dry and settle. His eyes flickered over every aspect of you - from your shining eyes to the hearts dotted around your collarbones and the tops of your shoulder blades; from the hue of your eyes to the lines in your hands of which he pressed colorful kisses to; from the bridge of your nose to the dip of your stomach where your body pressed into his.

“Art,” is what he said without a moment’s worth of hesitation, “You’re the beautiful canvas to this dull world." 

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Do you still like Tyler Posey?


of course.

ok, so, my dad is my favourite person on the planet, but if it came down to it, we would fundamentally vote for very different things in a general election (he would probably vote for Cameron, i would be there waving a banner screeching NOOOO CORRUPT MPs OMG NOOO, and my dad’d be like, ehhh it’s politics, i want to vote, he’s the best of the bunch)

and the thing of it is, my dad is my favourite, my inspiration, his office is my favourite place in the world, i’m SAFE there, and yet, we still FUNDAMENTALLY disagree on basic politics.

my reflect it back calendar came, no parcel, just Posey starfishing in boxers over three other dudes in boxers on the front cover, i had it deleivered to my parents address, JUST IN CASE u never know, etc. my dad told me something had arrived for me.

my dad. doesn’t understand tumblr. doesn’t get why on earth his twenty five year old daughter would be purchasing a calender that’s ultimately a shitload of half naked dudes laughing at stuff happening off camera, posing in the bath and shit, but still says, “hey Amy, you seem to have a package" no irony, no judgement, just, here is the thing you like, it has arrived, please take it. my dad does’t understand tumblr. he can’t wrap his head around the idea of "fandom” if asked what his favourite celebrity were to be, he would laugh and say “uh, Linda Carter?” because Wonder Woman was his jam back in the day. and she is still a “famous” person to him. 

Posey said something. god, something that must have been building inside of him for a really long time. imagine you’re told you’re going to be the star of a tv series. you’re psyched, right? you’re like FUCK YEAH, i’m gonna be super into this, gonna give my fans my all, gonna give this everything i have. and then… everyone digs the secondary character more than you. ok, fair enough, YOU LOVE THE SECONDARY CHARACTER, TOO. you dig it he’s hilarious, your character is sort of more… salt of the earth, general tv specific male lead, “i can do no wrong, for i am a good boy, i can’t kill anyone, or be seen to treat women badly except when i’m REALLY HURT FOR MAN PAIN REASONS, i must be good al the time, moral black and white personality default” I CAN SEE WHY PEOPLE LIKE THE DUDE WHO IS QUESTIONABLY A DOUCHE SOMETIMES.

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Cape May lighthouse and violet for my mom mom. She used to own a bed and breakfast in Cape May and then retired and now works at the lighthouse. She also picked the violet for the tattoo. She’s the best.

Tattoo by Brian Mock


at Kiss of Ink in Trenton, NJ


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Right okay so I was talking about the rise and dagger on Twitter and an anti-larrie literally said, and I quote "louis saw that you guys wanted him to get a dagger tattoo and he though it was funny because you guys are so deluded and shit so he got it to make fun of you" and I'm honestly laughing so hard because someone honestly thinks that Louis would get something as permanent as a tattoo to mock us.