tattoo mocks

Because @mad-madam-m​ ‘s tags are always an inspiration! inspired by these tags and this awesome tattoo!au

Derek remembers the day he swore he’d never love again. It was the day his house burned down, the day his family died, the day he finally understood why his tattoo was never on Kate’s body. He wants to claw at his own skin when he understands, wants to tear the mark she left on his arm when he gets it.
She never loved him. She only used him to get to his family. And now, he has to live with her mark on his skin until he dies, because this is how it works. When you fall in love, their tattoo appears on your body, and it stays forever. It never goes away.

He wakes up everyday, and it’s always there, as a reminder that he’s responsible for his family’s death, that he’ll have to live with that for the rest of his life. His own tattoo seems to mock him on his ankle, and he starts to hate it, just as much as he hates Kate’s.
He doesn’t want to love anyone anymore. He doesn’t deserve to be loved either.

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drabble challenge #17

Anon requested Drarry in which they get lame matching tattoos and are mocked.

I’ve had to take a bit of a break from filling the drabble requests due to school and work. I’ve got them all saved in a file waiting for a free moment, but I thought I’d do at least one this morning.

Teddy’s feet were on the kitchen table, yesterday’s mascara was smudged around his eyes, and he was snickering into his copy of Witch Weekly. Twenty years old and still living at home. They’d finally gotten rid of Andromeda when Teddy graduated from Hogwarts, but Teddy hadn’t shown the slightest inclination toward moving out. Draco tugged on the sloppy pink bun on top of his son’s head, and kissed his forehead.

“Must be some good gossip this week.”
“You could say that,” Teddy said, leveling Draco with a smirk.
Draco did not like the look of that smirk. Harry called it The Marauder’s Smile, but every time his son got that cheeky look on his face, Draco knew that whatever happened next was his comeuppance for the wankery he’d displayed as a teenager. Draco decided to indulge in an extra cup of tea, because surely he would need it.
He shoved Teddy’s feet off the table, and sat down next to him.
“All right, what’s so funny?”
“It’s just that you’re so cute, Dad.”
Teddy slapped his magazine on the table. It was open to the centerfold, which featured two men in skimpy swim trunks posed on a beach towel in the style of cheesecake pin-ups. Draco would recognize those two wankers anywhere.
Harry was draped across Draco’s chest, his thumb rubbing slowly over the fawn tattooed over Draco’s heart. The fawn that Draco had gotten to remind himself of Harry’s softness, the gentle part of Harry that most people missed because all they could see was The Stag. Draco watched as Harry kissed the edge of his tattoo. He watched as his own hand gripped Harry’s soft side, where the tattoo of Draco’s wispy white dragon patronus lazed on his dark skin. Draco’s other hand seemed to be inching beneath the waistband of his husband’s trunks.
Draco hardly dared look at the photo’s headline. But the alternative was to stare in horror at his foot, his traitorous foot that was running up and down Harry’s calf. So he looked at the cloud shaped letters floating across the perfect blue-sky backdrop, declaring, Fluffy Dragon Fawns Over the Boy Who Lived.