tattoo lit

Maybe the stardust that made us was from the same star. Maybe I’ve been looking for that little piece of familiar stardust in someone else, and I found it in you.

Maybe you’re my origins. Maybe when you appeared on the scene eighteen years ago, my soul was formed to complement yours like green complements blue.

Maybe we are trees, our roots entwined, yet we grew apart, but now, our branches are touching once again. Your leaves fall onto me, and I’m happy to be decorated as yours. My flowers look all the better when they are among your twigs.


i got a new tattoo today!

“i’ve lost track of my mistakes

like birds they fly around

and darken half my skies”

from the poet game by greg brown

(and i guess this means my left arm is for tattoos with text now. this is a trend that i am OK with.)


Come smoke dudes ✌🏼

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