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Reaching for the light // I’ve learned early on in my life that no matter how hard we try, we will always have times in our lives where we find ourselves in dark places. I’m currently in the darkest place I’ve ever been in, and it’s a constant battle for me to remind myself that it doesn’t end here. It’s in these darkest places and in these darkest moments that we are challenged the most; Causing us to learn the most, grow the most, and change the most…and by God’s grace, these dark places can transform into beautiful things. This is currently my deepest prayer and heart’s desire. Let the ruins come to life, in the beauty of Your name.

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The LORD will fight for you; You need only to be still. // Exodus 14:14

This discipline is so difficult, and I find myself more often than not battling myself to just be still. It’s such a beautiful thing to know that no matter how long a process takes us, He is still waiting for us. He never pressures us to complete something, but instead He is always faithful to complete the work that He began in us. He is faithful even when we wander. He is so beautifully patient. He is kind. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to complete surrender and learning to be still in the Father’s perfect love….learning how to trust in His perfect way. It’s so much easier said than done.

At a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Illinois, a server named Samantha Heaton received this homophobic note from customers instead of a tip on their $60 check. 

It says “can’t tip someone who doesn’t love Jesus! Bad tattoo.” Heaton says they didn’t discuss her sexual orientation or religion at all, but that they must have noticed her tattoo, an equal sign in rainbow colors. 

Cheap pockets, cheap morals. Sorry this happened, Samantha. (via HuffPost)

These guys totally used to be best buds and I gotta know what they were like before the leg incident please disney i beg u 

Wasn’t entirely sure how to go about a younger Tama but I figured at this point he’d have at least amassed himself enough ~*shine*~ to cover his shell  

Jesus didn’t come saying, believe in me so when you die later in life you can go to heaven and it will all be good. Thats it, thats the whole message of the Gospel.  Rather he said, The Kingdom of God is here, take up your cross, deny yourself, and become my disciple. The more I read scripture, the more I believe being a follower of Jesus really does require us to re-orient our entire lives around the Way of Jesus. God isn’t a commodity, he’s not a little emblem on our car, or the “Jesus” stapler at the bookstore. That’s not becoming his apprentice. “Whoever want’s to be my disciple must take up his cross and deny himself daily”, or “This is how we will know we are in him, we will live as Jesus did.” So, the question is, do our lives look like our master’s? Or does our life look like our life, with a cross necklace and Jesus tattoo? Are we a disciple of Jesus, or a fan of the idea of Jesus? Who are we becoming like, Jesus or the world? If we truly know him and follow him, our lives will reflect that, and we will shine like stars. This is the harsh but absolutely freeing reality I am faced with. Teach me Lord, I will follow you.
—  Reflections of the past 3 weeks

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Don't get me wrong, I really love soulmate tattoos au, but like, imagine you having a fucking "hello,nice to meet you" tattoo. I would so fucking pissed tbh

Okay but Grantaire definitely has a “Hello, nice to meet you” tattoo because that’s how Enjolras greet every new member of the ABC, so it doesn’t even fase him, he’s not holy shit that’s my soulmate! 

But Grantaire sees Enjolras and damn he’s pretty what if he’s his soulmate? So the first thing Grantaire does is blurt out the first lines of the Cotton Eye Joe song.

Enjolras pulls up his sleeve to show where his tattoo is: “Jesus I was wondering when that’d be relevent.”