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Hello😀 can I get the bidders reaction to when they find Mc with a sleeve (tatoo). They never really noticed because of her uniform hiding it.They realize by either making love to her OR when she's about to leave the penthouse in a sleeveless shirt.

This was an amazing idea - I hope I wrote it well enough!

Eisuke: Indifferent.

 “I want all of you, Aimi,”. Eisuke’s words were like hot stones all over Aimi’s body, and she didn’t know what she could possibly have hoped to say in reply, so instead she just whispered his name against his lips as he kissed her again and again.

The attack was merciless, but she didn’t want it to ever stop.

Not ever.

I definitely made the right decision, she thought, staring into those stunning brown eyes, bright with either the low lighting of the room or the heat from their kiss. The purposeful, promising look he was giving her right now made her squirm where she lay, and he finally – at last – started to unbutton her blouse, tracing kisses down her chest as he went.

“You belong to me, Aimi,” he reminded her, his voice deep and hot. She dug her fingers into the bed sheets, trying and failing not to moan too loudly with each kiss. “You always will”.

He sat back on his knees so that he could easily remove her arms from the material that was currently giving him a restricted view of what was his.

Caught up completely in the moment, Aimi had forgotten about her sleeve; an intricate pattern of detailed flowers of many types, with leaves that seemed to go on forever, all stemming from the very bottom of the tattoo. A bluebird, mid-song, was perched atop a flower, and the whole thing was outlined in a faded black that made her arm look as though it had always been that way.

It was certainly something that would catch a few eyes… but Eisuke only tilted his head to the side slightly, a numb look on his face as he watched the tattoo, almost as though he was wondering whether the thing would suddenly come to life.

Aimi’s heart was racing at a speed that made it difficult to speak properly, but she felt that she had to at least say something.

“Um…”. It was like someone had pressed pause on the scene. “…Eisuke?”.

But then he was done staring, and his lips sought out Aimi’s all over again, bringing her legs up so that they were even closer than before.

There was no time to be surprised before pleasure took over again, and Aimi yelped as she felt his cold hands on her body once more.

Is he not going to say anything? Her mind rushed to ask, but she didn’t suppose that it had bothered him all that much… But surely….

“…Did you not notice my sleeve?”.

He wore an easy smirk as he looked down at her, not once glancing at her arm. Why is he always so cool about everything?!

How could I miss it?” he asked, the perfect picture of nonchalance.

He went to kiss her again but she stopped him, frowning at his lack of interest.

“Why are you so relaxed about this?”.

“Because,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “What does it matter? -“.

“What does it matter?!- “.

“That’s not what I meant- “. He cut himself short, looking away from her for a second whilst he tried to work out exactly what it was that he was trying to say.

How do I tell her that I love her no matter what? He thought distantly, annoyed at himself for being so hopeless. Honestly, he should be able to express himself to the woman he loves without somehow managing to also upset her in the process.

“Aimi…”. He leaned down again so that their faces were mere inches apart, holding her tight in the hopes that it would translate to her just how he really felt.

Aimi wanted to be on her guard, but it was impossible with this man, so she snuggled close to him and just listened.

“It doesn’t make a difference to me, Aimi,” he told her, his words a gentle lullaby. “I don’t give a damn about what’s on your body, just so long as your body is mine”.

Aimi scoffed, trying and failing not to laugh at the seriousness in his expression.

“What?” he asked, growing impatient, as he usually did.

“So what you’re basically saying is…”. She had to pause for a moment, taking a breath so that she could laugh. “… You’re in love with me?”.

Yes, I’m in love with you, he thought, but instead of telling her this, he just kissed her again, strong and sure, just like his feelings for the beautiful brunette he could now call his.

Soryu: Impressed.

Mai was nervous.

She couldn’t help it – there was an anxious excitement involved in the idea of having a bath with Soryu Oh, the gorgeous mobster who had won her heart in a matter of days, as though it had been nothing but a cheap prize in an easy summer fair game.

She stood, somewhat awkwardly, by the bath, watching the hot, hot water plop down in an endless stream, fading out the windows with fog, hiding the darkness of the night.

Oh, Gods, she thought as Soryu stepped into the bathroom to join her. She wondered if she would ever get used to how hot he was; seriously, he was so tall and muscular, and whenever he wore his hair down, Mai’s stomach did flips and gambols until she felt positive that she would faint.

The heat of the bathroom would be a good excuse as to why my cheeks are so red, she thought absently as Soryu stood behind her, kissing her cheek with a hell of a lot more care than you’d expect from a mobster.

“Mai,” he breathed, and there was an urgency in his tone that was reflected somewhere in the bottom of her tummy.

She tried not to look at the mirror before them as he kissed her neck, because it would have surely made her blush a fierce shade of red.

Even so, her dark brown eyes wandered relentlessly up towards the mirror that she had been trying so hard to avoid, and her breath caught in her throat when she beheld the scene; they really did look so good together.

“I love you,” he murmured, and she breathed out, joy warming up her heart.

“I love you, too”.

She saw him smile in the mirror, before he started to unbutton her blouse, slowly but with the kind of certainty that left Mai holding her breath…

And then she remembered.

Crap! her thoughts were shouting, but she was helpless as Soryu’s big hands, surprisingly gentle, caressed her skin, pulling her shirt away from her body at an agonisingly sweet pace until she was certain that he could see her sleeve.

The tattoo itself was reasonably simple, but also intricate in its simplicity.

Soryu’s eyes widened; he was completely taken aback by the tattoo, with its repeated, effortless pattern, lacy as though someone had actually taken the time to sit and fix it to her skin, so beautiful that he almost wondered whether it had been woven by the Gods themselves.

“Wow, Mai…”. She could have sworn that there was a sense of admiration in his tone as he ran a hand down her exposed, painted arm, pushing her hair, dark and full, over to the other shoulder so that he could better see it. “… This is impressive”.

Mai’s surprised, relieved laugh filled the room like water, and Soryu smiled at her via the mirror, leaning down to lightly kiss her arm in some sort of appreciation.

“You sure you like it, Soryu?”.

He’s acting differently to how I expected, her mind mused, but Soryu just kissed her arm again, harder this time as if to make a point.

“Actually, I think it makes you even sexier than you were before-“. Soryu cut himself short, blushing despite trying not to.

What am I saying? He wondered, whilst Mai laughed sweetly again.

“Really?” she teased, turning in his arms, those brown eyes alight with something that made Soryu want to tell her everything, but he wanted her to understand what he had originally meant to say.

“Mai…”. His lips touched hers in the gentlest kiss, a kiss that left Mai wanting so much more. “You really are beautiful, Mai”. The tenderness in his eyes made her feel completely at peace, and they embraced, sharing yet another kiss.

Mai smiled against Soryu’s lips as a thought tickled her mind.

“I guess I really do fit the part of ‘mobster’s girlfriend’ now, eh?”.

Baba: Amazed.

First date, Muri’s thoughts whispered, over and over again like some sort of endless chant whilst she busied herself with the finishing touches to her outfit, rushing from one side of her room to the other, the sky changing colours outside as night carefully approached.

First date, she thought again as she casually eyed herself in the mirror, trying not to once again question her choice of dress; it was a little black number that fit like a glove, frilled at the bottom in a way that made it undoubtedly the most feminine item in her wardrobe, sleeveless in a way that revealed…

She sighed, a mixture of feelings taking shape inside her heart – The dress expertly revealed her sleeve tattoo, the fully bloomed roses catching the light and shining brilliantly, the closed ones hinting at what is to come, whilst leaves, careful and detailed, worked their way up and down her arm.

“…I hope he likes it,” she said aloud, grimacing at her reflection and giving a dry laugh.

As soon as Muri stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby, Baba’s smart brown eyes found her in a heartbeat, taking her in, from the swing of her long, dark hair to the graceful way in which she carried herself.

He was already on his feet, charming smile already in motion as he strolled towards her, unaware of the fact that he was trying really hard to impress her – the elaborate date, the helicopter, the five-star restaurant that would surely be six-star if they’d only allow it, the red suit and the hat and the way he had oh so casually asked Eisuke for advice before coming here, earning nothing but a smirk in reply – it was all to impress Muri.

“Milady,” he joked, bowing playfully and enjoying the sound of Muri’s tinkly laugh.

“Baba,” she responded, in way of greeting, and as soon as he raised his head… those keen eyes spotted the tattoo on Muri’s arm.

Woah there,” he couldn’t help but say, his eyes widening increasingly with every detail he took in.

I’d never have guessed that she had a… but his thoughts trailed off uselessly as he took her hand and began to lead her to the helipad, his fingers lacing themselves easily through hers as he rushed to speak.

“I had no idea,” he said, and Muri was puzzled by the amazement evident in his sparkling eyes. “You really kept that hidden from me, Muri”. He put a hand to his mouth in thought, and Muri dared a look down at their intertwined fingers, hoping that her heart would soon calm down.

“Sorry,” she managed to say, smiling up at him, dark eyes glowing. “But you never really asked, Baba”.

“I guess it never quite came into conversation,” he agreed, and she laughed again.

There were still questions racing through Baba’s mind – suddenly this beautiful woman had become even more special to him than before, and he just wanted to know every little thing about her. The tattoo was beautiful and he couldn’t take his eyes away from it - from her.

“When did you get it done?” came his question.

“A couple years back,” Muri explained, biting her lip as she pondered over it in a way that had Baba quickly distracted. “I didn’t have any particular reason for doing it – I just wanted to see what I’d look like with one”. He raised his eyebrows, and she shrugged. “What?”.

“You’re just…”. The air hit their faces as they left the lobby, blowing back Muri’s hair dramatically whilst Baba struggled to find the word.


“Amazing, actually”. He registered the surprise on her soft features and raised the hand he was holding, kissing her knuckles, maintaining eye contact with her the whole time.

She tried to hide her blush with her hair, which made Baba chuckle.

“You really are amazing, pretty lady”. Suddenly Muri felt as though she was speaking to a super fan – had she have known that he would react this well to her sleeve… she would have been convinced enough to tell him about it much sooner.

There’s a certain shine to those eyes of his as he talks that makes Muri wish the night would never end.

“Now you’ve got me thinking,” he thought out loud, looking up at the delicate stars and touching a hand to his mouth.

“I have?”.

“Yeah,” he confirmed, almost distantly. “…Maybe I should get one myself”.

She tried – she really did try – not to immediately laugh, but one look at his serious expression had her in stitches, and Baba was bright red by the time she finally stopped laughing.

Ota: Inspired.

They hadn’t known each other long, but in a night of sudden wanting for each other, they had found themselves in Ota’s studio, the curtains drawn, offering the pair of them a rare, special atmosphere of romance and privacy.

Gen’s skin glistened with a light layer of sweat underneath her blouse, but breathing was all she could seem to do as Ota removed his shirt, hovering over her in the most teasing of ways, the expression on his face an undoubtable mix of love and lust. Those amber eyes were burning so bright that Gen had to let out a gasp, and suddenly his lips were by her ear, kissing her so gently that she wasn’t so sure that it was even him.

“Gen…”. As he said her name, she closed her dark eyes, opening herself up completely to the idea of doing this with the ‘angelic’ artist who had bought her for more money than she would surely ever see in her entire life.

Maybe it won’t last, she thought whilst Ota made quick work of her blouse, popping open each button with a mastered technique that made Gen nervous. Maybe it doesn’t need to, she decided as his lips found hers, and he was still saying her name as though it was the only thing that meant anything at all.

She reciprocated in the kind of kiss that left the mind in a tizzy, and then there was the feeling of a cool kind of air hitting her skin as his nimble fingers finally came to expose her shoulders…

“…Wow”. Gen was lost enough in the moment – ridiculous enough – to believe that that had merely been Ota’s reaction to the sight of her half naked, so she batted her long eyelashes and gave a shy smile, not quick enough to notice that Ota’s beautiful eyes were not looking at her chest… but rather at her arms…

Damn it, came her thoughts, embarrassed and scolding, her cheeks responding by turning crimson.

Honestly, the passion of the evening had cleared away any sort of sense from Gen’s mind, because she had failed to remember her tattooed arms, the colours glistening delicately in the dimmed down lights of the studio.

“Wow,” Ota said again, and Gen just bit her lip, staring up at him and trying to read that mastered calm expression on his face.

He had completely paused, and it made Gen feel edgy.

“Yeah,” she tried to say, laughing awkwardly. The room was suddenly too silent… but then Ota was smiling, a genuine, huge smile that had her swooning.

“This is…”. He was running his hands down her arms, but it was less sexual and more like… like he was approving a piece of art. “This is one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever seen”.

“Really?” she was saying, clearly disbelieving, but Ota didn’t even look up from her arms as he nodded vigorously.

“The way the colours catch the light,” he explained, but Gen had a sense that he was not really speaking to her anymore. His fingers caressed her skin, and although her breath caught, Ota was still grinning. She had never seen him like this. “Perfect shading – the whole thing matches your skin so expertly… Whoever did this must be- “. Gen sighed – she hadn’t really meant to, but sexual frustration was not an emotion that she particularly fancied feeling whilst sprawled out like a doll on Ota Kisaki’s studio bed.

His eyes found hers in an instant, holding her as though they were actually hands.

“Growing impatient, are we?”. Gen didn’t bother denying it, not even when she picked up on that tone he uses when he treats her like a dog – she just looked at him, raising an eyebrow carefully.

“Yes,” she replied in an obvious tone. “I can set you up with my tats instead if you’d rather spend the night with them and not me”. Ota leaned down and kissed her, still smiling against her lips. She didn’t fight the urge to kiss him back, instead hooking her arms around his neck so that he wouldn’t stop this time.

“That won’t be necessary,” he promised, and her heart quickened its beating when his eyes failed to leave hers.

“And why’s that?” she dared to ask, smirking up at him with that usual confidence on show.

Ota kissed her again in answer, his lips trailing kisses from her own, to her chest and then down her arms.

“Because, Gen,” he started, leaving one kiss. “You are”. Another kiss. “In yourself”. Another kiss. “…A work of art”.

And he didn’t even give her the time to react before the night picked up from where it had been left.

Mamoru: Shocked.

It was Rin’s day off, finally.

Erika’s pointless pestering and her usual bossy attitude had been nothing but bothersome this week, and Rin just wanted to get out of this damn hotel and catch a second or two of fresh air.

Mamoru was now her boyfriend, and the thought made her smile as she worked her way from her room and into the penthouse lounge where the man himself was currently located.

He was smoking a familiar cigarette, standing in the corner as per usual, staring out of the window with a meaningful sort of glance whilst Eisuke and Soryu, the only other guys in the room, got on with whatever they were doing – nothing, probably.

“I’m going out for some air”. Rin’s cheerful voice bounced off of the walls, but she didn’t turn to see if anyone had even noticed that she was leaving – It was her day off, after all, and now that her and Mamoru were together, she didn’t feel quite as low down as she used to. “See you all late- “.

“What in the hell is that?!”. Mamo’s deep voice was suddenly booming in Rin’s ears, and she paused, quickly wracking her brain in an attempt to understand what could possibly be wrong.

It’s not like I’m dressed inappropriately, her thoughts assured her, as she glanced down at her subtle outfit; a trusted mid-thigh length skirt, dark grey in colour, and a short-sleeved shirt that…

Oh, she thought, just as Mamoru found his way to her, immediately reaching for her tattooed arm.

Yeah, she probably should have mentioned her sleeve earlier – a unique design of shaded black flowers and patterns joining them all together, covering her arm with a feminine yet cool sort of grace – before parading it across the penthouse lounge and nearly giving her man a heart attack.

“I had it done ages and ages ago now,” she rambled, seeing the dazed expression on the detective’s face; his mouth was literally hanging open, those grey eyes impossibly large as they remained locked on her arm. “…Um, I’ve gotten really used to it, so I suppose I just forgot to say anything about it”.

The other guys were starting to look over with a reluctant sort of interest, but Mamoru’s eyes did not move, his grip only tightening.

Rin’s dark eyes blinked up at her boyfriend.

“Do you…”. She tried again. “…Do you hate it, Mamo?”.

That was all it took to bring him back down to earth, and uncaring as to whoever else was in the room at the time, Mamoru pulled Rin in close, tucking her into his warmth.

Rin tried not to look too surprised as his voice, magically gentle, whispered into her ear: “Of course I don’t hate it, sweetheart”. He seemed to embrace her even tighter then, and Rin’s eyes must have been so wide. “I was just shocked is all”.

“There are plenty of rooms in this hotel,” came Eisuke’s bored voice, Soryu opting to remain silent and simply look away. “Go find one”.

But Mamoru ignored him as he took Rin’s hand in his own – could she really expect this sort of tenderness from a relationship with this man? She hadn’t expected to feel this way so often when she first got involved.


“You were headin’ out, right?”. Rin noticed that Mamoru’s cigarette was gone, replaced with a cool, leisurely smile as they strolled out of the room, not bothering with goodbyes.

Rin’s grin was a pretty one.

“Right,” she agreed, and their eyes met. “… So you’re really okay with it?”.

“And so what if I weren’t?” he teased, raising an eyebrow. “You gonna go remove the thing?”.

“No,” she matched, squeezing his hand and suppressing a laugh.

“Well, then”. They stopped suddenly, and Mamoru leant down the full distance to kiss Rin’s lips, savouring each millisecond, her subtle scent, her warmth, everything about her.

He caught sight of her arm and let out a low chuckle.

“What?” she asked, and he couldn’t help but think that he was a very lucky man as his eyes fell on her own, beautiful and dark and alive.

“I was just thinkin’”. He chuckled again, taking her hand and continuing to walk. “There’s no way I’m gonna be able to call ya ‘kid’ now”.

“Oh, please”. Rin gave him a light shove, her cheeks starting to hurt from smiling so much. “You’ll still be calling me ‘kid’ when we actually do have kids, Mamo”.

Tattoo Gerçekliği

Bir sanat dalı olan dövme (tattoo) hayatın kendisi kadar gerçektir. Onu taşıyan kişiyle birlikte kaybolur. Mapara resimleri, heykeller ve mimari eserlerin hepsi uzun bir ömüre sahiptir ve yok olmuş uygarlıkların kültürlerini yansıtırlar. Dövmeyi simgeleyen işaretler, seramik figürlerdeki işlemeler, tahtaya oyulmuş delikler hikayeyi anlatırlar. Dövme sanatı da genel olarak sanatla ilgili bir hikayeyi anlatır. Bu işaretlerin sağladığı kanıtlar çoğunlukla reddedildi ya da yanlış anlaşıldı ta ki dövme (tattoo) sanatının varlığı insan kalıntılarının ve mumyaların keşfedilmesiyle ya da Heredotus, Marco Polo ve tabi ki James Cook gibi tarihçilerin ve araştırmacıların raporlarıyla doğrulanana kadar.

Dövmeler, ilgi, hayret, hayranlık ve saygıdan, korku - tiksintiye kadar çeşitli tepkiler uyandırırlar. Şaşkınlığa ya da kızgınlığa maruz kalırlar ve onları taşıyanlar istek veya korku uyandırarak değerlendirilir ya da yargılanırlar. Dövme her zaman için bir arkadaşın ya da bir düşmanın zihninde, bilinçli ya da bilinçsiz olarak ilgili kişinin eğitimli, cömert veya kapalı fikirli ve dar görüşlü olup olmadığıyla ilgili olumlu ya da olumsuz sorular uyandırır. Bu sorular, genellikle teknikle değil, dövme (tattoo)nin anlamıyla hizmet ettiği amaçla ve konunun çoğunlukla yanlış ya da eksik ifade edilen bu en önemli yönüyle ilgilidirler. Kabul edilmelidir ki, dünyanın uzak köşelerinde yaşayan ilkel insanların dövme (tattoo)lerinin tarihi üzerinde önemli etnografik çalışmalar vardır. fakat dövme (tattoo) dünyası bütünüyle keşfedilmiş değildir. Bu tabi ki onun karmaşıklığı ve dövme (tattoo) yapımının değişik nedenlerle dünyanın her yerinde, her devrinde yapılmış ve hala yapılıyor olmasına bağlıdır. Darwin “dünya üzerinde bilinmeyen fenomen yoktur” diye yazmıştır.

Pigmentlerin deri altına işlendiği teknikte tarih boyunca büyük bir değişiklik meydana gelmemiştir. Fakat gelişmelere ve yaratıcılığın derecesine bağlı olarak nitelik açısından büyük farklılıklar meydana gelmiştir. Bu bir yanda dövme (tattoo) aletinin kullanımının kolaylığına diğer yandan da estetik kaygılara bağlıdır; dövme (tattoo) ince, siyah ve düzgün çizgilerle muntazam bir biçimde çizilmelidir. Bir de doğru miktarda pigmentin uygulanması; fazla derin olmayan, yara izi bırakmayan, kaslara zarar vermeyen, damarları koparmayan ve kemikleri çizmeyen işçilik yönü vardır. Uygulamaları arasında yanaklara piercing yapmak bazen Maori yüz dövme (tattoo)leri için kullanılan bir teknik olan ilkel toplumlar bile şaşırtıcı dövme (tattoo) teknikleri geliştirmişlerdir.

Örneğin Eskimolarda ya da doğru terimi kullanmak gerekirse İnuitler'de, renkli iğneler bir iğne yardımıyla cildin altından geçirilir ve dövme (tattoo) dikilerek yapılır. Deriye gerçekçi bir şeklin çizilmesine yönelik bir çalışma yapılmamıştır. Tasarımlar, uyumlu bir bütün oluşturmak için bir araya getirilen kesik ve sürekli çizgilerle ve çarpılarla sınırlıydı. Böylelikle bir koldan dizden iki kalçaya oradan da kasığa hatta bazen de belirli çizgilerle işlenen yüze kadar bütün bu bölgeye uygulanır.

Diğer teknikler söz konusu olduğunda, vücut bir takım ufak kesiklerle bölgelere ayrılır. Bu bölgeler sonra kertenkele gibi figürlerle ya da elmaslar, daireler ve yıldızlar gibi basit şekillerle doldurulur. Bir diğer az bilinen teknik ise çizgilerin ve kıvrımların keskin bir taşla çizilmesidir. Taylandlılar, Kamboçyalılar ve Burmalılar gibi bazı insanlar keskin uçlu uzun bir aletle cildi noktalayarak işlerler. Uzun çizgilere, kıvrımlara ve diğer bazı şekillerin yapılmasına olanak sağlayan bu teknik eski zamanlarda Avrupalılar tarafından kullanılmıştır ve hala da Kuzey Amerikalı Kızılderililer tarafından kullanılmaktadır. Ancak bu teknik geniş gölgelemelere ve koyuluklara izin vermiyordu. Bu tabi ki Hindiçin genelinde rastladığımız dövme (tattoo)yle yazı yazmaya çok müsaittir. Orada insanlar, bir dizi iğnenin, fildişi parçalarının ya da sivriltilmiş kemiklerin, bir sopanın ucuna sabitlenerek bir tırmık oluşturduğu, tarama ya da kazıma tekniği olarak da bilinen bir teknik kullanıyorlar. Dövmeyi yaparken sanatçı bir eliyle keskiyi tutar ve diğer elinde tuttuğu bir tür çekiçle keskinin tepesine ardı ardına vuruşlar yapar. Böylelikle asistanlar tarafından sıkıca çekilen sivri uçlar derinin içine sürülürler. Bu işlem, bir profesyonelin elinde oldukça çabuk ve muntazam bir biçimde yapılır. Keskiyle yapılan beş altı santimetreye kadar olan geniş alanlar ve uzun siyah çizgiler, çizgilerin ve siyah alanların kusursuz ve eşit genişlikte olduğu Samoa gibi yerlerde oldukça yaygındır. Törpülenmiş ya da bilenmiş küçük aletler kullanılarak narin çizgilerden oluşturulan modeller Yeni Zelanda yerlilerinin yüz dövme (tattoo)leri moko ile tam olarak aynı şekilde sadece birkaç milimetre uzağa yerleştirilirler.

Bir başka karmaşık el tekniği ise Japon metodudur. Bu metotla dövme (tattoo)ciler belirli bir modelin oluşturulması için iğnelerle birleştirilen bir dizi değişik sopa kullanırlar. Detaylar için en fazla 3 iğneye ihtiyaç duyarlar, ancak diğer taraftan ince ve kalın çizgiler daha fazla gerektirir, renkli ve siyah alanlarda büyük miktarda iğne gerektiriler. Bokashi tekniği olarak bilinen durumda, 27 iğne, siyahtan, siyahtan renksize doğru yumuşak bir geçişle dünyanın en güzel gölgeleri oluşturulabilir. Fakat elektrikli dövme (tattoo) makinesinin icadıyla birlikte Japon el tekniği şu an sadece dövme (tattoo) sanatçılar ve mahkumlar tarafından kullanılmaktadır.

İlk kez 1891 yılında Samuel Reilly tarafından patenti alınan elektrikli dövme (tattoo) makinesi o tarihten itibaren oldukça yaygınlaştı. Toptan üretilen ve büyük miktarlarda satılan dövme (tattoo) gereçlerini ve makinelerini tedarik eden birçok firma var. Bir elektromagnetik ve zemberekten meydana gelen işletim mekanizması icadından beri 100 yılı aşkın bir süredir değişmeden günümüze gelmiştir. Dikey hareketle çekiçleme aletlerinin yanı sıra dönen makinalar da vardır. Dönen makinelerde elektromotora bağlı bir cüzenteker vardır ve dairesel hareketler bir şaft aracılığıyla dikey hareketlere çevrilir. Bunun başlıca avantajı ses yapmamasıdır fakat bunun haricinde elektromagnetik makine çok daha üstündür. Dönen mekanizmadan oluşan makineler sadece amatörler ve bir kasetçaların, elektrikli bir tıraş makinesi ya da elektrikli bir diş fırçasının motor olarak kullanılabildiği cezaevlerinde kullanılır. Yine de sonuçlar çoğu kez şaşırtıcı oranda iyidirler.

Her iki makinede de iğne bir kulpa monte edilmiştir; profesyoneller onları lehimler, amatörler ise bağlar zamklar ya da tutkalla; iğen, iğnenin şekline göre sivriltilmiş ya da düzleştirilmiş borumsu bir kulpun içinde olan bir kanalın arasına doğru hareket eder. Profesyonel kullanımda bu kulp cerrahi çelikten bir boruyla ayrılmıştır, öte yandan amatör bunun aksine tükenmez kalemlere, hartuç sandığına, samana ya bükülmüş kaşığa, hamurla diş macunuyla, çikletle katranla ya da erimiş plastikten tutturulan ya da bakır telle veya bantla birleştirilmiş, tahtadan, plastikten ya da aluminyumdan yapılmış I şeklindeki tutacaklara başvurur. Pigmentler, kurumda yanık yemişlerden, reçineden, yakılmış insan, hayvan, bitki ve diğer organik maddelereden elde edilir ve alkol, su, idrar, tükürük, kan, sperm, ya da bitki özleriyle seyreltilir.

Dövmeler bir zaferi ya da yenilgiyi simgeleyebilir, neşenin ve hüznün göstergesi olarak bir törenin ya da bir ayinin parçası olarak şarkı ve dans eşliğinde uygulanabilirler. Aynı bir safhası dövme (tattoo)nin zamanını belirleyebilir, özel bir yıldız takımının ya da bir mevsimin belirleyeceği gibi. Bazı insanlar belirli görüşler, tabular, yeminler ya da emir nedeniyle dövme (tattoo) yaptırırlar. Dövme yaptırma kararı gönüllü, temkinli ve iyi düşünülmüş olmalıdır. Fakat birilerine zorlanmış da olabilir ya da neşeli bir durumda anlık bir kararla yaptırılabilir. Kişinin zihni karışık olabilir, kendi davranışlarından sorumlu olmayabilir, alkolün ya da bazı ilaçların tesirinde olabilir. Bazen dövme (tattoo) geleneksel dini bir takım geçmişe sahip olabilir, bazen de şehvetin, sadizmin, işkencenin ya da batıl inancın sonucu olabilir. Dövme yaptırmanın, Christopher Scott'un ilgi çekici kitabı “Skin Deep Art, Sex and Symbols” da çoğunu açıkladığı inanılmaz çeşitlilikte nedenleri vardır ve bunların bazılarını burada tekrar ele alacağım.

Scott'un değindiği birinci tür dövme (tattoo), vücut boyamadan gelmiş olması muhtemel olan avlanmada kamuflaj amaçlı olanıdır. Ancak bunun somut örneklerini görmüş değilim. Belgelenmiş olanlar av ganimetlerini ya da başarılı bir avı betimleyen dövme (tattoo)lerdir. Diğerleriyse avlanılan hayvanı teskin eden, onun affını hatta onayını isteme amaçlıdır. Avın insan olduğu, yamyamların ve kafa avcılarının avlanmalar da dövme (tattoo) şeklide gösterilmiştirdir mesela boynu vurulmuş bir düşman gibi. Borneo yerlerinde mahkum edilmiş çocuklar için semboller vardır; esir etme, kaçırma ve köle etme tek bir göğüs dövme (tattoo)sinde gururla anlatılır. Kurbanlar için felaketin derecesi, çocuk taşımak için göğse yerleştirilen bir tür geleneksel şalla ifade edilir.

Diğer bir dövme (tattoo) türü dini temellidir; insanlar cennette bir yer garantilemek dövme (tattoo) yoluyla Tanrıya ve dünyaya bağlılıklarını göstermek isterler. Naga kadınlarında kişinin evli olduğu ve cennette kocasını beklemesine izin verildiği kanıtını sağlar. Dövmeler burada bir tür pasaport, çeşitli ilahi sahalara giriş bileti fonksiyonunu görüyor. Bu açıdan dövme (tattoo)lerin ne kadar önemli olduğu, cesetlere bile dövme (tattoo) yapıldığı gerçeğiyle ortaya çıkıyor.

Hindistan'da ve Tibet'te dövme (tattoo)ler ergenlik çağı ve hamilelik gibi hayatın zor dönemlerinden geçerken yardım sağlıyorlar ve aynı zamanda hastalığı ve kederi atlatmaya yardımcı oluyorlar. Sonuncusu yani keder kişinin kendisini dövme (tattoo)cinin iğnesine bırakma isteğinin özellikle sık rastlanan bir başlangıcıdır. Fiziksel acı yoluyla zihinsel acıyı bastırma girişimi kötürümlüğe, yanıklara ve bir uzvun kesilmesine kadar varabilir. (birkaç örnek verilmesi gerekirse; parmaklar ezilmiş ya da kesilmiştir, saçlar yolunmuş, derinin tabakası kazınmıştır, ön dişleri kırılmıştır ve yüz yanıkları sıcak taslarla yapılmıştır) İnsan merhumu bu yolla anarlar ya da onları dövme (tattoo)lenmiş bir hatırası ile onurlandırırlarr. Havai'de insanlar, acılarına dil üzerine bir dizi noktadan ve çizgiden oluşan özel yas dövme (tattoo)leriyle tanıklık ediyorlar ki bunlar hiç de acısız değiller.

Bat Dünyasında da “ölüm sembolü” ve “hatırasına” dövme (tattoo)leri oldukça yaygındır. Bir babanın, annenin, kardeşin, sevilen ya da hayran olunan bir kimsenin anısına bir dövme (tattoo) yoluyla canlı tutulur mesela merhumun adının yazılı olduğu güller, haçlar ve bayraklar buna birer örnektir.

Ya da bir diğer alternatif ise gerçekçe bir portre ya da üzerindeki kafatası şekli bulunan bir mezar taşı. Bu davranışlar kederle uzlaşma girişimlerini gösterir. Kişi bir insanın kaybıyla sınırlı değildir; sevilen bir hayvan da bu şekilde anılabilir.

Hamilelik, ergenlik ve hatta orta yaş krizleri durumunda da dövme (tattoo) tamamıyla farklı bir rol oynar. Gençler yetişkin dünyasına ilk adımlarını atarlar ve cesaretlerini, bağımsızlıklarını ve maceracı ruhlarını simgeleyen dövme (tattoo)ler seçerler. Hayran oldukları bir gruba ya da alt kültürlere dahil olurlar ve nişanlarının derilerine işlenmesine izin verirler. Onların karşıtları, orta yaş krizlerinin kurbanları, bir gençlik cüretinin pençesine düşerler ve dövme (tattoo)lerini, bağımsızlıklarını, isyanlarını ve bireyselliklerini kanıtlamak için kullanırlar.