tattoo hong kong


Have you ever watched something again and again and again … without understanding…. AT ALL?
Soo I was just doing this, and then appeared @senator-organa and saved me (thanks for the translation !!!)
interviewer: so today’s valentine’s day, how do you celebrate?

donnie: today’s a big day, and i’m giving half of it to your magazine.
Then donnie says he’s going to go home and cook dinner.  

interviewer: how did you spend your most romantic valentine’s day?

donnie: i’m very romantic every yearand can’t think of one where i was the most romanticand then he goes on about how you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go to a fancy restaurant, you just have to be good to your wife/lover and use your heart in whatever you doas long as the two of you are together.  

Then donnie says the most moving thing he’s done for his wife is the tattoo on his back. Before they got married, he was against tattoos, and didn’t want to mess up the body his parents gave him, but then they talked about how if you really loved someone, you’d be willing to do something to injure your own body for them. And then one day, either her birthday or christmas, he went “remember how you said if i really loved you i’d get a tattoo for you? let’s go!” and he’d prepared everything and then that day he went to a very famous tattoo artist in Hong Kong, the same one who tattooed David Bekham.
And it hurt a lot, 10x more than filming a kungfu movie, and he clenched his teeth so hard they felt tired and like they were about to fall out, it hurt so much. His wife recorded the whole thing, but cried while she was doing it because she was so moved.  
And then the interviewer asks what his wife’s done that’s moved him the most, and he says having his kids, and that women are really strong for having babies.

It’s so sweet and touching… I’m crying… And although he probably exaggerated a little about the pain, it’s ALL so romantic that I just don’t know … I just LOVE HIM VERY MUCH OK???