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A bit older Tadashi, yes? Piercings, tattoo’s and longer hair? Yes!

- So, au where Tsukishima is a photographer (or study to become one) and Yamaguchi is an art student? And Tsukishima wants him to be his model and Tadashi says no because he’s insecure about his looks and his freckles, but they starts to hang out after that and after a while Tadashi say okay to being Kei’s model.- 


Summary: Punk!Phil introduces pastel!Dan to his friends, and he has a great reception. (thanks for the internet dating/meeting of friends prompt from an anon!)

Genre: sin

Word Count: 4.1k

Includes: voyeurism (truth or dare style!), praisekink!dan, short!dan, online relationship/meeting for the first time, and a bit of spooning at the end for an anon who wanted it

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Please write Clony I beg you you're the best

thank you for requesting them!! I didn’t really know which scenario to writer, so I hope you like it ~

1107 words, Clay Jensen/Tony Padilla

Clay walked calmly from Mr Porter’s office, though on the inside he was crumpling. He’d completed the cycle, and now what would happen? Would Mr Porter turn in the tapes? Or would he be selfish, and try to keep his job?

Either way, Clay had done his part.

He knew exactly who he wanted to see, Tony, the one who’d gotten him through this ordeal. Someone to yell out, someone to take it out on, and now all Clay wanted was someone to hold him and blindly say it was gonna be okay.

Getting to the Padilla’s driveway and dropping the bike down on the lawn, Clay ran up to Tony’s door and pounded. The tears of all the emotions he felt in that moment - relief, anger, anxiousness - welled in his eyes, the sight of Tony in the doorframe giving Clay such a sense of comfort that he just let everything go.

“I did it, T-Tony, it’s done.”

“I’m proud, Clay, and I know Hannah is too.”

“I don’t-” Clay choked, not entirely sure how to convey his concerns to Tony. “I don’t think Porter will pass it out…”

“Clay, I have copies, remember? Now so do the Baker’s. People will confess, guilt will eat at them like moths eat at clothes.”

“Like Alex?”

“Yeah, like Alex,” Both of their chests pang with sympathy for what Alex must’ve been feeling then. All those posters kept people awfully busy, too busy to notice the kids who were wilting under the weight of the reason for them.

“Can I come in?” Tony nods his head, lengthening an arm towards the stairs. Tony had never let Clay see his room before, only the downstairs. As soon as Tony shut the door, Clay flustered at the amount of privacy they had; especially with the beckoning way Tony was wearing his white vest, muscles prominent through the fabric, tattoos peeking out everywhere -

What am I thinking? Clay was shocked to hear his internal voice depicting Tony in such a way. Though, it almost felt like Tony wanted Clay to notice everything about him, he wanted to turn the other boy on… and maybe, maybe he did.

Admittedly, Tony was heartbroken when he realised that Jeff was paying Clay back for tutoring with trying to get Clay with Hannah, Tony thought he’d never be with him. He wasn’t glad that Hannah was gone, but Clay seemed so vulnerable and lost standing awkwardly against the window in his bedroom.

“Come sit on the bed with me,”

“Oh, right, sorry,” Clay grinned nervously as he drew himself away from the window and sat by the pillows. “Hey, Tony, remember all the gay rumours, about me back in middle school?” being honest, Clay had no idea where he was taking this or how he was going to get to some sort of ‘end game’ but he was trying his best.

“Sure, didn’t my brothers and I say we’d kick their asses?” Tony huffed a short, reminiscent laugh. Clay nodded and looked at his feet, wondering where and what the hell was next.

He cleared his throat to say, “Well, I think they might be at least half true.”
They looked at each other, one with the expression of a lost dog, the other one looked like a bomb had just been dropped. It had, in a ways.

“You’re serious?”


“What made you reali-”


Losing eye contact, Clay did what he did earlier, but with a full understanding of why he was so turned on by Tony. He was damn near to licking his lips hungrily. Tony cottoned on to this, slowly unbuttoning his jeans and kicking them off his legs, the sight of which made Clay gasp for air.

“You’re so fucking hot,”

“Still realising how good that word is, huh?”

“Make me say it, Tony. Make me say fuck.”

Tony wasn’t so sure about that, now. Aware of how deep-seated his emotional issues must be after hearing everything on those tapes, he was concerned with how vulnerable Clay might be.

“Again, Clay, you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, have me, Tony, please,” he was too desperate to turn down, it was getting to Tony now, getting to certain areas of him…

Tony ripped down Clays loose jeans while Clay worked on hiking up both of their shirts. Clay couldn’t believe this. Tony couldn’t believe the person he thought would never give him a second glance, even after he dropped the not-so-subtle hint that he was gay.

Tony, virginity long gone, flipped Clay over and lay him down on his stomach into the mattress, Clay already bracing himself with his fists clutching the fabric of the sheets. Making it easier for Clay, Tony fished out the lube from his drawers and slathered it on before going in. Clay tensed with the shock, moaning and giving small whines and gasps at the slight pain. Starting slowly, neither of them felt much, until Tony picked up the pace, Clay even trying to do something to speed it along.


It was painful, it was sweaty, it was love. Tony wanted to go slowly and carefully with Clay but he wasn’t having it - he wanted all of Tony.

“I’ve wanted this since seventh grade, for - FUCK - god’s sake - faster! Harder!”

Tony shrugged and obliged, pretending to be unsure but really he was waiting for the boy beneath him to consent to the real deal. They were hot against each other’s bodies, sweat beading all over and melding where their bodies touched. Once Tony had hit that spot in Clay, it sent the boy limp and quivering and groaning, sinking further into the mattress to ride out his pleasure.

Tony pulled out, wondering if Clay had realised when Tony came a while ago. It didn’t matter, they were both satisfied.

“That was amazing,”

“Yeah, yeah it was, dude.”

“Dude? That’s all I get?” Tony laughed out, sliding off the bed to get some boxers on. Clay, still shaking into the bed, shook his head lightly before flipping over, exposing himself further to Tony. He gave a sweet smile, cupping his hands behind his head before shutting his eyes, though it felt like his eyes were still trained on Tony’s face. Both of them were flushed from the heat, but the sight of Clay like this - after both of them waiting so long - made him burn up. 

Thank god Tony got his underwear back on. 

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Hi! I requested something before your asks got deleted! I know you probably won't do this. but it's about the reader always wearing pants and she's been an avenger for about a year or so and nobody really noticed she never showed her legs. But one day she comes strolling into training in short shorts and a sports bra and she has tattoos everywhere from the belly button down. And all of them are vintage military and flowers (these are mine) and all of the avengers want a tour/Bucky loves them.

I hope you like this and that it was similar to what you were looking for. <3

You remembered the first week of training with Natasha.

She’d always made comments about how you always made sure every inch of your skin was covered, thinking that you might be ashamed of your scars.

She’d tried to make you feel more comfortable by showing you hers - one on her hip, a few on her thighs and one or two on her arms. 

You’d assured her that wasn’t the case and continued on with your training, shedding your hoodie to make her feel a little better.

You see, it wasn’t so much that you were ashamed, but you were hiding something from the team. 

6 months later, on a day no different than any other, Sam caught up to you as you were jogging the perimeter of the tower, making a comment about how you shouldn’t be wearing sweatpants when it was 90 degrees out and how he’s never seen your legs before. You rolled your eyes, called him a pervert, and kept running.

It was now a little over a year later, and you’d managed to keep your secret from everyone… but today, of course, the air conditioning was down in the tower and the building was ungodly hot.

Nat and Wanda were wandering about the tower in sports bras and booty shorts while all of the men were sporting nothing but loose-fitting shorts. 

You’d decided today was the day you’d come out of hiding.

You donned the shortest pair of shorts you owned and a sports bra, revealing every inch of your inked skin - brightly colored, traditional style tattoos, from your waist down to your ankles. 

Of course, you were proud of them, but you weren’t sure how the team would react to you being so heavily tattooed.. Today was the day you’d find out.

You practically skipped down to the training room, feeling freer than you had in years. Natasha was the first one to notice you, her eyes going wide as you came through the door. “Y/N..?” She asked, sounding shocked. You smiled at her, taking a few steps towards her and resting your hands on your hips. Her look of awe changed into a smile as she came towards you, too, her eyes raking up and down your legs. “You’re…” She started, but a hand touching your lower back grabbed your attention. “Beautiful..” Bucky’s voice finished for her as you looked over your shoulder, seeing his eyes moving up and down your legs, too. 

You could feel a blush creep its way onto your cheeks as his hand moved lower, to your leg and he knelt behind you, inspecting your thighs up close. Steve had made his way over to you, too, along with Scott, small smirks on their lips.

“I knew you were hiding something, Y/N, but this was unexpected.” Scott spoke, scratching the scruff on his chin and smiling at you. You shrugged in response, trying to hide the shiver that worked its way down your spine when Bucky’s vibranium finger traced the outline of one of the many flower tattoos on the back of your thigh. “Why would you ever hide these..?” He whispered from below you, and you shrugged again, chewing the inside of your cheek. “I guess… I was worried what you guys would think.. I wanted you to take me seriously as an agent.” You replied softly and you saw Steve smirk. “I guess you’re not the only one with interesting limbs anymore, Buck.” He said with a chuckle, only making your blush deepen. 

“What do they all mean?” Natasha asked, studying the colorful lines that peeked out of the top of your shorts on your hips. You smiled at her, looking down at yourself. “Well.. Some of them have meaning, but the others.. I just kinda liked them.” You confessed, laughing softly. You could hear Bucky let out a small laugh as his fingertip traced another line down the back of your calf, making another shiver work its way through you.

You were about to take a step away from him when he suddenly stood up, resting his hands on your hips as he did so. “They’re beautiful, doll.. Really. You shouldn’t hide them.” He whispered for only you to hear. You opened your mouth to reply, but were cut off by the training room door opening and a gasp. “Y/N?” Sam asked, squinting as he took slow steps towards you. 

You couldn’t hold back the laugh that left your lips at the look on his face. The poor boy looked so incredibly confused. “You.. You’re not wearing pants?” He asked softly, his eyes lingering on your legs for a moment.

You heard Bucky growl lowly and his grip on your hips tightened as he moved to stand in front of you, blocking Sam’s view. “Alright, pigeon, that’s enough oogling for today.” Bucky murmured, and you could see Sam smirk from over Bucky’s shoulder. “You win this time, Barnes..” He mumbled as he walked away, towards the bench press. 

You looked up at Bucky briefly, smiling at him, and he returned the gesture, his hair falling into his eyes. You couldn’t resist the urge to push his hair back and soon found your fingers tangled in the dark locks at the base of his skull. “Do you have anymore?” He whispered softly and you bit into your lip to hold back your laughter. “Yeah, I have a huge Iron Man helmet on my ass.” You replied and his face fell almost immediately.

You couldn’t hold back your laughter for long, soon erupting into a fit of giggles. “Please tell me you’re joking.” He said, his face stark white. You nodded through your laughter, looking up at him. “Of course I’m joking. Everyone know’s I’m a Captain America gal.” You told him with a wink. He rolled his eyes, pulling you closer by your waist and letting out a small sigh. “Oh, of course you are.”

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Bring Me the Horizon fan traits

• tattoo aesthetics
• an appreciation for fringes and curtains
• either a strong love or strong hate for Hannah Sykes
• Scorpio appreciation
•is very angry and sad within
•probably an asshole
• an appreciation for rose tattoos
• lowkey a crybaby
• wishes fetus Oli would come back
• usually angry none of BMTH’s old music was played on the radio
• a hate for Kellin Quinn and Coldplay
• probably wishes Matt N. and Oli would’ve dated instead
• Replies to everything with a BMTH song reference
• pun lord
• a strong desire for DROP DEAD clothes but is probably broke asf
• wants tattoos eVeRyWhErE
• cries to Hospital for Souls every time it plays
• a love for dinosaurs
•heart drops every time they hear the first beat to deathbeds
•just wants to hug Oli and make fun of Lee for being short
•knows every song lyric to every song on every album inCLUDING BEDROOM SESSIONS