tattoo everywhere

A bit older Tadashi, yes? Piercings, tattoo’s and longer hair? Yes!

- So, au where Tsukishima is a photographer (or study to become one) and Yamaguchi is an art student? And Tsukishima wants him to be his model and Tadashi says no because he’s insecure about his looks and his freckles, but they starts to hang out after that and after a while Tadashi say okay to being Kei’s model.- 

Seafaring: Captain

Every ship needs someone in charge.

Race (roll 1d6):

  1. Human
  2. Elf
  3. Half-Orc
  4. Centaur
  5. Teifling
  6. Gnome

Nickname (roll 1d6):

  1. Anchorless
  2. Pelican
  3. Misty
  4. Moonrider
  5. Farseer
  6. Mapmaker

Background (roll 1d6):

  1. Navy
  2. Merchant
  3. Shipwright
  4. Galley Slave
  5. Pirate
  6. Inexperienced

Attitude (roll 1d6):

  1. A cruel taskmaster
  2. A cheerful drunk
  3. Stern but fair
  4. Lazy and uninvolved
  5. Conniving
  6. Preoccupied with plans and maps

Feature (roll 1d6):

  1. A clever animal familiar
  2. Tattoos everywhere
  3. A tremendously elaborate costume
  4. A hook hand
  5. A patch eye
  6. A peg leg

A continuation of a series


Summary: Punk!Phil introduces pastel!Dan to his friends, and he has a great reception. (thanks for the internet dating/meeting of friends prompt from an anon!)

Genre: sin

Word Count: 4.1k

Includes: voyeurism (truth or dare style!), praisekink!dan, short!dan, online relationship/meeting for the first time, and a bit of spooning at the end for an anon who wanted it

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Imagine Dean being jealous when you have a date and failing in hiding it.

“Will you just stop that?” Sam’s voice laced with annoyance broke the silence that had surrounded the three of them. Well, almost silence if we could exclude Dean’s constant foot taping.

“Stop what?” Dean asked in a gruff voice and the only thing Sam did was give him a bitch face.

“You know what.” Sam huffed “That!” he pointed at him and that wa the only moment Dean realized what he was actually doing, a deep frown was still set on his face but much to Sam’s liking he stopped tapping his foot.

“Why does it bother you in the first place?” Dean huffed like a little child, crossing his arms over his chest with almost a small pout; making his mother grin softly.

“I don’t know- why does it bother you that (Y/n)’s going on a date?” Sam asked back sassily and Dean glared hard at his younger brother. No sooner had he said the words that Dean’s foot resumed to the tapping impatiently, making Sam only roll his eyes.

“What does that even mean now?” Dean asked defensively but Sam didn’t respond, he only rolled his eyes. He hadn’t gotten his brother to confess how he felt about you when he was calm, much less now that jealousy clouded his vision.

Dean pursed his lips as his eyes moved uneasily around the room, every two seconds glancing in the direction he expected you to show up. He huffed and shuffled in his place all the time.

“Seriously Dean!” Sam exclaimed, shutting his book closed “Enough alright!?”

“What’s up with you?” Dean gave him a look “Why are you so on edge today?”

“Me? I am on edge!?” Sam rolled his eyes in disbelief “Dude are you kidding me?! You haven’t stopped moving and huffing and puffing all the time! You’re so jealous but won’t even admit it!”

“Wh-what?!” he squeaked out, making Mary giggle at the expression he had on his face “I’m- I’m not jealous!” his voice rose an octave and Mary had to bite her lip to keep herself from straight forward laughing right in his face.

“Dean, sweetie-” she started, her too having realized long ago how much her son was bothered by this date of yours only because it didn’t involve him but another man.

“What?! Mom no!” he exclaimed, shaking his head “I’m- I’m not jealous ok? Stop it!” his voice got gruff and he shook his head, not looking at them as his face had started getting all the more red “I’m not jealous.” he grumbled like a little stubborn kid.

“Are you trying to convince us or yourself?” Sam asked with a small smirk and Dean glared hard at his brother, crumbling a piece of paper and throwing it at him.

“Hey kids! Easy!” Mary got stern for a moment.

“Not my fault he’s being a bitch!” Dean exclaimed “I didn’t even bother him and he-”

“Didn’t even what? Dude you’ve been tapping your foot impatiently for like that past one hour! I couldn’t read a fucking sentence or Chuck’s sake!” Sam threw his arms in the air “If you are so bothered by her being with someone else then tell her so!”

“I’m not fucking bothered Sam!”

“Really?” Sam raised his eyebrows “Because last time you saw the guy you almost pulled a gun on him.”

“Well, it’s not my fault he was walking in the darkness like some thief. Besides, what could he be doing here at such a time of the night?”

“I don’t know, probably spend the night with his girlfriend or something? You’re a grown man, Dean, you know how it goes.” Sam said with a smirk that only got bigger once he saw Dean’s anger rise.

“Shut up.” he growled, not really angry at him but at the man that lately had taken the empty place in your bed he usually liked to occupy when using your friendship and movie-nights as an excuse.

“Alright- that’s enough.” Mary pursed her lips “Dean-” she turned to her oldest son, giving him a soft smile “There’s nothing wrong with that, you know it right?”

“Damn it mom-” he rolled his eyes “I told you I’m not jealous!”

“Of course you’re not, just like you have no reason to be upset in the first place because you and (Y/n) are only friends. Aren’t you Dean?” Sam asked, the I-told-you-so look written all over his face.

“Shut up.” Dean grumbled, not looking at his brother. He knew that Sam was right but it wasn’t that which bothered him-but the words that were a fact. You were only friends, sure best friends and had a kind of bond that could not be described, but despite everything he couldn’t tell you who to date or not. He didn’t have a say in your love life, much to his disappointment.

“Right, of course you wouldn’t answer that.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Will you stop it?” he asked in a low voice, more serious now and finally looking at him.

“Dean” Mary spoke more softly, not teasing Dean the way the younger Winchester was “If you really are bothered by this-then why don’t you do something to change it?”

“What do you mean?” he frowned and she smiled at him. She had not been around for as long as Sam had, or you and Cas for that matter but from the very first moments- hell, from the moment he saw you and Dean interact when he came to the bunker she was absolutely sure about one thing that came to her older son: he was utterly and hopelessly in love with you.

But that didn’t mean it was easy. She knew that as much as Dean loved you he was still willing to sacrifice everything, including his happiness, to make sure you were alright and out of harm’s way. It seemed to be a Winchester thing, reminding Mary so much of her own husband. And as that he was now willing to stand by and let you be with another man only because he wasn’t a hunter and could offer you a better – according to him – life, even if in the meanwhile his jealousy would eat him alive.

“You know very well what I mean Dean.” she shook her head softly “Maybe she is oblivious to what is going on but- you can’t fool me. I know you like the back of my hand and this- it’s hurting you, Dean. More than it’s making you jealous.”

“I’m not jealous mom.” Dean huffed and Sam scoffed loudly.

“That’s what he calls being annoyed even by the guy’s name. Not jealous.”

“I don’t get annoyed at the mere mention of his name!” Dean defended.

“Really? Because I think I remember someone that looked an awful lot like you sitting in that very same place saying ‘Shannon? Seriously where did she find that guy? And that name? Hell, Shannon and a drummer? I can only imagine what a douche he can be! Tattoos everywhere, rolling through town no strings attached dude!’ Unless of course it was ashapeshifter and I didn’t realize it.” Sam said matter-of-factly with a smirk mocking him by repeating what Dean had said just three months ago, and Dean growled, rolling his eyes.

“Point is-” Mary intervened, giving a stern look to the younger Winchester “If you don’t like this then- you can change it. Just talk to (Y/n), tell her everything. And above all what you feel, trust me you’re not going to regret it. Come on Dean, don’t let her go out tonight. Talk to her, tell her everything Dean.”

Dean opened his mouth to speak but he didn’t have the chance to as you walked in and interrupted them “So?” you asked with a nervous smile and the moment Dean took a look at you he felt all air get knocked out of his lungs.

“What do you think?” you fidgeted nervously with your hands as they all took a look at you. You hadn’t done anything special, simple make up, simple hairstyle and a pretty floral dress on giving all kinds of summer vibes as it left your arms and legs on full display. It wasn’t something you usually went for and not something he was used to seeing you in but god was it a pleasant surprise and change.

Sadly it wasn’t for him.

“You’re… wow.” Dean breathed out and felt his heart leap to his throat once he saw your smile widen and your eyes sparkle with happiness.

“You look amazing (Y/n).” Sam said sweetly.

“Really?” you breathed out “I mean it’s not something I really wear but-” you bit your lip “I just wanted to give it a try and… yeah.” you laughed nervously and before he could realize it Dean was up on his feet and walking to you.

“Sweetheart-” he cupped your face with both his hands “You’re stunning.” he whispered with adoration written all over his face “He- He’s the luckiest man on Earth to be with a woman like you.”

“You think so?” you smiled but still frowned at the expression on his face.


And although he had plenty of time to speak, he didn’t. He didn’t say anything, instead only watched as he came and picked you up and tried to force a smile on his face. He tried to be happy for you but despite his jealousy there was still something else in his chest holding him back. Pure pain.

“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”

Joker Imagine - You’re Frost’s daughter

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Your P.O.V.

My dad was one of the most mysterious people in my life. He was almost always at work yet I didn’t know what his job was. He never talked about it. Once he came home, he ate and slept. By the time I was awake, he was already gone. My mum and I started thinking he had another family. We didn’t like his behaviour or his big secret. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My alarm rang at 4 am. I groaned and turned it off before sitting on the bed. It was pitch black and my hair was messy. A yawn left my mouth and I rubbed my face. I felt tired and nervous. But I stood up and changed my clothes. I wore black jeans and a dark grey hoodie. Before dad would wake up, I decided to sneak into his car. Yes, I’d follow my dad to work.

I took the spare keys to the car and ran to the garage. I unlocked it, jumped in the back and locked the doors. Then I would wait. My heart was beating hard in my chest as I waited. A little later the doors unlocked and dad got in the car. He sighed and started the engine, not noticing me in the back. I smiled and then stayed down, hoping I wasn’t in his sight.

Dad drove around Gotham before driving inside a building. He parked the car and got outside, leaving me alone again. I listened to my shaky breaths for a couple minutes until I got the courage to get out. I unlocked the doors with the spare key and jumped out. I locked the doors and then looked around. We were in a parking hall with a lot of expensive looking cars. My eyes widened as I saw lamborghini’s, Bugattis and Jaguars. 

What was this place?

I started walking towards an elevator. Hopefully, the other workers wouldn’t mind me here. Was it an office? Why was it such a big secret? I sighed and got inside. Then I pressed a random button and leaned against the mirror as I got up. I hummed a song and then heard a ‘bing’ and the doors slid open. The smell of coffee entered my nose but it wasn’t normal. Beside coffee, I smelled cigarettes and something metallic. I couldn’t put my tongue on it.

I saw an office with a lot of strange people. I saw batman costumes on a desk and weird masks. As I walked further inside, I felt a dozen eyes on me. Everyone stared at me and suddenly I froze. Someone pointed a gun at me. The man had black hair and green eyes. He had tattoos everywhere and he was strong. ‘’Who the fuck are you?’’ The man growled and walked up to me. I opened my mouth to speak but fear took over me.

I raised my arms and felt how the blood in my body stopped flowing. ‘’I-I-I’m..uh..Dad!’’ I screamed and felt tears rolling down my face. The man looked confused by now. I fell onto my knees and sobbed. ‘’Please..don’t kill me’’ I begged and shut my eyes. ‘’What the- Y/N?’’ I heard my dad’s voice. I looked at my left and saw him. He looked concerned as hell. Then I saw a green haired man walking closer. He had a purple coat on and I saw a few tattoos.

My eyes widened as I saw him. ‘’Dad watch out!’’ I yelled, not thinking straight. I got up and ran to my dad. The fucking Joker was behind him. He was smiling yet he looked angry. ‘’Frost..what is this?’’ Joker spoke and it made my dad look at him. I was so confused by now. ‘’I’m sorry boss, she must’ve followed me from home’’ Dad told the goddamn Joker. Boss?

The pieces fit together. No fucking wonder he didn’t tell us anything about his job!

‘‘What the fuck dad?’‘ I breathed out and then covered my mouth. Shock mixed with fear and I felt angry as well. How could he do this? Did he realise how dangerous this was? My dad was working for the Joker! ‘‘Such a rebel. Now what do we have here?’‘ The Joker turned to look at me. Everyone in here was staring at the situation.

Me and Joker’s eyes met for the first time ever and I felt strange. A shiver ran down my spine and I felt tingles on my face. I was both scared and astonished. His blue eyes looked less angry now. His green hair was put down nicely and he seemed less dangerous than a few seconds ago., he would kill me.

‘‘I see your name is Y/N. I’m the Joker’‘ He reached out his hand with a devilish grin. My heartbeat brought me back to my senses.With a trembling hand, I shook his. Then I glanced at dad who looked really nervous and tense. He probably thought I would die or worse, he would die. 

‘‘I-It’s nice to meet you to’‘ I whispered as calmly as I could. The Joker’s smile faded and he studied my face. ‘‘I hope you get used to me’‘ Joker spat out out of the blue. Nothing made sense and I was too scared to think. ‘‘Now that you know my hideout, you’ll just need to work for me. That’s how it goes’‘ Joker explained and that made dad look down. He seemed sad.

Reality hit me. Joker said I had to work for him. ‘’Sir- I didn’t see the route! I was hiding in the car. I-’’ I tried to speak myself out of this situation. Joker growled and grabbed his gun, pointing at me. I screamed but quickly shut up. Dad didn’t do much. I kind of understood why.

‘‘Boss, please don’t kill her. I’ll make her behave’‘ He tried to save me. Suddenly Joker laughed. ‘‘Calm down. I was just testing her’‘ Joker explained yet the gun was right in my face. I stared at it in pure horror. What a great morning, am I right?

‘‘I won’t shoot her if she behaves. You’re interesting’‘ Joker let me know and slowly lowered the gun. I was afraid to look at the Joker so I looked at dad. His face was saying ‘why did you come?’ and ‘sorry’. ‘‘Let me show you around’‘ Joker suggested and wrapped his arm around me, already walking towards the elevator. I glanced at my dad one more time before I looked away. 

I had no idea if I would die now or not but I was worried. Joker and I got in the elevator and the doors shut. I gulped and thought of a silent prayer. ‘’Do you regret sneaking around?’’ Joker asked me after a small silence. ‘’I’m not sure yet’’ I admitted, trying to stay calm. Well, as calm as I could be in this situation. ‘’Hmm’’ Joker hummed as the doors opened. We walked out into a hall until I saw a living room. Out of the window, I could see Gotham city. We were in a penthouse.

‘‘Your father is very good to me. He’s good at shooting people, cracking codes and finding things’‘ Joker explained while walking to the window. I stayed close to him but not too close. Shooting people? I felt sick as I thought of my dad killing someone. It was so unreal and disgusting to think about.

‘‘Let’s hope you got the same spirit, Like father like daughter’‘ He continued and looked at me. Although I was an adult, I felt small. ‘‘Let’s..hope so’‘ I faked a smile to seem less scared. Joker checked me out, for who knows what reasons.Then our eyes met once again. He put his hand above my mouth, not forcefully. Just so he barely touched me. Then he smiled.

‘‘Let’s get you into training. After all, you’re stuck here now’‘