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Last call for bookings in & around DUBLIN this weekend! Professional & amateur photographers welcome, shoot me and Anna Quinn separately or together (or both!) We have some availability Friday day time, and morning of Saturday & Sunday too before we head over to #DublinInternationalTattooConvention ☠ We can provide space to shoot and plenty of outfits (latex, lingerie, pinup) 📸 Message me or email for more info 💌

In love with my new tattoo 🌞🌚

Yooo anybody living in Dublin/Ireland my girlfriend is currently taking a little break from her tattoo studio and doing tattoos on the cheap cheap in our apartment. Message me if you’re interested!! It’s a great opportunity for some awesome ink and good vibes all while saving funds

pillarsofsaltpillarsofsand  asked:

happy new year! what are your top 5 larry moments....

I never get asks like this anymore, so thank you for sending it. I didn’t know if you meant “top 5 larry fandom moments” or “top 5 Larry moments that make you go this is real,” so I decided it was the latter. I didn’t get to do a “Top 10 of 2016″ list this year (lol) so let’s count this as my annual top 10 list.

I decided to pick one moment from each year 2011-2015. Maybe not the most scientific way to go about it, but I wanted to span the first part of the band’s career and their relationship.

This is going to be long.

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