tattoo dramas

MBTI as genres

INTJ - Mystery (Sherlock/Dexter/The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

ENTJ - Political Drama(House of cards/Suits/The Wolf of Wall Street)

INTP - Psychological Thriller (Wayward Pines/Mr Robot/Fight Club)

ENTP - Sci-Fi (Firefly/Stranger Things/The Avengers)

ESTP - Action (Daredevil/Die Hard/Taken)

ISTP - Horror (Penny Dreadful/A Nightmare on Elm Street/The Ring)

ESTJ - Docudrama (Space Race/I Shouldn’t Be Alive/Thirteen Days)

ISTJ - Crime (Pulp Fiction/Twin Peaks/NCIS)

ENFP - Fantasy (Harry Potter/Sabrina the Teenage Witch/The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

INFP - Romance (How I Met Your Mother/Ouran High School Host Club/The Princess Bride)

ENFJ - Slice of Life (Gilmore Girls/The OC/The Pursuit of Happyness)

INFJ- Psychological Drama (Black Mirror/Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/Ghost in the Shell)

ESFP - CGI Animation (Tangled/Zootopia/Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)

ISFP - Anime (Spirited Away/Yuri on Ice/Sailor Moon)

ISFJ - Period Drama (Downtown Abbey/Pride & Prejudice/Titanic)

ESFJ - Cartoons (Steven Universe/The Road to El Dorado/Avatar)

anonymous asked:

Hi doc, iam the original tat anon and my question was purely out of curiosity. My friend sent me pictures of dogs with tattoos and I was curious. I didn't know it would cause problems. I am sorry.

There’s always a troll somewhere, I wouldn’t worry about it.

When I received the original ask about tattoos and piercings in pets, I presumed you were talking about things like this:

Which some of you will remember from being in the news a couple of years back.

This dog had surgery, it looks like there’s still an iv line in its front leg, and my only response to things like this is just ‘what the hell’.

You might think that people don’t do this, because the general public should be sane and sensible, but in my short career I have been asked on a few occasions whether we could pierce a cat’s ears while it was desexed, or whether we would supply sedatives for tattooing an animal.

We do use ear tattoos in dogs and cats. Desexing tattoos are placed at the time of desexing, when the animal is anaesthetised. Identification tattoos in Australia are most commonly used in racing greyhounds and purebred dog breeders/farms. In this situation it’s generally puppies at their first vaccine that are done, and they’re conscious. I hated seeing it done and would prefer other alternatives, like microchipping.

So there is a bit of apples to oranges going on. There are cultural differences and a range of experiences out there, and interacting with different viewpoints in a civilized manner is one of the most interesting parts of the internet.

ID #66762

Name: Lucy
Age: 22
Country: New Zealand

I am 22 years old, currently living in New Zealand, I have recently finished studying, and I am living at home again, Iv had pen pals before and really enjoyed it. Things I like are Tattoos, I have many Studio Ghibli ones and some Sailor Moon ones, I like Korean Dramas, Anime, Manga, all that nerdy shit, and I love cats I have four of them. I am also a Vegan, so I like plants and shit I guess. I like open minded people, cause if you say dumb stuff I will fight you. But dont get me wrong I am a nice person easy to get along with and talk to. So Im looking for cool people to talk to and send letters to, and who knows maybe we fall in love. JK ew.

Preferences: I would like people who are around the same age as me, 20+ but not old boring mature people, Im not at that level of mature and boring yet, Male or Female I dont care really. If we vibe then that’s all that matters YO! I dont care what country you are from either.