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Mermaid Skeleton tattoo by James Armstrong

To see more of James’ work follow him on instagram: james_armstrong_tattoo

okay i’m not saying this is a not a coincidence but this is definitely NOT a coincidence, not a drill too.

alright idk if anyone has talked about this but i don’t care, so let me talk about it okay? okay.

let’s see something first

this is sailor jerry, a company or whatever that designs tattoos related to sailors or the navy. 

(you can find their official website here.)

once you search it you can see many MANY MANY sea-themed tattoos designs.

and who love sea-themed tattoos?

yes. harry and louis.

first let’s talk about harry’s new mysterious thigh tattoo

so let’s see what we have here.

i’m not saying that is a panther but that is definitely a panther.

let’s see about this again.

aside from the panther which you can see from above, we have a

beautiful handshake 

now where have we seen it?

yes you’re right

and from the same set of designs

did you see it?????



oh wait here’s another

homeward bound

birds oh my god

oh wait there is more!!!

see these???

another thing is the skull

who have the skulls again????!!!!

and this

(louis’ skull is totally valid, because i once drawn his skull in one of my art projects and i can tell you the tattoo design is exactly, 100% the same.)

bonus: i found this

what’s next? oh the dagger and roses

the last one omf

and then we go to the mermaids

comparing to

and let’s not forget about this one

not sure about this

of course there is a  bunch of anchors 

and…what dafuq is this is dis a stag