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So, I have a confession to make. @spinetrick made this adorable alien band groupie up for Ricardo, and now we’ve fallen down an OC shipping rabbit hole together. Sorry not sorry, but this is a thing now. Expect to see more art of the Punk Janitor and his smol orange muppet fan cropping up over the next while.

Lil’ Orange Buddy. Or just “Lob” for short.

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades

I redesigned Geoff cause I wasn’t happy with the first design. This one is less “paging Mr Herman” and more “paging Mr Ramsey.” And I think this speaks more to his character as an alcoholic that can’t control his team and less of, I dunno, a clown? Whatever lol. 

That’s all I have to say about this. Geoff’s run cycle should be up by tomorrow, and after that it’s straight to storyboarding! (hopefully)

more coming s o o n

I’ve seen a lot of posts going around about Descendants characters getting tattoos and it is delightful! I’m pretty sure @harryxhookxfirstxmate started this, and you should check their head canons out because they are EXCELLENT.

To throw my own lot in? Each member of Uma’s crew has the same tattoo somewhere on their person - it’s an anchor with ‘we ride with the tide’ above it. They got it at some point after the Cotillion and it means different things to them - a warning to their enemies, a sign to their allies, a point of allegiance, and a promise they’ll get off the Isle if they have to tear down the barrier themselves (and a reminder of how Auradon left them there once they leave). 

Uma got her’s on her right wrist, Harry’s is on his left, and Gil’s is on his left bicep. 

And if it’s okay to do a little head canon adopting, I am 10 000% here for Harry doing the tattoos. 

Okay But Like. Fully Realise how young the Paladins are. Now imagine them after the war and back on Earth. That’s what im here for. Prepare your emotions.

  • The nightmares, Anxiety Attacks, Waking up Screaming and crying, the comfort, the slow acceptance that they are safe now.
  • They all move in together or nearby so they can be quick to go comfort eachother.
  • Go outside and stare at the stars while they talk about their nightmares and anxiety.
  • Weekly if not nightly sleepovers just for the comfort.
  • Allura and Coran making new identities and saying that their markings are just tattoos.
  • The crew getting tattoos of the Voltron symbol on their body somewhere to show that they survived.
  • Then not being able to tell anyone what they went through, but each of them being their for each other and knowing that they are all strong.
  • Their parents only knowing the minimum, probably only after seeing them break down or have a panic attack.
  • Them starting to explain what they went through, but only a little at a time since they went through too much to comprehend.
  • Pidge waking up screaming for Matt or Keith for Shiro and Shiro/Matt rushing to comfort them. To assure them that they are still here.
  • Lance’s siblings walking into his room in the middle of the night to see him crying and then crawling into his lap to try and comfort him.
  • Pidge, Matt and Hunk making Shiro a new arm to help with the PTSD from the Arena.
  • Hunk baking as his way to cope.
  • Keith using his training.
  • Pidge and Matt using their computers and technology.
  • Everyone flinching when Lance makes too many jokes in a row, knowing it’s his way to cope.
  • Lance getting super emotional the first time it rains when he’s on Earth.
  • Even Lotor being haunted by the memories of Haggar and Zarkon…wishing he had more memories of Honerva.
  • Telling people that they were veterans, but no one believes hen because they never say what war they fought in.
  • If one of them was being bullied, Shiro just looks at the others and says “Form Voltron.” Then they all face the guy together.

finally finished those Crow Crew tattoos ˂⁽ˈ₍ ⁾˲₎₌

oh and ~~


@crankgameplays Ever since I was young I’ve struggled with feeling like I mattered. Whether it be with my friends or my family, I’ve struggled believing that people care pretty much forever. I knew who Ethan was for while and just knew him as the cute guy Mark was friends with, then in the past 2 months i started properly watching his videos. In December I made the blueforethan instagram acc. It wasn’t meant to be a fan acc, it was meant to be a way to share the love i wanted to share to Ethan. Making that account was the best thing i ever did. My 18th birthday was a disaster and it left me hurt and depressed and things only got worse from there, Ethan and his positive energy gave me strength to pick myself back up, and having the blueforethan account got me back into drawing and it gave me a reason to want to get up in the morning. This tattoo was not just for Ethan, it was for myself. There are many reasons I want him to see it so bad one of which is so he’d know how positively he’s affected me. Ethan and the followers of my blueforethan account mean the world to me, and i emotionally made that clear in last nights live stream by crying and saying over and over again. This tattoo is to remind me there will always be at least one person who cares, and that I’ll never not matter. So please, if you see this, please reblog and tag Ethan, help me show him something that means the absolute world to me. @crankgameplays @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye @ogchanyt