tattoo by max rathbone

30 cool sleeve tattoos for women

1. Salvador Dali’s elephant sleeve tattoo by David Hale

2. Calvin and Hobbes half-sleeve tattoo

3. Peacock and roses by Fernando Souza

4. Pyramid Head done at the Temple of Visions in Berlin, Germany

5. Owl on sleeve

6. Darwin on sleeve by Elize Nazelie, Boston. Thanks /diefraumitdenbuechern for correcting.

7. Alphonse Mucha tattoo

8. Butterflies like tattoos

9. Where the sidewalk ends - tattoo based on children’s poetry by Shel Silverstein

10. Tattoo is based on Limbo–a puzzle-platform video game, the first title by independent Danish game developer Playdead.

11. Awesome black-work and lace-style tattoo

12. Ganesha on sleeve by Dagmar

13. Floral tattoo by by Diana Severinenko, Ukraine.

14. Tattoo by Eduard Sarmaev

15. Geisha and tiger sleeve done by Master Ma. Tattoo

16. Sea scene by Ilja Hummel, Glaube Liebe Hoffnung, Essen, Germany.

17. Vibrant Blue Bird Tattooby Andrey Grimmy3D Barkov, Russia

18. Swan tattoo done by Max Rathbone from Second City Tattoo Club, Birmingham, UK

19. Done by Ivana Belakova

20. Girl and fox tattoo, by Jessica Cardoso, inspired by a photograph taken by the Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova.

21. Tattoo by Jacob Pedersen

22. Watercolor tattoo by Peter Aurisch, Berlin.

23. Flower of life by Dmitry Rusky from Wyld Chyld Tattoos; Pittsburgh, PA

24. Geometric half-sleeve by Chaim Machlev

25. Inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s art

26. “The Killing Joke” inspired Batman sleeve tattoo by OttNick, Old Town Tattoo, Edinburgh UK

27. Re-vamped Foster’s Home for the Imaginary friends, Thanks to Joe Pittius @ South Side Tattoo (Anchorage, AK)

28. Seven sessions, hard and interesting project. Done at Shabara Art Project.

29. Play with me! Tattoo by Victor Montaghini

30. Water color tattoo by Paulo Victor Skaz

We’re going to England for a month in three months’ time! I’m getting v. excited & v. anal about planning/preparation which, when you consider Andrew makes no plans for anything ever, balances us out to become a normal couple going on a holiday. 

We’re gonna spend a week in Greece (Andrew insists on calling Corfu ‘Tofu’ because he’s an idiot), see some of my relatives, see lots of castles and abbeys, I can introduce my oldest friend to the person I’m spending my life with, & we get to see/get tattooed by my fav, Max Rathbone who I’ve been internet palz with forever & only met last year.

This picture has nothing to do with anything I’m just vain.