tattoo baby and daddy

Here’s a concept;
What if Luke was a super famous Instagram tattoo artist, and would be booked up months in advance. But he promised you and his lil baby girl that although he’s super busy he’ll make it home early Sunday night for a family movie night where lil curly baby girl hemmo gets to watched tangled. But it’s pushing 7pm and he texts you saying “to start the movie he’s going to be late” so you and baby hemmo are watching tangled, laughing and singing to the songs. Luke comes home at 11, ready to face his sad lil baby because she doesn’t like singing I See The Light without her daddy. But when he walks into his room to see you and the lil baby passed out in a mess of blankets and popcorn in both your hair, he can’t help but feel guilty that he always misses out on popcorn fights and buttery baby kisses. So he snaps a photo of his lil messy family and posts it to his tattoo Instagram account saying that as of that moment he refuses to miss anymore of his baby’s childhood, and that he will no longer be taking clients on Sunday’s, and is now dedicating that day to his family; No exceptions.