tattoo artists

The first female tattoo artist Maud Stevens Wagner in 1907. Maud was originally  a circus performer who met her husband in 1904 when she was working as an aerialist. She went on a romantic date with him in exchange for a lesson in tattooing. Together the two had a daughter Lotteva who started tattooing at age nine and went on to also become a tattoo artist. 

Things I Love About Ink Master
  • Dave: What's it like working with Chris Nunez as your team leader?
  • Kelly: Chris Nunez scares the crap outta me.
  • Dave: Why is he so scary?
  • Kelly: Uh..his eyebrows~
  • Dave: *chuckles* But I mean..I have scary eyebrows too.
  • Kelly: You have eyebrows like bat wings. He has eyebrows like a disappointed father. So there's that..