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Good news: Tattooers are standing up to show that melanin does not “take away half your skill sets,” proving that if something can’t be done then it’s an issue of a lazy or ignorant artist, not the client’s heritage.

See recent examples on dark skin:

Bad news: For the (many) tattooers who still lighten the images of darker skin, or delete them altogether, saying your work just “looks best on lighter skin,” I can’t change you but @tattrx definitely won’t be supporting you. 

Unknown - Captain Constantine, 1870

Prince or Captain Constantine was, according to legend, forcibly tattooed by Burmese or Chinese tattoo artists.  The tattoos “consisted of 388 symmetrically arranged and closely interwoven images that covered his entire body, including his face, eyelids, ears, and penis. The designs, according to his publicity, consisted of crowned sphinxes, dragons, serpents, monkeys, elephants, leopards, tigers, lions, panthers, gazelles, cats, crocodiles, lizards, eagles, storks, swans, peacocks, owls, fishes, salamanders, men and women, fruit, leaves, and flowers. Most of them were quite small but exceptionally exact in their detail.”


Can anyone tell me either A) the name of the tattoo artist who did this or B) a tattoo artist who uses a similar sketched/geometric style? I really love this tattoo, but all I can find online is a million reposted generic tattoo blogs with the picture on it. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? I want to see more pieces like this, and I want to look into getting something in this style from someone in the New York area. Thanks!