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Gold mandala

 Derek Herberth 

23rd St at Valencia in San Francisco, Ca

Mural by SF Bay Area tattoo artist outside Oldtown Tattoo in the SF Mission District. The color scheme is in keeping with the black and gold theme of the parlor and is in addition to the exiting mural next to their doorway. This is Derek’s first mural and what a beauty.

Philip Milic | Oakland California / On the Road
“ Got to finish this stunning tattoo last [week].🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 I will be facilitating a creative drawing class about finding and divining your sacred doodle. What is our subconscious trying to tell you or is it just wanting to be witnessed? Let’s explore these ideas at @symbiosisgathering on sept 16. It will be my first time doing this so I’m a bit nervous but it will be a lot of fun. No need to be an “artist” just need to be willing to explore and open up. Check out @symbiosisgathering web for details. Also @oldcrowtattoo is selling tickets for the festival. 💚👻👽🔮🌙🍄💨

tumblr: philipmilic

stonestridernerd  asked:

15: Are you artsy? and 23: Last book the mun read.

Are you artsy?

It says a lot that my ingrained, knee-jerk response is “lol, no.” 

I sew.

I’m into photography.

I even started teaching myself to draw a couple years ago. 

But I’m not “the artsy one” in my family. 

This is my little sister. She’s an incredibly talented artist who makes a living tattooing in the SF Bay Area. This is some of her work. Here’s my back piece, by her. 

Her artistic skill bordered on the level of prodigy in childhood. She’s been recognized and awarded by artistic professionals her whole life, and from a very early age I understood that she was “the artsy one” in the family and I was “the bookworm.” No matter how much my hobbies change, or how much I delve into artistic endeavors, I retain that knee-jerk mentality. It’s taken me a while (read: 25ish years) to come around to the idea that maybe I can be “artsy” too, that I don’t have to be just one thing. 

Last book I read:

The Thursday War by Karen Traviss. @dallio-morelli​ got me into the Halo books, and I love everything Traviss does. 

Piece I did for Erin at Hell city Tattoo convention, Phoenix AZ


“Tattooing, for me, is a way to communicate.”

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