tattoo army

If Jungkook says he wants more piercings then he will get those damn piercings because he is a grown man and he can do whatever da the fuck he wants with his body. You👏don’t👏fucking👏own👏him👏

As most of you probably know (I assume??? I don’t know if it’s common knowledge of if I just know weird shit that nobody’s ever heard of??? anyway) you cannot simply translate a word into runes. Tables such as the one below only allow you to transform runes into letters of the latin alphabet, not the other way around. But I chose to get a tattoo of the runes equivalent of the letters of the word ‘heathen’, using the runic alphabet Elder Futhark.

Vikings used the Young Futhark but for aesthetic reasons I chose the Elder.

This is ‘heathen’ in Younger Futhark :

Maybe none of you care about my new tattoo or the explanation of the thought process behind it but I’m so happy with it that I had to share <3 I had a pretty shit day up until the moment I walked past (or almost walked past) a small, practically unnoticeable tattoo shop and decided to go for it. I’d been scribbling these runes everywhere for a while. I am now officially a member of the Heathen Army, no one can take that from me.

Also before that, and to make me feel better, I bought another bunch of honey mead bottles. Sue me.