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Gotham City Garage is an anti-fascist anthem for the open road, starring reimagined takes on DC’s great female characters through an outlaw lens,” Collin Kelly, who’ll co-write the series with Jackson Lanzing, said in a statement. “We’re bringing Big Barda, Steel, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Silver Banshee, Hawkgirl and the first Kryptonian this world has ever seen — the mysterious girl named Kara Gordon — into a world of bikes, outlaws and elaborate tattoos.

I hand poked this little alien abduction for darling Clara. They will come take you home one day Clara, till then we get to have fun hanging with you.

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Now that I’m successfully 75% through working on this new story, and as promised

“The 12th Floor” is an upcoming, AU, Emison fic primarily revolving around hardships, choices, friendship, romance, forbiddenness, working relationships, and maturing when you don’t necessarily want to or know how. This work resonates most with “Tattooed Memories & Hidden Stories,” holding true to both genres – drama and romance – with a hint of addiction and depression hidden deep ━ but, unlike TM&HS, Alison is a bit more put together whereas Emily is the character who can’t seem to find herself… and that’ll have to change.

There will be angst and tough calls, crying and yelling, disagreements (even amongst readers), and so forth, but, as always, those hard emotions are opposed by the rewarding chapters, fluffiness, comfort, security, “steaminess,” and silly banter.

We’ll meet up with our favorite on-screen characters including “the core five,” Mona, CeCe, Toby, and some of the parents. Per usual, this fic’s main couple is Emison, whereas Spoby lingers in the background. As far as friendships are concerned, Emily goes hand-in-hand with Hanna and Aria – Toby and Mona being by her side, as well – while Alison is grouped with Spencer and CeCe (and, let me tell you, that’s a trio you don’t want to miss).

If that wasn’t enough of a sum-up for your tastes, here’s the actual summary:

“[AU] Repeatedly, Emily falls into a boring cycle of bar-sitting, hitting on someone new, and waking up to head to Imagi-Vision Ink where she’s worked for years alongside Hanna and Aria. This sequence is broken once she meets Alison at her favorite bar, only to be brushed off. Clouded by their “almost” night together, Emily’s work begins to dwindle - or maybe there’s another reason.”

NOTE: Although I don’t want to give away the ultimate plot, I’ll warn you now… it’s a bit cliché, but so, so worth it. I’m sure quite a few of you can guess as to what it is, but the rest will have to wait and see.


Commission makeup&tattoo for Narsha [Dollmore] par Ekaterina