Faberry Week: December 15—Reunion
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Faberry Week: December 21—Snowed In

A/N: Thank you for coming along on this Faberry Week adventure with me, everyone. I’m wishing you all the happiest of holidays!

In the winter of 2063, Lima, Ohio, received a storm one night that covered the world in a pure, blank canvas of whiteness.

Young Lucas and Robert Evans were up nearly at the rising of the dawn just to peek out of their windows to observe the cold winter wonderland outside. By nine o’clock that morning, the ants in their pants had them jumping about, begging their mother to let them bundle up so that they could go properly play in the snow for the next several hours.

Lucy Evans—originally born Lucy Barbra Berry-Fabray and who married the only son of Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones, Marcus Evans—eventually acquiesced.

“C’mon, Luke, we’ve gotta find stuff to make snowmen!”


They ran around the house, searching for proper snowperson accessories, and when they came across their grandmothers’ old trunk in the guestroom, they knew that they had hit the jackpot.

“Check out this hat!” Lucas called to his brother.

Robert turned to look, examining the straw hat with the black bow wrapped around it. He nodded his head eagerly and showed his brother his own finding: a red headband! It certainly wasn’t quite as flashy as an entire hat, but it would definitely do. As things stood, it looked like they would be making snowwomen instead.

They grabbed a couple of scarves from the trunk as well, then allowed their mother to equip them with carrots, buttons, and other necessary snowperson equipment. The second the boys were bundled up properly, they were practically bouncing off the ground in front of the door, ready to go.

Lucy gave them a playful smile before pulling the door wide; and they were off like a shot! “Don’t take your hats off while you’re out there!” she called after them. They were already bounding through the snow on their front lawn as if they had never experienced snow before in their lives—though every snowfall was different somehow, special, at that time in the lives of young children.

And this particular snowfall happened to be quite special, indeed.

For a couple of hours, the boys ran around, their snowwomen-making temporarily postponed—making angel figures in the snow, throwing snowballs at one another, and, for a brief while, engaging the other neighborhood children in an epic snowball battle in which the twins, with their innate connection, were able to outwit all of their opponents, resulting in supreme victory!

But before long, they returned to the abandoned pile of snowperson accessories and got down to business. By just after lunchtime, they had completed too women of snow—one accidentally ended up several inches shorter than the other, through no fault in the boys’ planning. Lucy brought out two steaming cups of hot cocoa for her sons, and they stood back, admiring their handiwork together.

Lucy was quiet for a little while, watching as Lucas reached up, placing the cute straw hat on the taller snowwoman, while Robert carefully situated the red headband on the other. When they stepped back, proud smiles on their faces, they were momentarily confused by the tears welling up in their mom’s eyes.

“Mom?” Lucas questioned.

And Robert finished for him: “What’s wrong?”

With a tearful smile, Lucy replied, “Just brings back a lot of memories, boys. Now, let’s go inside and eat some lunch, shall we? Your dad will be home soon.”

Together, they went inside their warm, cozy home, leaving their snow creations alone on the front lawn.

Later that evening, just as dusk was beginning to fade to real dark and the streetlights in the neighborhood were beginning to come to life, illuminating a wave of freshly falling snow, a twig gave a small twitch. A few moments later, it made another jerky movement. Before long, it was moving, certainly, of its own accord—stretching and moving about as if testing its strength for the first time in years. The twig-arm reached up, almost curiously, and touched the brim of the hat that was sitting on its head. A row of pebbles making a mouth twitched upward into a smile, and its head of snow turned to look to its left.

Psst,” it whispered, “Rach.

The other snowwoman, now coming to life herself, gave her entire three-part body a bit of a shake. Her twig-arms wiggled and then simultaneously reached up to touch her nose.

“Oh!” her pebble-mouth formed a circle, “they gave me a huge nose, didn’t they?!”

The other snowwoman chuckled deeply. “I think your nose is perfect, Rachel.”

“Oh, Quinn,” Rachel sighed, turning to look at her wife of over three and a half decades, “you always did.”

The ends of their makeshift arms stretched towards each other, their bodies created just close enough together that the tips of their twigs could intertwine.

“How long do you think we have this time?” Quinn asked, a wistfulness Rachel had missed in her voice.

“I’d say we have just about forever, my darling.”

And when Robert and Lucas went out to play in the last remnants of the snow again two days later, they found that the snowpeople they had made were closer than they had originally placed them; additionally, they were facing each other with what were almost mistakable as adoring smiles—and, best yet, someone had maneuvered their twig-hands so that they were holding onto each other!

Two days later, even the remains of their snowwomen were gone; but the twins asked their mother if she’d had anything to do with the manipulation of their creations.

With a warm smile on her lips, Lucy replied, “I didn’t, no. But there’s magic in the snow. And in love.”

And that was enough of an explanation for their satisfaction.
Through the Looking Glass Chapter 1: I, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Title: Through the Looking Glass
Chapter: 1 & 2/2
Pairing: Faberry
Rating: T
Summary: Rachel seeks to repair the damage caused by cursed sprinkles and invites a reluctant Quinn to a sleepover at teen witch Tina Cohen-Chang’s house to prove to her that they are still normal people. Things don’t quite go as planned. Sequel to Rainbow Bright.