So can vampires reproduce? 

There have been some born vampires but generally no. Males are all sterile and only pregnant females can’t be entirely human before becoming a vampire can give birth to a born. If they are just human like you and me then they’ll just lose the baby when they make their transition. But if they are not then depending on how much or little human blood they have in them will influence whether they live or not through the birth of the child. When you are a young vampire you’re still almost human since young ones are so very easily killed. Its only after the first hundred years or so that you start building up resistance to things that would normal kill us.

Ancient ones can rise early than the young who will pass out as soon as the sun rises and stay asleep until it descends. In the sun they burn slower giving them more time to flee from it, not like a new one that would go up quicker than a match. So giving birth to one of these can basically be a death sentence for the girl. But to answer your question again, since it is so very, very rare in a sense that all the planets have to be aligned at the blue of moon of a Tuesday and stuff *laughs* no they generally can’t. 

Do you know of any that have lived through it?

I know of one but never met her though I’ve met her daughter and she is one to never be taken lightly. Her father is a very smart and powerful demon, he is a fallen one and the one that made the first one of these rings. Her mother was half demon too. She is stronger than almost any other one of my kind than I’ve ever met. Laurent is almost a whole new breed of vampire.