Where should I begin?

From the injustices to your rights taken away? Or should I begin from the pain that grows each day?

Great lions of Islam
You are not easy for them to tame
thus you are in cages because they fear
that with minds like yours, their end will be near.

Humble as a lamb
Courageous as a lion
With veins made of iron

The world is against you
but they have no clue
that Allah is with you
thus your heart is content

You’ve endured suffering and pain
because the pleasure of Allah is what you hope to gain.

Jannah is your aim!

Is there any sacrifice a slave could make other then that?

You lay down cold in tattered mats.

Waiting for the decree of Allah.
You ask for his guidance while in Salah.
Aiming to gain his Jannah.

Do not fear! Do not fear!
I promise you, victory is near

Sometimes I get insects that have wings so tattered that I can’t use them in a frame. So, I salvage what I can and turn them into jewelry!

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Toltzman- Patty gets lifted into the sky by the dragon goblin ghost thing and Holtzman busts out her trusty guns and saves her ass cause "Don't mess with Patty!!"

Holtzmann sees it from a distance: a giant green spirit with wings that look like daggers connected by tattered skin and a barbed tail thicker than most firehoses. It swoops down, snatches Patty by the shoulders, and, with a few beats of its powerful wings, lifts the screaming woman into the air. Holtz feels her heart begin to race.

She’s not afraid of ghosts. Never has been, for that matter. She’s seen a lot of weird shit in her time–only some of which mayhem has been caused directly by her own actions–and she greets every oddity with a crooked smile and a can-do attitude. Hell, she barely breaks a sweat when she’s facing down level five malevolent spirit prone to skinning its prey. He was a sweetheart, once they caught him. And by sweetheart, she means that she thoroughly enjoyed containing and studying him in a controlled environment.

Now, however, there’s real fear coiling in her belly. She slaps a button on the device on her arm, and the compartments at the base of her pack pop open. Snagging her proton pistols, she races forward, firing wildly into the sky. One of her beams pierces the beast’s wing, and it careens down toward the ground. She hurries onward, still blasting and yelling and–when necessary–kicking people out of her way.

She slides under the beast’s falling body to pad Patty’s fall. Oofing from the impact, she gasps for breath until Patty staggers up and pulls her to her feet. She immediately disregards her own physical injuries in favor of checking Patty for any signs of harm done.

“Baby, you’re bleeding,” Patty tries to interject.

“Nobody touches you.” Holtz says quietly, her fingers soft and tender as they slide along Patty’s uniform. Behind her, the beast staggers up, ready to cause more havoc. Holtz whirls around and blasts the thing full power, all the while yelling, “Don’t mess with Patty!”


Mob Psycho 100 POKEMON AU.

- Shigeo’s and Ritsu’s first pokemon were a pair of eevees, both female. Their parents gave the eevees to Shigeo and Ritsu almost right after Shigeo first day of elementary school because Ritsu was really sad that his big brother would be away for about eight hours (almost half a day!) and Shigeo was also lonely because his classmates could not understand his personality. Both eevees evolved after the incident were Mob uses his powers against a bunch of thugs that injured Ritsu. Shigeo’s evolves into espeon and Ritsu’s into umbreon.

- Their second pokemon are a pair of espurr. The brothers (and their pokemon) find these two while walking back home from an errand (Mob is in sixth grade and Ritsu in fift), the pokemon were in a tattered box, they were dirty and skinny. When Shigeo and Ritsu arrived home with the two new pokemon their mother scolded them and then smiled and said that they could stay. Ritsu’s espurr evolved some months after since Ritsu started to have friendly pokemon battles with his classmates after school, Shigeo’s stays an espurr for a very long time (funny thing is that Mob’s espurr is still stronger that Ritsu’s meowstic).

- Their third pokemon were a ralts (Mob) and a riolu (Ritsu) that were lost and injured in the woods near the elementary school the brothers attended to. It happened after the last bell, the brothers (and their pokemon in their pokeballs) were ready to go back home when Shigeo listened to someone crying for help (thanks to his psychic powers), Shigeo and Ritsu ran to the forest and found a riolu and an injured ralts struggling against a beedrills’s hive, the brothers helped the little guys and took them home to take care of them. Shigeo and ralts had an inmediate connection and riolu was very impressed with Ritsu’s resolve. Ralts evolves thanks to Mob’s adventures with Reigen and riolu evolves thanks to Ritsu’s constant training and afterschool pokemon battles.

- Mob catches his next five pokemon while working with Reigen. Gengar follows him back home after the pokemon is defeated by the young esper in a battle, reuniclus is marveled by Mob’s psychic powers and wants to help the boy to control his power, gothitelle falls in love with Mob and follows him everywhere, psyduck finds a home and a family with Mob and his pokemon and Mob finds mimikyu when the little fellow is trying to make friends with a bunch of kids that end up creeped out by it, Shigeo offers it a small smile, a helping hand and a whole new life.

- All of Shigeo’s pokemon are connected to him through his psychic power, they help Shigeo to convey his emotions, they always know where Shigeo is, they are very over protective of their master, they love Shigeo, Shigeo loves them, Mob’s pokemon are a part of him, all of Mob’s pokemon like Reigen, all of Shigeo’s pokemon love Ritsu and his pokemon.

- Ritsu catches other five pokemon while participating in underground pokemon battles and joining the Awakening Lab. Zorua joins him after witnessing Ritsu’s and Lucario’s awesome battle in the underground ring, banette joins Ritsu’s team after been lured by the boys growing negative emotions but stays because Ritsu is very kind to him, absol follows Ritsu one day back home because they feel that the boy might be in danger (either of himself or external forces), absol might be a little bit scared of Shigeo but still likes him because Ritsu likes him, bisharp is very impressed with Ritsu’s battle strategies and joins him after been defeated by lucario in a battle, Ritsu catches unknown after joining the Awakening Lab.

- All if Ritsu’s pokemon love him and are very protective of him, they are also slightly scared of Shigeo but atill like him a lot to. When Ritsu awakened his psychic powers they quickly formed a psychic connection like Mob and his pokemon. Ritsu’s pokemon don’t like Reigen that much either. They help their master to control his negative emotions and try to guide him through a less agressive path (they just want Ritsu to be happy).

- Ninetales appeared one morning sleeping on the floor of the brothers shared room (in this au they sleep in the same room, ok). They just appeared and never left (this would be after Ritsu got his psychic powers before the claw arc). Ninetakes can be found either with Shigeo one day and the next they are chilling following Ritsu around, they seem to like the brothers and their pokemon an awful lot and are very protective of them.

okay but “Run To You” by Pentatonix is the perfect Arya x Gendry song


“I’ve been settling scores
I’ve been fighting so long
But I’ve lost your war
And our kingdom is gone
How shall I win back
Your heart which was mine
I have broken bones and tattered clothes
I’ve run out of time
I’ll run, I’ll run, I’ll run, run to you”

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(1/2) Hi frei, i'm sorry im dumping all of this onto you but. I'm a 2nd generation japanese born and raised in canada and. I know i can't keep my first language (japanese) at a high level ever. i know i'm losing it already and i'm really afraid that i won't be able to belong anywhere because i'm so ingrained in the culture and language i grew up with but it feels like it's only the pieces and tatters of what it actually is. i have a lot of conflict with this and i don't know how to handle it

(2/2) i’m really sorry i’m pouring all this out to you but you’re a real ray of sunshine and it really helps if i know someone’s out there listening. Thank you ;;;;; 

hi anon,

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Winnipeg, MB.  2016.

The Exchange District in Winnipeg was architecturally designed to resemble the grandeur of Chicago.  Fitting, I suppose, for a place that was destined to be the Chicago of the North.  While the fortunes changed for Winnipeg, I’m glad this neighbourhood was able to be preserved from the wrecking ball of post-WWII urban rejuvenation plans.  The parts nearer to Portage Ave were definitely more gentrified (complete with its own neighbourhood security force) which does sterilize the feel of the place, but I was able to still enjoy the brilliant architecture and things get more tattered once you head north of Red River College, anyways.

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Will this game have gameplay more like Flight rising or lioden. Maybe a mix of both? Either way I'm excited~

Good question. Both games are wonderful. I’ve personally experienced both and find they each have their good qualities.

Lioden has much more focus on features and finding things to do through the website. But, we find they lack in world building and lore. Some players have created their own lore, but the website gives them little aid.

Tattered Weave, a new game currently in beta is the complete opposite. They are new to the scene and still have plenty of room to grow, but the game seems to be mostly lore based, with little for the players to do.

Flight Rising has a good balance of these two concepts. It was the main inspiration for Elemental Cove. Though, we do hope to include new and fresh elements to the Virtual Pet Market.

Some of these elements include small bits of real life education, charity, roleplaying, and a mobile app.

And All the Secrets are Imaginary

his moments of clarity falter clumsily
off-balance a drunken bear stumbling
over uneven ground searching for love
so he whispers them only to himself
in case  he starts to believe as true
the smoky rumors he has conjured
out of the vague conversations
others lay before him to interpret
as if his secrets were gypsies spreading
out their tarot pack for divination

she waits silently on the edge of her bed
ankles crossed hands folded in her lap
for them to arrive with her new face
not that she is insecure or passive
just accepting of the lines others draw
upon her like smudged tattoos
but embedded in these tangled lines
with their barbed hooks and silent queries
the twisted knots of meaning slip tighter
around her tattered and bloody tongue

(April 2013)

Redemption In Wings

Hello, your friendly Samifer Love Week Anon here with another fic! This one is brought to you by wing grooming and the beginning of a redemption for Lucifer. Set towards the end of Season 5, with an aborted Apocalypse. Enjoy!!

“Can I see your wings, please?”

It was such an innocent question, stemmed from well meaning. It was time for molting and grooming, but Lucifer hadn’t let anyone groom him since Gabriel left Heaven and it’s hard to groom oneself. Sam had noticed that his boyfriend- such a weird term to be applying to the Devil, but Sam’s never been normal- had been having difficulties adjusting and staying comfortable.

“Sam,” Lucifer sighed, closing his eyes and imagining what his wings looked like now. Black and burned to shreds, the once pristine pale pink and white wings singed and tattered, torn from battle, sulfur instead of warm summer sun on individual flowers lingering  on them. Nothing that would look good for his human half. “I- I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Sam’s face fell. Lucifer could tell before he even opened his eyes.

“Are they too fragile?”

Lucifer’s eyes flashed open. He didn’t even think about the fragility of his wings.

His shoulder blades itched. He arched his back and used his nails to scratch right where his wings would burst from his shoulder blades.

“No, not exactly, although they are a bit… broken.” Lucifer sighed. “An angel’s wings is a sign of status and it’s an honor and privilege to have gloriously groomed and well kept wings. They are much like hair in human society is. And I had the most beautiful wings in Creation. White and soft pinks, mimicking the sunrise I got to herald each day. The Mark started turning them black. Black with anger, despair, chaos. By the time Michael threw me in the cage, my wings were blacker than a raven’s wing. And by the time the Apocalypse started up… they had been burned.” The fallen angel sighed and looked wistfully out the window. “Molts and grooming have always been hard without a partner, but with damaged wings? It’s even worse. My wings are in such disrepair, you would think that I was the lowest class of angel, and believe me, that’s pretty low.”

Sam rested a hand on top of Lucifer’s fidgeting own. “I think your wings are going to be beautiful no matter what they look like,” he said quietly. “I just don’t like seeing you in such obvious pain and discomfort. Let me see them, let me take care of them.” Sam leaned in and brushed a kiss against Lucifer’s forehead. “Let me take care of you.”

Lucifer studied Sam’s face for any sign of malevolence and he found none. Of course he found none, this was Sam that he was talking to.

With a deep breath, he closed his eyes and let his wings unfurl.

Sam gasped softly and waited for Lucifer to raise his head. Yes, the feathers were black and covered in ashes and severe burns and they looked like they had been put into a dryer and set on high without ever being wet, but Sam could still see the beauty in his wings.

“Lucifer” Sam breathed in wonderment. “They’re beautiful.”

“I thought you said you would never lie to me.” Lucifer said warily.

Sam smiled and gently kissed Lucifer, cupping his face in both hands. “I’m being truthful, my angel. They are beautiful.”

Lucifer leaned into the kiss, feeling Sam’s sincerity and love pouring out from it.

“Now let me know if I do anything to hurt you okay?” Sam nodded before getting up and walking behind the fallen angel. Using soft, downward strokes he began combing through his feathers removing any dead ones and rightening any that needed to be.

Lucifer gave a soft gasp. He had forgotten how good it felt to have fingers combing through his soft feathers. Even if his feathers weren’t as soft as they used to be.

Sam sighed and kept working through the feathers, pulling out the old and dead feathers and massaging the wing joints.

“How are you feeling, babe?” He asked.  

“G-g-good,” Lucifer stammered. “Forgot how good it feels.”

Sam smiled. “No pain?” he confirmed.

“No pain.” Lucifer smiled.

Sam worked in silence as he slowly removed old feathers, a steady pile of them growing next to him as he worked.

Lucifer relaxed into Sam’s gentle and loving care as he enjoyed his first grooming and molt in millennia.

Sam made sure that Lucifer was comfortable as he groomed through his wings. Finding a small nub within the mass of feathers he gently pressed down on it.

Instantly Lucifer’s eyes flashed open almost glowing bright blue as he deeply inhaled.

“did I hurt you?” Sam immediately asked, withdrawing his fingers from the source of Lucifer’s sudden tension.

“N-n-no.” Lucifer’s voice came out stuttery.

“Are you lying to me?” Sam asked softly.


“Then what was with the sharp inhale?” Sam asked patiently.

Lucifer flushed. “It felt really good,” he whispered shyly.

Sam got a slow smirk on his face. “Is that so?” he asked.

“Uh huh.” Lucifer brought his wings up to hide the blush.

Sam laughed and gently parted the feathers to kiss Lucifer’s nose. “I won’t press on that then… for now,” He promised, and Lucifer shivered as he thought about what that promise entailed.

The rest of the grooming went on silently, except for Lucifer’s huffy breaths of inhaled air as Sam straightened out the rest of the wing.

“Do you want to look in the mirror?” Sam asked at the end of it, smoothing the palm of his hand down the downy undersides of Lucifer’s wings.

“S-s-sure,” Lucifer said. He wasn’t sure if he could see the damage after all these years.

Sam smiled and gently lead Lucifer to their full length mirror, making sure Lucifer’s eyes were covered until they both stood in front of it. “Ready, angel?” he whispered.


Sam uncovered his eyes and made sure Lucifer’s wings were spread out before giving his consent to open them.

Lucifer opened them and gasped.

So many dead and burned feathers were gone. Instead, his former pink and white feathers shone through like a beacon. There were still some black feathers, but they’d molt eventually and return to their former glory.

“I… I don’t believe it,” Lucifer breathed. His wings were turning back to their former glory. But how?

“Redemption,” Sam whispered, recognizing the question in Lucifer’s eyes. “Your Father is redeeming you, Luce. And he’s letting you have your pride and joy back.”

Lucifer smiled, a single tear trailing out of his bright blue eyes.

“Thank you, for showing me they’re still beautiful,” Lucifer whispered quietly.

“Of course, angel. But, burned and black of luminescent and white and pink, I think your wings are beautiful. You know why?”

Lucifer smiled and turned his head to face Sam. “Why?”

“Because my angel is beautiful.” Sam leaned in for a soft, chaste kiss, one that Lucifer was all too happy to give.

“Now… to explore how sensitive your wing glands are…” Sam trailed off with a sensuous lick of his lips and Lucifer shivered pleasantly.


I really hope you enjoyed this one as well!

Thanks to @silverspun-fr, I was able to get Kireg’s Rotclaw, and at an incredibly affordable price!! I’m SO grateful that they approached me, and can’t help but smile at how my Plague child is coming along. <3 Now he just needs Boneyard Tatters and I will be satisfied (until the next RoR, of course)!